Indian Navy Training Institutes for Officers and Sailors

Indian Navy Training Institutes:- Joining the Navy is one of the best feelings for young aspirants, many aspirants attract to the white uniform and many attracts to the blue sea. Indian navy provides a good environment for the training of officers and sailors. In fact, both officers and sailors training was conducted at different locations. For officers, training is conducted at INDIAN NAVAL ACADEMY, EZHIMALA and for Sailors training at Indian Naval Ship (INS) Chilka. Let’s see the detailed training of Indian Navy Officers and Sailors with a training duration of both.

Indian Navy Training Institutes:-

The Southern Naval Command, headquartered at Kochi, is the Navy’sTraining Command. There are currently 33 naval training establishments spread over the length and breadth of the country.

Training of Officers at INA Ezhimala:-

The Indian Naval Academy (INA), is located in Ezhimala in Kannur (Cannanore) District of Kerala, a part of the North Malabar Region. Ezhimala is an idyllic setting for training, with its picturesque and tranquil environment. This is the premier training establishment of the Indian Navy which conducts the basic training for all officers being inducted into the Indian Navy through various schemes. Indian Naval Ship Zamorin is the Base Depot Ship for administrative and logistics support for INA.

Location:- INA, Ezhimala is situated approximately 35 km North of Kannur (Cannanore) and 135 km south of Mangalore, on the West Coast of peninsular India.

How training is conducted at INA:-

On reporting, trainees are accommodated in one of the Squadrons at the Naval Academy. Each Squadron can consist of upto four Divisions with approximately 40 trainees in each Division. The Squadron is headed by a Squadron Commander who is of the rank of Commander/ Lieutenant Commander and assisted by Divisional Officers of the rank of Lieutenant.

Each Division comprises a mix of trainees from various courses and is controlled and monitored, by the Divisional Officer assisted by Trainee Appointments in the Squadron/Division. The divisional system thus provides for close monitoring, guidance and counselling of trainees in all their activities. The Squadrons form the living areas for trainees, whilst classroom instructions and outdoor training are conducted in separately designated training areas.

Aim of Training for officers:-

Training at INA has been specifically formulated to mould you into a morally upright, physically robust, mentally alert and technologically aware professional, who is dedicated to excellence. The implementation of the curriculum is oriented to ensure a clean break from the traditional strait-jacketed mentality and infuse in you a sense of innovativeness, creativity, resourcefulness and a passion for excellence. The staff is committed to impart the highest quality of training and moulding trainees into officers and gentlemen/ladies.

Initial Training at INA:-

The period of initial training, at INA, for cadet entry and direct entry graduate candidates is 4 years and 22 weeks respectively. Branch specific training is subsequently imparted at other naval establishments.

Training of Sailors at INS Chilka:-

Indian Naval Ship (INS) Chilka is the premier basic training establishment for sailors of the Indian Navy and serves to impart ab-initio training to recruits by a comprehensive training regimen. The training at INS Chilka has evolved over the years and has been continuously restructured thereafter to meet the challenges of a technologically equipped Navy. Towards this, the concept of training the mind, body and soul to obtain a ‘Sea Warrior’ with the right attitude has been adopted.

Location:- INS Chilka is located in the coastal state of Odisha within the scenic surroundings in the vicinity of Chilka Lake.

How training is conducted at INS Chilka:-

Trainees are organised into eight Divisions for the ease of administration and to develop a competitive spirit amongst them. Each Division comprises 150 trainees and is headed by a Divisional Commander of the rank of Lieutenant Commander or Lieutenant. One Master Chief Petty Officer and four to five Chief Petty Officers assist the Divisional Commander in administering the Division. The Divisions are named after heroes from Indian mythology and history.

Initial Training:-

The duration of courses at INS Chilka is nine weeks for Artificer Apprentice/ DEDH,15 weeks for MR (Matric Recruits)/ NMR (Non-Matric Recruits) and 24 weeks for SSR (Senior Secondary Recruits). The frequency of courses is twice a year, and on average 4500 recruits are transformed into ‘Sea Warriors’ each year. The training curriculum consists of the following:-

  • Service Subjects
  • Academics
  • Outdoor training
  • Extracurricular activities

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