Cadets Daily Life at INA Ezhimala: Indian Naval Academy Cadet’s Routine.

Cadets Daily Life at INA:- The principal role of the Indian Naval Academy is to impart basic and orientation training to all officer entrants of the Navy and Coast Guard, other than Special Duties List officers. The aim is to develop the trainees morally, mentally, physically and to imbibe in them the high ideals of loyalty, valour and patriotism in order to provide the service with officers who are dedicated to a career of Naval Service and have the potential for future development to assume the highest responsibility of leadership.

The aim of the Indian Naval Academy is to prepare young men and women to be professional officers in the navy by providing them sound education supplemented with the required professional naval training. It is intended that all officers joining the Navy will pass through this academy so that the entire officer cadre is suitably initiated into the naval way of life starting with a common controlled foundation.

Cadets Daily Life at INA:-

The training curriculum at the Academy is, at its most fundamental level, designed to equip cadets with a strong foundation of fundamental theoretical knowledge in respect of academic subjects and Navy-specific. Let’s see the Cadets Daily Life at INA.

Cadet’s Accommodation at INA

Trainees are accommodated in six Squadrons and one Midshipmen Wing. The Flotilla comprises Achiever, Braveheart, Cheetah, Daredevil, Eagle and Fighter Squadrons. Trainees of one course are equally divided and are allotted Squadrons during induction. Trainees are allotted individual cabins. Trainees participate in various inter squadron events. Each Squadron is further divided into four divisions. Trainees of VIIIth term stay in Midshipmen Wing.

INA Hostel Room

Cadet’s Cafeteria at INA

ECA complex building houses all regimental shops that provide required articles to trainees. The complex has various shops/outlets like stationery, clothing, tailor, photo studio, cadet’s canteen etc. The first floor of the ECA complex is the main attraction for the trainees as it is housed Cadet’s Cafeteria, which provides a healthy menu to trainees. The cafeteria provides an apt environment for trainees to rejuvenate and top up their energy levels with healthy meals.

Mess at INA:-

It is often said that a strong economy is a base for the development of any nation but for an officer cadet undergoing training here at the Indian Naval Academy, it can be said that food is the base on which he develops and is transformed into a full-fledged naval Officer and a gentleman. Mess for any cadet means a lot more than just its literal meaning; it is the place where a cadet has all kinds of delicacies which he has always dreamt of. The cadet’s dining hall is named as the Katari Cadet’s Mess after the great Vice Admiral Ram Das Katari – the first Chief of Naval Staff of the Indian Navy.

Cadets in the INA are made to be familiarized with the different kind of cutlery that is used in dining ranging from glasses, plates, forks, knives, spoons, ladles etc. Cadets are taught how to set up table covers for various occasions. On several formal occasions like the Dinner Nights, Mess Nights and Guest meals cadets follow the formal dining format where the band plays the background score to indicate the duration of each course.

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