Indian Army Ranks and their Comparison

Indian Army Ranks –  It is important to get a sense of all the ranks and cadre in the Indian Armed Forces. Aspirants often get confused as to which rank is higher or what comes after that rank. This article has neatly labelled all the Indian Army Ranks. Focused reading will ensure the maximum understanding between the three trio of the Indian Defence and will majorly help the candidates to get insight knowledge of the careers they want to get in.

Equivalent Indian Army Ranks of Commissioned Officers

Army, Navy, and Air Force are the three major defense services in India. The commissioned officers and personnel below officers working in these armed forces enjoy ranks that are equal to one another. There are some honorary equivalent ranks as well.

Here is a table showing the equivalent ranks of commissioned officers in the three Defence services in India:

Air Force Army Navy
Air Marshall (AOC-in-C / VCAS) Lieutenant General (Army Commodore / VCOAS) Vice Admiral / FOC-in-C / VCNS)
Air Marshall Lieutenant General Vice Admiral
AVM Major General Rear Admiral
Air Commodore Brigadier Captain
Group Captain Colonel Captain
Wing Commander (S) Lieutenant Colonel (S) Commander (S)
Wing Commander (TS) Lieutenant Colonel (TS) Commander (TS)
Squadron Leader Major Lieutenant Commander
Flight Lieutenant Captain Lieutenant
Flying Officer Lieutenant Sub Lieutenant
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Equivalent Indian Army Ranks of Personnel Below Officer Rank
Air Force Army Navy
NCs (E), Tindal, Head Tindal NCs (E)
MWO Subedar Major Master Chief Petty Officer Artificer I and II
WO Subedar Chief Artificer / Chief Mech I and II
JWO NaigSubedar CPO / Mech III / Artificer III / Artificer II / Mech II / Artificer I / Mech I
Sergeant Havaldar Petty Officer / Mech IV / Artificer IV
Corporal Naik Leading Seaman and equivalent
AC / LAC Sepoy Seaman I and equivalent
Equivalent Honorary Indian Army Ranks
Air Force Army Navy
MCPO I / Honorary Lieutenant Subedar Major / Honorary Captain MWO / Honorary Flight Lieutenant
MCPO II / Honorary Lieutenant Subedar / Honorary Captain WO / Honorary Flight Lieutenant
MCPO I / Sub Lieutenant Subedar Major / Honorary Lieutenant MWO / Honorary Flight Officer
MCPO II / Sub Lieutenant Subedar / Honorary Lieutenant WO / Honorary Flight Officer

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