Indo – French Joint Military Exercise – SHAKTI 2021


The Sixth Edition of Indo – France joint military exercise “Ex SHAKTI 2021” has commenced at the Military School of Draguignan, France with an opening ceremony on 15 Nov 21.

The Indian Army contingent is being represented by a composite team of three Officers, three Junior Commissioned Officers and 37 soldiers from a battalion of Gorkha Rifles and support Arms.

The training so far has focused on aspects of joint planning, mutual understanding of conduct of operations and identification of coordination aspects required for jointly operating in a Counter Terrorism environment under United Nations mandate.

 Military Exercise

The participating contingents have also been put through paces of combat conditioning and tactical training which included firing drills and ‘battle hardening’ work sessions.

The exercise is being conducted in two phases which will culminate with a grueling 36 hours exercise to validate the standards achieved during the two phases.

The contingent apart from joint training went to visit MAZARGUES War Cemetery in Marseilles where 1,002 Indian soldiers of the First World War have been cremated.

The Indian and French contingents together presented a Guard of Honor and paid their homage to commemorate the valour of the fallen brave hearts.
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Key Points:

  • Ex SHAKTI 2021 involved twelve days of intense joint military training.
  • During the exercise, military from both the countries exhibited their combat power and dominance over extremist groups in simulated Counter Terrorism and Counter Insurgency environment.
  • Exercise provided an opportunity to both the sides to train in Counter-Terrorism operations in joint environment under United Nations charter.

Two Phases of Exercise:

Exercise SHAKTI was conducted in two phases.

It involved combat conditioning and tactical training of Counter-Terrorism operations. It was culminated with validation of training in semi-urban environment.

Military from both the sides shared their best operational practices and experiences.

Both the contingents expressed immense satisfaction with outcome of this exercise, with respect to the standards achieved during the conduct.

About Military Exercise – Shakti:

This exercise focuses on Counter Terrorism operations in the light of semi-urban terrain under United Nations Mandate.

It is organised biennially with the aim of enhancing military cooperation and interoperability between Armies of both the countries.

The exercise was started in 2011 and is conducted alternately in India and France.

5th edition of the Military Exercise:

The last edition (5th edition) of the Shakti exercise took place in 2019 Rajasthan. In this edition, both the armies practiced “Counter Terrorism operations in semi-desert terrain”.

Other Defence Exercise between India and France:

India and France conducts following defence exercises:

  1. Varuna – Naval exercise
  2. Desert Knight-21
  3. Garuda – Air Force exercise.
 Military Exercise

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