National Armed Forces Flag Day Celebrated on 7 December. Know the Purpose of National flag day of India

Every month is an auspicious occasion for the Indian Army and Indian Armed Forces soldiers and various army forces. On these auspicious occasions, National Armed Forces Flag Day was celebrated on 7th December 2021 as a mark of respect to the various armed forces of the Indian Army such as soldiers, Navik, and airmen. This flag day is celebrated on 7th December of every year. The main purpose of the National flag day of India is the tradition of honouring the soldiers working in the Armed Forces of India.

The money collected on the Armed Flag Day celebrations is used for the welfare of soldiers and ex-servicemen serving in the Army. The money collected is also used for the rehabilitation of the soldiers who suffer casualties in any way in the war. Small flags are also distributed as a donation on Armed Forces Flag Day. Let us know what has been the main purpose and history behind celebrating National Armed Forces Flag Day in India.

History of National Armed Forces Flag Day

Armed Forces Flag Day in India was started in 1949 on 7th December. A committee was formed under the chairmanship of the then Defence Minister to celebrate this day. The committee decided that Armed Flag Day celebrations would be organized every year on 7th December. On this flag day, mainly distributing the flag to the people and the money collected from them will be used in the works of the army. During Armed Forces Flag Day, people across the country distribute small red, dark blue, and light blue coloured flags and car flags representing the three services in exchange for money.

What is the main purpose of this Event?

It is believed that the Defence Committee of the then Union Cabinet had also decided to observe Armed Forces Flag Day on 7th December for the welfare of the brave war veterans and their families of our country. After this, Armed Forces Flag Day was started for all the three military personnel in our country from 7th December 1949. This is a major reason for celebrating Army Flag Day in the Indian Armed Forces.

Significance of National flag day of India

The significance of the National Armed Forces Flag Day is that the money collected on this day will be used solely towards the officers serving in the army or the officers who have retired. The main purpose of National flag day of India

  • To give your cooperation and contribution in compensating for the loss of life of soldiers during any war.
  • To contribute towards the welfare of the employees and their families serving in the army and the welfare and cooperation of other retired officers.
  • To contribute by giving money for the welfare and assistance of the retired officers and personnel.
  • All the three branches of the Indian Armed Forces, the Indian Navy, the Indian Air Force, and the Indian Army, on this day, display the efforts of their employees to ensure national security to the general public.
  • The Indian Armed Forces also arrange variety shows, carnival plays, and other entertainment programs in this performance.
  • On this important day, small and car flags are distributed in red, dark blue, and light blue colors representing the three services in exchange for donations.

Why is this day special for the army?

Various Army events are organized by the Indian Air Force, Indian Army, and Indian Navy on Armed Flag Day. The money received after this event is deposited in the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund. The money deposited in it is used to provide many assistance and ancillary work for the smooth running of the livelihood of the soldiers and their families. We hope that on the occasion of Armed Forces Flag Day celebrated every year, we do our duty to be citizens of our country and help the military personnel by giving our support.

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