Important list of Strait In India and in the World

It is very important to prepare your general Knowledge and current affairs for any exams. Any questions can be asked from anywhere. here in this article, I will share with you the complete details of famous straits in India and in the world. List of Strait in India, List of Straits in the World, Name of Straits in India and the world, Major Straits in the world, etc. I will cover these topics today in this article. To get complete details regarding this, check the article below:

Important list of Strait In India and in the World:

There are many Major and Minor Strait in India and also in the world and it is very hard to remember the name of all them, Here in this I will tell you the names of some famous Straits, some are in India and some are in the world. it is very important to prepare this. Most of the questions in the UPSC Exams and Other competitive exams. asked from this. Now let’s see the names of Straits and join and Location of meeting etc.

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Name of famous Straits in the World:

Name of the Straits Joins of strait Point of Meeting (Location)
Malacca Strait The Andaman Sea & South China Sea Indonesia – Malaysia
Palk Strait Palk Bay & Bay of Bengal India-Sri Lanka
Sunda Strait The Java Sea & Indian Ocean Indonesia
Yucatan Strait The Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea Mexico-Cuba
Mesina Strait Mediterranean Sea Italy-Sicily
Otranto Strait The Adriatic Sea & Ionian Sea Italy-Albania
Bab-el-Mandeb Strait Red Sea & Gulf of Aden Yemen-Djibouti
Cook Strait South Pacific Ocean New Zealand (N & S islands)
Mozambique Strait Indian Ocean Mozambique – Malagasy
North Channel The Irish Sea & Atlantic Ocean Ireland-England
Taurus Strait Arafura Sea & Gulf of Papua Papua New Guinea – Australia
Bass strait The Tasman Sea & South Sea Australia
Bering Strait The Bering Sea & Chukchi Sea Alaska-Russia
Bonne-Fazio Strait Mediterranean Sea Corsica-Sardinia
Bosporus Strait The Black Sea and the Marmara Sea Turkey
Dardenleez Strait The Marmara Sea and Agean Sea Turkey
Davis strait The Baffin Bay & Atlantic Ocean Greenland-Canada
Denmark strait
  1. North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean
Dover strait The English Channel & North Sea England-France
Florida Strait Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean USA-Cuba
Hormuz strait Gulf of Persia & Gulf of Oman Oman-Iran
Hudson strait Gulf of Hudson & Atlantic Ocean Canada
Gibraltar Strait The Mediterranean Sea & Atlantic Ocean Spain-Morocco
Magellan strait Pacific and South Atlantic Ocean Chile
Makassar Strait The Java Sea & Celebes Sea Indonesia
Tsugaru Strait Japan Sea and the Pacific Ocean Japan (Hokkaido-Honshu island)
Tatar Strait Japan Sea & Okhotsk Sea Russia (E Russia-Sakhalin Island)

These are the names of some famous straits which are famous in the world. You can also check the names of the Important national parks in India and the names of Countries and their currencies etc. I have given the link below. you can click over those links to reach there.

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