IAF Airmen PSL List for X and Y Group Download Pdf.

Indian Airforce Has released PSL (PROVISIONAL SELECT LIST), the students who have qualified for the written and medical examination please check that their name is in IAF Airmen PSL List for X and Y Group or not, if your name appears in the PSL that’s mean you are Provisionally selected for Airmen post. and if your name does not appear then you are not selected for the Airmen. Provisionally Selected students may check their name in the list and also check that the are completely fit or not, If you guys are fit then it will appear on the list that you are fit and if any problem related to documents or medical fitness then the reason clearly mentions front of your name in the PSL list. You need to resolve the problem as soon as possible for being eligible for final selection. Check the list below-

IAF Airmen PSL List for X and Y Group Download Pdf-


  1. The provisional select list is displayed as per the merit position of the candidates and it includes more number of candidates than the actual vacancy to cater to deficiencies that may arise on the day of enrollment due to absenteeism medical unfit unwillingness etc.
  2. Candidates whose names appear in Provisional Select List (PSL) are NOT (R) NOT guaranteed enrolment.
  3. Candidates whose name does not appear in the PSL although they have passed the selection test denote that they are low in merit hence failed to secure place in PSL.

4. Enrolment will be strict as per the merit position subject to:-

  • Availability of vacancies.
  • Medical Fitness.
  • Not exceeding the upper age limit for enrolment i.e. 21 years as on date of enrolment {Except for Education Instructors, Musician trades and Serving NCs(E)}.
  • The validity of PSL.

5. Candidates figuring in one or more PSLs published on the same date will be called for enrolment in only one Group / Trade as per the requirement of IAF. President CASB reserves the right to allocate any Group/Trade to a candidate appearing in more than one PSL published on the same date. If a candidate absents or expresses unwillingness to join IAF in the Trade / Group in which he is called for enrolment his candidature will get automatically cancelled for all existing PSLs.

6. Candidates can apply for selection any number of times if they meet: –

  • Requisite qualifications with pass percentage.
  • Within the permissible age limits as published in advertisements for Selection Test/Recruitment Rallies.

7. Candidates who are not called for enrolment from this PSL, their candidature will automatically get cancelled and they will not be considered for future enrolments from this PSL. They may apply afresh subject to meeting eligibility conditions. Thus, candidates are advised not to discontinue their studies/job, if any in the interim period.

8. The medical disposal (FIT / UNFIT) of the candidate is Provisional. The candidature of the candidates who have become UNFIT / ABSENT in the Appeal Medical Board (AMB) automatically stands cancelled (R) cancelled.

9. Candidature of candidates against whom ‘CSV’ (Certificate Subject to Verification) is annotated in the Remarks column is provisional. THEY ARE TO PRODUCE ORIGINAL CERTIFICATES TO THE CONCERNED CO, ASC BY 15-11-2019 FAILING WHICH THE CANDIDATURE IS LIABLE TO BE CANCELLED.

10. Enrolment List will be published on 10-12-2019 and instructions for the same will be published in the column ‘Instructions for the Candidates’ on the first page of the Enrolment List.

IAF Airmen PSL List for X and Y Group Download Pdf-

Category Pdf
Group ‘X’ (Tech)- NOT IN PSL Download
Group ‘Y’ (Med Asst)_PSL Download
Group ‘Y’ {Auto Tech & IAF(P)}_NOT IN PSL Download
Group ‘Y’ (Med Asst)_NOT IN PSL Download
Group ‘Y’ {IAF(S)}_NOT IN PSL Download
Group ‘Y’ {Auto Tech & IAF(P)}_PSL Download
Group ‘Y’ {Except Auto Tech, IAF(P), IAF(S) & Musician}_NOT IN PSL Download
Group ‘X’ (Tech)_PSL Download
Group ‘Y’ {Except Auto Tech, IAF(P),IAF(S) & Musician}_PSL Download
Group ‘Y’ {IAF(S)}_PSL Download
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