IAF Airmen Phase II GD Topics for X and Y Group

Aspirants! we Major Kalshi Classes have brought for you today IAF Airmen Phase II GD Topics for X and Y Group. The preparations for your upcoming entrance exams would be going well.
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We hope that you would be doing well your preparations for the IAF Airmen Phase II for X and Y Group. We hope that you would be knowing that the second phase of Airmen exams is going to be held in November 2019.

Henceforth, trying to be ahead of time.
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To help you with the prior preparation tactics Major Kalshi Classes has brought for you all kinds of study materials required for the preparations of Airmen Exams Phase II.

IAF Airmen Phase II GD Topics for X and Y Group

Now, you all must be aware that a Group Discussion(GD) round is held for the participants who come up from other initial stages. This Group Discussion round is of great importance because the final selections for the medical appointment of the candidates are given to them who qualify the GD round.

Considering the importance of this Group Discussion round. Major Kalshi Classes is here to help you with all this. The phases of IAF Airmen Phase II examination are explained here in the steps given as below:-

Steps for the Selection of Candidates in IAF Airmen Phase II:-

Telling you Furthermore about the required steps for qualification procedures of the IAF Airmen examination in Phase I and Phase II. The aspirants will get to know about the detailed selection procedure and as well as the procedures of the different rounds for qualification in this IAF Airmen examination.

  1. This Selection Test is to become an Airman of IAF and is not for selection as Commissioned Officers/Pilots/Navigators. The examination is valid for one intake/entry i.e., intake 02/2020 only.
  2. The Selection Test is only for eligible male (Indian/Nepalese) candidates. Females are not eligible.
  3. The exam will be in three successive phases:-
    • Phase-I Online Test (For understanding marking scheme of STAR, please refer mock test link.)
    • Phase-II Physical Fitness Test, AT-I and AT-II Test
    • Phase-III Medical Fitness Test

Actually, the whole procedure consists of three steps in which the first one is Written Online Examination. Afterwards, the qualified candidates will be selected on the basis of a merit list issued by the official website of Indian Airforce Airmen examination i.e. (airmen.in.org)

Consequent Steps of Selection Procedure in IAF Airmen Phase II:-

The following are given a tabulated form of all the steps involved in the selection of Candidates as Airmen. The candidates qualified in the written examination can only take part in the steps given below:-

Name of the Test Sections in Test
Physical Fitness Test (PFT) As it is discussed earlier defence forces demands a certain level of physical fitness. For ensuring this Indian Air Force has formulated a physical fitness test which is given following-

  • 1.6 Km run in 6 minutes 30 seconds,
  • 20 squat ups (Uthak Baithak)
  • 10 sit-ups
  • 10 Push-ups.
Adaptability Test-1 Adaptability Test-I is basically the test of Situation Reaction ib which takes place just after the PFT if a candidate qualifies PFT. In this test decision-making ability, Problem-solving attitude, right mind set up is assessed. There will be 45 SRTs which a candidate has to complete within 30 minutes. These SRTs will be objective type and bilingual.
Adaptability Test-2 Once the candidate clears the Adaptability test-I he goes through the next test which is known as Adaptability test-II which is basically the test of Group discussion. In this discussion, a group comprises of some 10-15 candidates who are made to sit in a semi-circle and assigned a topic which is of basic in nature. The topics range from current affairs to social events. This test is basically to check the knowledge, communication skill, interpersonal skills and convincing power of the candidate. A little bit of preparation and practice proves very handy for doing well in this test.

After all these above examinations candidates are given green cards with the dates and venue of the medical examination which generally takes place after 2 months.


This is not the whole selection procedure. It is just the second step once after the candidate qualifies in the first Written examination in Phase I or Phase II of the IAF Airmen examination for X and Y group. Also, the Physical Fitness Test(PFT) is qualifying in nature.

Click here to download the List of Documents required in the last procedure of Selection. Almost the same documents are required in the airmen phase II documents verification as well.

List of IAF Airmen Phase II GD Topics for X and Y Group:-

Hereabout we bring for you the important topics that you need to consider before appearing for the Group Discussion round of the IAF Airmen Phase II for X and Y groups. Following are some of the IAF Airmen Phase II GD Topics for X and Y Group:-

  • Chandrayan II and other Hot Issues.
  • Ragging Justified or Not?
  • Is T-20 killing the Test Cricket?
  • Should Co-education be made necessary in schools and Colleges/
  • Should Women be given Reservation in Politics?
  • Is Science a Boon or a bane?
  • Kids nowadays don’t use to be as what they were?
  • Where should a government invest more money-Development or Defence?
  • Should Government schools be privatized?
  • Who serves the Country more? Farmer or Soldier?
  • Should Hard Punishments be given to the students at schools?
  • Is Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) in retail sector beneficial for India?
  •  Should Students take part in Politics/
  • Should India get a permanent seat in UN security council?
  • Who is a greater Culprit?-One who offers Bribe?- One who accepts the Bribe?
  • Should Capital Punishment be abolished in India?
  • What is more beneficial?-Day Schooling or Boarding?
  • Is attachment to Computers a bad thing?
  • What can be done to promote other sports in India?
  • Can we never be a corruption-free society?
  • Why is India still lagging behind China?
  • Can the Strikes be Socially Acceptable?
  • Does India need a Dictator?
  • Examination-has it killed education?
  • Cricket has spoiled other games in India?
  • Should Military training be made compulsory for all the citizens of India?
  • Should seats be reserved for women in State Legislature as well?
  • What can attract the more ambitious youth in the Army- Officer Recruitment and Enhancement of Salary or Good working Conditions?

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So here we give it an end and we think that it might have helped you in the preparation of the Group Discussion round held in the qualification rounds of the IAF Airmen exam for X and Y group.

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