GTO Tasks in SSB Interview | All GTO Tasks – Explained | Tips for GTO in SSB

The SSB (Services Selection Board) interview is a selection process used by the Indian Armed Forces, including the Army, Navy, and Air Force, to assess and select candidates for officer-level positions. It is a comprehensive evaluation that focuses on assessing the candidate’s potential to become a leader and an officer in the respective service. During SSB , on the 3rd or 4th Day Candidate appear for GTO Task. In this blog , we shall discuss about all GTO tasks in SSB Interview & tips to prepare for those GRO Tasks .

What is SSB Interview 5 Days Procedure ?

The SSB interview process is known for its rigorous and multifaceted approach, designed to analyze various aspects of a candidate’s personality, including their intellect, social skills, psychological traits, and overall suitability for a leadership role. The interview takes place over 5days and includes a series of tests and assessments, such as:

  1. Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) Test: This is a written test that evaluates a candidate’s logical and analytical abilities.
  2. Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT): Candidates are shown an ambiguous picture and are required to create a story around it. They then participate in a group discussion based on their stories.
  3. Psychological Tests: These include various written tests that assess the candidate’s personality traits, such as problem-solving ability, leadership qualities, and emotional stability.
  4. Group Testing Officer (GTO) Tasks: These involve a series of group activities to evaluate qualities like teamwork, communication, planning, and decision-making. Tasks include group discussions, group planning exercises, group tasks, and an outdoor obstacle course.
  5. Personal Interview: Candidates appear before a panel of officers for a one-on-one interview. The interview assesses the candidate’s knowledge, confidence, and suitability for an officer role.
  6. Conference: The final round involves a conference with the assessors, where they review the candidate’s performance throughout the process and decide whether the candidate is recommended for selection.

What are GTO Tasks in SSB Interview

During a 5-day interview procedure called the Service Selection Board (SSB) interview, there are some tests conducted on the 3rd and 4th days. These tests are to see how well the person can work alone and with a group. There are 9 tasks and are as follows:

  1. Group Discussion (GD)
  2. GPE or MPE group/military planning exercise
  3. Progressive group task (PGT)
  4. Snake race
  5. Lecturette
  6. Half group task (HGT)
  7. Individual obstacles
  8. Command task
  9. Final Group Task (FGT)

Group Discussion during GTO in SSB :

An officer called the Group Testing Officer (GTO) leads activities that a group does together. The first activity is called Group Discussion (GD). In GD, the group talks about SSB GD topics. They have a casual and friendly discussion about these topics. Unlike the group discussion on the first day of the screening test, candidates don’t have to agree on a common idea here. They can share their personal thoughts about the given SSB GD topics and disagree with others until the discussion ends. Candidates in the group can express their opinions in a formal or informal way. The important thing the GTO pays attention to is whether all candidates are actively participating in the discussion and talking about things related to the given SSB GD topics.

Tips for Group Discussion (GD) during GTO Task in SSB Interview

  • Being an active listener on social networks can help you gather information.
  • You should know a little about current events. Use social media to see what news is popular.
  • Be a good communicator. This means listening and speaking at the right times.
  • Use simple English and share your ideas simply.
  • Respect other candidates’ ideas about SSB GD topics. Think about their ideas before you reply.
  • It’s okay if you don’t know much about the SSB GD topics. If you don’t know, you might not start the discussion. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take part. Just listen to what others say. Listen for important words and share a general idea about those words.

Progressive Group Task during GTO in SSB :

PGT stands for Progressive Group Task. In this activity, there are obstacles on the ground in a certain area. Team members have to cross these obstacles according to specific rules. They get some things to help them: a wooden log called “Balli,” a plank, and a rope to tie these things. The obstacles get harder as the team goes along. This is why it’s called “Progressive Group Task.”

Tips to prepare for Progressive Group Task :

  • Run quickly to the starting line when the GTO says you can begin. Don’t walk too slowly; show that you’re in a hurry.
  • Running will help you because you can grab the helpful things.
  • Hold the plank, balli, or rope and start working right away.
  • Don’t just watch, get hold of the helpful things so you can start.
  • When you’re building your bridge, ask your group members for help. Don’t try to do it alone.
  • If someone else starts building, support them with ideas and help.
  • Stay active, don’t just stand around.
  • Offer to cross the bridge first and encourage others to go too. Help anyone who’s unsure.
  • When you talk and help, make sure your voice reaches the GTO.
  • Look busy the whole time. Don’t stay idle.
  • If the GTO asks about rules, don’t act like you know. This is the first outdoor task, so you’re not sure.
  • Don’t ask simple questions like how long is 3-4 feet. You should know this at your age.
  • The GTO might ask how much time you need. Say 1 hour, so you have room to negotiate.
  • Don’t yell at your team or throw things.
  • Follow the rules. If you break one, you can try again without a penalty. Be honest.
  • Wait until everyone finishes.
  • Don’t stare at the GTO all the time.
  • Don’t give up easily. Keep motivating and encouraging your team.

Snake Race during GTO in SSB :

The Snake Race, also called Group Obstacle Race (GOR), is a super exciting and thrilling activity in the group test. It’s like a war against the other teams. All the groups race against each other through six obstacles while holding a rolled-up tent that looks like a snake. Up to four groups compete together at once. Each team has its own assigned path. This task is fast-paced and gets the candidates very excited beforehand.

Tips to Prepare for Group Obstacle Race in SSB :

  • Once you pick up the snake or load at the starting line, you can’t put it down until you reach the finish line. The snake must stay its full length and cannot be folded.
  • When you run, hold the snake parallel to the ground.
  • All candidates should hold the snake while running between obstacles, and at least three candidates should hold it while crossing obstacles.
  • Even if you finish an obstacle first, wait for others before moving to the next one.
  • Some parts of the obstacles might be marked in red. Don’t touch those. If you break the rules, the GTO will give penalties.

Lecturette during GTO Task in SSB :

Lecturette is a test in the SSB interview to understand the candidates’ personalities. It’s like a short speech or talk given by a candidate. GTO (Group Testing Officer) organizes Lecturette as part of the group tasks. Each candidate gets a card with 4 topics on it. The candidate chooses one topic and speaks about it for 3 minutes.

Tips to Prepare for Lecturette :

  • Learn About Important Topics: Get knowledge about common and important topics in India and the world.
  • Confident Delivery: When speaking, be confident. Use smart and sharp gestures to appear confident.
  • Body Language: Keep your body language composed. Use minimal hand and leg movements.
  • Stay Communicative: In your friend group, be an active communicator. This helps in becoming more confident.
  • Engage in Social Media: Participate actively in social media. This improves your information and communication skills.
  • Practice with Recording: Use a camera or phone to record yourself giving a lecturette. Watch it later to see what went well and what needs improvement.
  • Speak Clearly: Use the right words and pronounce them correctly. Present your sentences impressively.
  • Grammar Matters: Avoid simple grammar mistakes like mixing up his-her or she-he. These errors are noticeable and create a negative impression.
  • Control Pauses: Keep your speaking tempo steady by managing pauses and breaks.
  • Organize Thoughts: Prepare a short sequence of key points in your mind and unfold them logically during the lecture.

Half Group Task during GTO Task in SSB :

HGT, which stands for Half Group Task, is similar to PGT (Progressive Group Task). The main difference is that in HGT, the group is split into two sets. This allows the GTO to closely watch each candidate’s performance. The rules for HGT are the same as in PGT. The goal of this task is to find out how well a candidate can lead. In HGT, candidates can choose two members from their group. The task involves crossing an obstacle using the given resources and time. With fewer candidates, the GTO can better observe leadership qualities. HGT offers candidates a chance to display various character traits and leadership skills, especially if they couldn’t do so in PGT. It’s important because it assesses your leadership abilities. After HGT, the GTO forms a clear assessment of each candidate. This assessment guides the evaluation in subsequent tests to confirm initial observations.

Tips to Prepare for Half Group Task in SSB :

  • Focus Forward: When doing tasks, don’t look at the G.T.O. Keep your attention on the task at hand.
  • Share Ideas: Even if you don’t know, help with ideas if others are giving them. Be honest and supportive.
  • Follow Rules: Stick to the rules, as they form the foundation of G.T.O tasks. If you break a rule, redo the task.
  • Team Player: Be an active team member. Cooperate fully and participate with enthusiasm.
  • Positive Approach: Stay positive in your views. Consider other members’ ideas if they’re better than yours.
  • Leadership Opportunity: These tasks let you become a leader. Use your practical smarts, confidence, sociability, and personal charm to become a leader.
  • Confident Demeanor: Keep a friendly smile during tasks to show your confidence.
  • Be Courteous: Treat other group members politely and gently.
  • Follow or Lead: If you don’t know how to tackle an obstacle, follow others’ ideas. But if your group is stuck, step up and suggest a constructive plan. Don’t force yourself on the group. Let them trust you willingly.

Individual Obstacles during GTO Task in SSB :

Individual Obstacles is a task in the GTO series, often done on the first or second day of GTO testing. In this task, each group member does it alone. The goal is to check your abilities, physical strength, endurance, bravery, determination, and if you’re afraid of heights. It also shows how quickly you can decide and act.

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There are 10 tasks (they vary) that you need to complete in 3 minutes. You can redo the task if you finish all 10 before 3 minutes. The obstacles are numbered 1 to 10. The more tasks you finish, the higher your score will be.

List of Individual Obstacles :-

  • Jumping over a slide
  • Long jump
  • High jump
  • Zig-Zag Balance
  • Walking a wooden log
  • High Screen jump
  • Jumping platforms
  • Burma bridge
  • Tarzan swing
  • Climbing the wall
  • Jumping platforms
  • Jumping through a tyre
  • Double Ditch
  • Tiger leap
  • Commando walk
  • Monkey crawl
  • Tiger leap
  • Rope climbing

Command Task during GTO Task in SSB :

The Command Task takes place before the F.G.T. (Final Group Task). Its purpose is to assess a candidate’s leadership skills. Candidates can select two members from the group to assist. The task involves overcoming an obstacle using the provided team members and resources within a set time limit. During the SSB Command Task, a leader can choose 2 or 3 individuals from the group, not counting themselves. However, usually, the leader and 2 others work together. They are given a plank and a balli (a wooden log) to assist them. The complexity of your command task is based on your previous performance. If you receive a challenging command task, it indicates you’re performing well in the GTO activities.

Tips for Command Task in SSB :

  • Speak Loud and Clear: When talking to your team, speak loudly and clearly.
  • Think Independently: Avoid asking for help; use your own thinking.
  • Respect Subordinates: Treat your team members with respect.
  • Lead by Example: Lead from the front. Don’t send subordinates to test unstable planks; take the risk yourself.
  • Utilize Resources: Use all available materials to your advantage whenever possible.

Final Group Task during GTO in SSB :

The Final Group Task (FGT) is the last task in the GTO series, assigned to the entire group. It’s a bit longer and more challenging. Thus, more time is given for planning and execution. The rules, principles, and instructions are the same as those for the Progressive Group Task (PGT).

Tips for Final Group Task in SSB :

  1. Focus Forward: Avoid looking at the GTO while performing tasks.
  2. Share Ideas: Offer good suggestions to the group. If you don’t know, honestly support others with ideas.
  3. Follow Rules: Stick to the rules; they’re the foundation of GTO tasks. If you break a rule, redo the task.
  4. Team Player: Participate actively and cooperatively within the team.
  5. Positive Approach: Maintain a positive outlook. Give weight to other members’ ideas if they’re better.
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