Got Recommended in 2nd Attempt From Naval Selection Board :

“A soldier is like a selfless lover. And for this unconditional love for his nation, he doesn’t think twice before risking his life.

Hello Everyone ! This is my success story. I am Harsh hailing from Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Island, India.

My father is an officer in the Indian Navy & I am well groomed in a Naval background family I got my education in Naval children’s school. I always saw his personality & his Etiquette, which also inspired me a lot to join the Indian Navy.

After getting screened out in 1st Attempt (TES Entry-SSB Allahabad) I felt little low & started to overthink about my OLQ’s. After that, I cracked NDA written examination & got my dates for SSB.

One of my relatives informed me about the renowned institute indefence sector known as Major Kalshi Classes. I made up my mind, gathered information regarding its SSB classes & joined it. On the very first day of my class, as few hours passed, I got to know that this institute can help me to get recommended. In the course, All assessors were very friendly in nature & focused more on polishing my “Officer Like Qualities.” The tips & tricks for Basic screening test & for PPDT helped me a lot in SSB. Assessors always told us to remain practical & not to bluff over anything.

I got NSB Viskhapatnam as my selection centre& my batch no. was 281063. My reporting date was 15th Dec. Total 78 students reported at the selection centre. After a small briefing, we went straight to documentation where all of our documents were checked. It lasted around 45 mins. Then, we went to have our breakfast & I would want to say you all that the cutlet was tastiest of all, I have eaten till date.

After Breakfast, All candidates were gathered together in the testing hall & were divided as by. (Fresher’s, Screened out’s & Repeaters). Then, the O.I.R test started, it consisted of total 90 questions & the time given was 45 mins. Time now was 10:00 am. After O.I.R, we had our PPDT test (10 members in each group). The discussion was perfect, Now, the time was 11:00 am. We were called for our lunch & after lunch we again reported at the testing hall. It was around 12:30 when the results were announced. I got ‘SCREENED IN” Total 38 students were screened in. I made some friends there & in our dormitory we discussed for our preparations about stage-II.

On Day 2, the Psychology test started at sharp 7:00 am. The test went awesome. I didn’t panicked while the test because of the test practices that I had at MKC. The tips to how to attempt SRT’s & SDT helped me a lot in my test. After the end of test, we went for our lunch. In the evening time I with my friends went to play Basketball.

Day 3 was my G.T.O. Out of all 38 students, 18 were called up for G.T.O & rest 20 were for Personal Interview.

We have to report at the ground at 6:00am.& at 7:00 am our G.T.O task started. My Group Discussion went well. After G.D, my G.P.E, P.G.T, GOR & HGT was also performed well .The Real Ground Experience at G.T.O ground of MKC helped me a lot. Then, we were called for breakfast. After Breakfast, we came back again & it was turn for my lecturette. After lecturette I also performed well in I.O, C.T & F.G.T. My GTO task lasted around 12:30pm. I performed well with in the group & with out the group.

The next day i.e, Day 4, was my Personal Interview. It started around 10:15am & went for 45 mins. I was not nervous & was very confident. As I told earlier because I got screened out (TES Entry) my confidence went little down, but at MKC, the way Assessors taught us, I regained my confidence & it was on the seventh sky. I had 4 sets of Rapid fire shot on me & I answered all the questions of the Interviewer (Deputy-President). I remained truthful & honest every moment. I didn’t bluffed with them as they were having my strongest asset my “PIQ” form. The day went well.

Day 5 was my conference & we reported at 7:30am to the testing hall. Honourable Deputy President arrived there & had chat with us for 1 hrs. Then, we were called for conference & my conference lasted for 5 mins. I enjoyed the conversation with them. At the end, the Psychologist arrived with the result was life changing moment for me……….

I got Recommended!

This was my success story for you all.

Good Luck for your SSB.

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