Cadet Amit Raj Of Sanik School Sacrificed His Life Saving Two Children

Cadet Amit Raj Of Sanik School:- Friends, we hear many such incidents around us. Where many lives are saved by some brave person to any child, animal, bird, and honorable people. Because of which that person becomes very respected in the environment. In today’s article, we will give you information about one such child. Who saved the lives of 3 children by playing on their lives During this adventure, the life of that courageous boy is also lost. Many salutes to such courageous children from our side. Today we are talking about Amit Raj studying in Sainik School. Those who have done a bold act at a young age have got their names recorded in golden history. Let us give you information about this adventure of Amit Raj.

Cadet Amit Raj Of Sanik School Sacrificed His Life

Sacrifice is a common thing in our soldiers, But if this sacrifice is made by a small child of 15 years, then the quality of this sacrifice increases even more. 15-year-old cadet Amit Raj, studying in Sainik School, Purulia, made this sacrifice while saving the lives of 3 children and lost his life. Amit Raj was a Class X student of Purulia Sainik School. He was a resident of Nalanda village in Bihar.

On 7 December, when Amit Raj went to his house, Then he did not think that he would ever be able to return to military school again During his vacation when a house in his neighborhood was set on fire, Amit Raj did a courageous act. Amit Raj goes inside the house, showing courage and not caring about his life. There are very strong flames of fire in that house Whose children were helpless and screaming and screaming and crying. Amit Raj did not care for his life and moving in that fire saved 3 children trapped in the house.

Several sources revealed that no member of the village came forward to save the children in this amazing fire. But Amit Raj, who lives in the neighborhood, saved the lives of those children by jumping into the fire as soon as he heard the call of those children. He severely scorched in the fire while saving his life. After which Amit admitted to a nearby hospital, But the sad incident happened that due to scorching in the same fire, Amit Raj lost his life and breathed his last in a nearby hospital.

When Cadet Amit Raj rescued those three children from the flames By then, about 85% of Amit Raj’s body burnt due to fire. Seeing this situation, the doctors of the nearby hospital decided to send him to Safdarganj Hospital. But finally, on December 13, he died due to scorching fire.

Sacrifice of amit raj

His school teachers and classmates praised him for this sacrifice and adventure done by Amit Raj. And also expressed sorrow from this sad event. His classmates studying with Amit Raj say that Amit was not only a genius Rather he was also the owner of a golden and humble heart. Due to his helpful nature by his friends, he held the most special place among his friends. His untimely death has shaken the entire environment of the school. Friends of Amit Raj say that a colleague who is with us is no longer with us.

There were many discussions about this sacrifice and his death by Amit Raj on social media. During this discussion, his friends and other classmates paid tribute to Amit Raj. Amit Raj’s friends say that “Amit Raj will continue to inspire all of us in the future with his bravery and courage.”

Friends, our member of India has always been courageous and salutes the supreme sacrifice. Before today, there have been many such brave warriors and cadets in our country who have done many such important tasks without caring for their lives. From whom his name taken with respect all over the country and he mentioned in detail in Indian history.

There is not such a great and adventurous cadet among us today who did not even care about his life to prepare the future of the country. Such great courageous personality cadets owe gratitude to us and everyone in our country.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. Who was Amit Raj?
    Cadet Amit Raj Of Sanik school, was a citizen of Nalanda, Bihar. he was a Class X student at Sainik School in Purulia.
  2. What is Amit Raj’s sacrifice?
    Amit Raj lost his life while saving the lives of 3 children during a fire in a house in his neighbourhood. This adventure proved to be Amit Raj’s sacrifice.
  3. What do Amit Raj’s classmates say?
    Answer: – Amit Raj’s classmates say that there is no longer a person with a humble heart and a person full of courage.
  4. For what reason did Amit Raj die?
    Answer:- Amit Raj’s death was due to the scorching of about 85% of the body in the fire.
  5. Why does Amit Raj jump into the fire?
    Answer:- Amit Raj jumps into the fire to save the three children, as no one from the village supported them after the neighbouring house is set on fire.
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