Eligibility criteria for NSG Commando.

Eligibility criteria for NSG Commando:- Friends, we have all seen that whenever a VIP person goes out for a conference or important work and to protect him there are some young men dressed in black. All these soldiers also called National Security Guard Commandos. NSG Commando (National Security Guard) is an anti-terrorism unit under the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs. The National Security Guard (NSG) was established in 1984 as a Federal Contingency Deployment Force (FCDF) to deal with all aspects of terrorism in the country. The National Security Guard (NSG) is a special unit of the Indian Special Forces under the Home Ministry. Its purpose is to counter terrorist activities to protect the country.

NSG commandos are the best commandos in India and it is one of the top 5 special forces in the world. The NSG commandos are wearing black uniforms and have black cat replicas on their dress. Hence NSG commando is also called as Black Cat Commando. The NSG commando plays a very important role in the security of the country.

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All the important persons and vip people or celebrities in India who are bodyguards for the security of them, are actually NSG commando. In particular, these commandos are deployed to fight against terrorism. An NSG commando can become one who can present his life in the service of the country. If you also want to become NSG commandos or are thinking, then in this article we are going to tell you what is NSG Commando? Qualification, salary etc. for how to become.

Let us know what is NSG (National Security Guard), how to become NSG Commando, qualification to become NSG Commando etc.

What is NSG Commando?

NSG commando is also known as black cat commando. NSG commandos are those who are deployed for the protection of the Prime Minister of our country and other VIPs. Not only this, whether it is about the security of a celebrity or the country, the NSG Commando is ready to deal with every Situation. The responsibility of protecting the country from terrorism, to protect it from terrorist attacks is also the responsibility of an NSG commando. These commandos put their lives to protect their country.

An NSG commando given many types of training, This includes training to control terrorists in the event of a terrorist attack, freeing those abducted by terrorists, as well as finding and inactive the bomb. NSG commandos trained to deal with situations such as terrorists and hostages. Let me tell you, one more thing, direct recruitment is not available for doing to become an NSG commando. First of all, the candiadte gives training for NSG commando. That’s Means, an NSG commando is selected on the basis of training.

How to become an NSG commando?

To become an NSG commando, you must first pass NSG Commando training. If you complete the training, then only you get a chance to become an NSG commando. Also, there is no direct entry to become an NSG commando. If you want to become a NSG commando, then for this you must first join Defense. After joining the defense you have the option to become a NSG commando.

Let us tell you, NSG consists of 2 departments SAG and SRG (Special Action Group and Special Ranger Group). These groups are a unit of the Indian Army. If you want to join SAG department then you must be in the Indian Army. If you want to enter the SRG group, then you are in the Paramilitary Force Compulsory.

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Eligibility criteria for NSG Commando

To become a commando, first of all you have to become a soldier or officer in the army. For this, you have to pass 10th class or clear the equivalent exam. Also know that, this qualification should be held by all caste / category candidates. Because there is no exemption for the candidates of any caste to become commandos. Also, to be a Soldier you must be between 18 and 23 years of age.

Apart from this, the candidate should be a citizen of India, whose minimum height should be 157 cm. The same soldiers are chosen as the National Security Guard, which is physically and mentally healthy. The training of a soldier, who expected to become an NSG commando. It divided into several parts that pass into this training and selected as NSG commando.


To become an NSG commando, many parts training process has to be passed. In the first training, the soldiers have to overcome 26 kinds of difficulties, then they included in the 3 months training. During this 3-month training, 50 thousand live cartridges have to be used in their fire practice. According to the time, soldiers gave the training to complete different targets. Apart from this, the mental training of NSG commandos also faces very difficultly, in this training. The soldiers are motivated to dedicate everything to the country.

After training, a test taken of the jawans, who are successful, they give the best performance of selection. Also, during training, commandos are providing with fire shells, barrage firing of bullets, in which commandos have to avoid fire shells and bullets. Apart from this, NSG commandos are also given the training to fight with and without weapons. Tell you, married men and women can not join and such soldiers cannot apply for NSG commandos. (Eligibility criteria for NSG Commando)

  • During ninety days of compulsory training, fifty to sixty-two thousand live cartridges have to be used in their fire practice.
  • Commandos have required to hit fourteen different targets within twenty-five seconds and these fourteen targets can be all of several different ways.
  • The mental training of commandos is also very difficult. It motivated me to devote everything to the country. Then it checked and selected as commandos only if found successful.

Where do NSG commandos come from

NSG commandos formed by sorting out specific personnel from various forces in India. 53% of the commandos in NSG come from the army while 47% of the commandos come from paramilitary forces like CRPF, ITBP, RAF, and BSF, etc. The service of these commandos considered to be 5 years. (Eligibility criteria for NSG Commando)

Salary of National Security Guard commandos

The salary of NSG i.e. Black Cat Commandos depends on their experience. However, the salary of an NSG commando can be about 84, 236 to 2,39,654. These commandos also get bonus of 10 to 15 thousand. Apart from this, the government gives profit sharing and commission pay separately to an NSG commando, this pay varies from different commandos which can range from Rs 2 to 1.25 lakh.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the full form of NSG commando?
    Answer:- The NSG commando has a full form of National Security Guard and also known as the Black Cat.
  2. How to become an NSG commando/ Eligibility criteria for NSG Commando?
    Answer:- To become an NSG commando, a candidate must first be a soldier in the army. After which NSG commandos formed when they are qualified in physical training and intellectual training.
  3. Can NSG commando be a normal candidate?
    Answer:- Normally no application for the post of NSG Commando. Therefore a normal candidate cannot become an NSG commando.
  4. What is the salary of an NSG commando?
    Answer:- The salary of NSG commandos is very low in the beginning. But with experience, their salary increases from 200000 to 2.5 lakh.
  5. What is the work of an NSG commando?
    Answer:- The task of NSG commandos is to provide internal security and protection of VIPs of the country.
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