Para vs Para SF vs NSG Complete Information

Para vs Para SF vs NSG Complete Information:- Friends, today we will talk about Para Commandos, Para Special Forces and National Security Guard (NSG) (Para vs Para SF vs NSG). Through this article, we will give you information about the forces working in the interior of our country. As we all know, the army is always present at the border of our country. But do you know that super commandos are prepared by selecting some jawans from the soldiers deployed on the border? Without taking much of your time, we start today’s article and give you information about the major commandos of the country.

What is Para SF Commando?

Friends, Para Commando is considered one of the most dangerous armies of our country. Who killed the terrorists present in PoK on 29 September 2016 by surgical strike. And avenged the soldiers killed in Pulwama. Para Commando is one of the most dangerous special forces in the world. Para commandos were formed on 1 July 1966. The main objective of forming this army group was to provide security to our country from terrorism. And Kashmir Valley can be freed from terrorism. So that the people living there can be safe. Para commandos are one such troop of the army. Who goes on her mission with a parachute. The Para Commando consists of 9 battalions.

How to become Para SF Commando?

Friends, we have seen what para commandos are? And how important are these for our army? It can face any kind of difficulties. Therefore, to become a para commando, you are given very hard training. It is necessary to know before taking the training of para commandos, How you can become para commando

There are two options to become a Para Commando –

  1. By direct recruitment
  2. By the Indian Army

1- Direct recruitment:-

Direct recruitment- Friends, the candidate is selected from Civil to Army Rally to be admitted to Para Commando. This army rally is held at Para Commando Training Center, Bangalore. In which only those people who are paratroopers go, these paratroopers are selected by rally, and then training is given. The candidates who pass this entire training. The same para commandos become special forces. To become a special force of para commandos, you have to be very strong physically and mentally.

2- By Indian Army

By the Indian Army- Friends, if any Indian Army soldier wants to join Para Commando Special Force. So he has to get the recommendation letter issue from the commander of his Regiment first. Indian Army soldiers can apply by becoming a Voluntarier. The commanding officer of any regiment selects only those soldiers who are physically and mentally stronger for the training of Para vs Para SF. To become a para commando, soldiers have to first become paratroopers, and for any para commandos it is the first examination to clear the test of paratroopers. Those jawans or candidates who clear this test, those jawans are sent for training.

Only 10% of the soldiers working in the army are able to become Para vs Para SF. You must have learned from this thing how difficult training of Para vs Para SF commandos is.

Training of Para vs Para SF: –

Friends, the training of para commandos is considered to be the most dangerous training in the world. In para commando training, soldiers have to go through physical and mental exhaustion and many difficult difficulties. The soldier who crosses all these difficulties completes his training. They get the badge of the sacrificial post, and then go on to become para commandos.

In Para vs Para SF, paratroopers are trained for 3 months. While the training of Para Commando Special Forces lasts for 6 months. That is, Para Commando Special Forces (Para vs Para SF) trained for a total of 9 months. The following types of training done in the training of para commandos.

Note:- To become Para Special Commando, candidates are first made Para Commando Hence the soldiers of any para commando are properly trained and selected in para special commandos.Para commandos and para special commandos are appointed in the same manner.

What is NSG commando?

The NSG commando, or National Security Guard, is an army organization that works to fight terrorism activities in India. They created in 1984 after the Blue Star operation, a unit of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The aim of these commandos is to improve the internal disturbances of the country and fight terrorism.

How to become NSG commando

As mentioned above, from the battalion of soldiers in the country, only a few prominent soldiers are select and trained as NSG commandos. But to become NSG commandos it is mandatory to follow certain criteria. To join the NSG, a candidate must be a part of any armed force in the country. In order to participate in the military force, the candidate is require to serve as an army in the Central Military Force and sections of the Indian Army (CRPF, SSB, CISF, BSF, ITBP).

The National Security Guard (NSG commando) made up of three parts.

  • SAG– Special action group:- The main groups of NSG commando are such. The commandos working in these mainly drawn from the Indian Army. They are give the task of stopping the activities like terrorism and kidnapping.
  • SRG– Special Ranger group:- Special Ranger Groups deployed to protect VIPs and VVIPs of India. Commandos are recruit by the Indian Army, Central Military Police Force, and state police personnel.
  • SCG– Special capability group: – This group is a war fighting commando army. This NSG contingent deployed in five major cities of India (Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Gandhinagar) to prevent terrorism.

Selection Criteria for NSG

Soldiers have to go through three stages to become commandos in the NSG.

  • Pre-selection criteria
  • Selection and initial qualification training
  • Advanced type of NSG training

Advanced NSG Training

It takes about 9 months for the best NSG commando training. During this, the following types of training imparted to the candidates.

  • Destroyer and bomb neutralization technology.
  • Combat the enemy when unarmed (martial arts).
  • Compete with a knife.
  • Monitoring the person in an intelligence manner and collecting information.
  • Rapid and reflex shooting and mirror shooting.
  • Using specific types of technology.

Only those soldiers are hire as NSG commandos who complete the training in only 14 months. In addition to these training, special training is also give to them. Sometimes NSG commandos are also send to Israel for the best type of combat training. Soldiers usually work with the NSG for 3 to 5 years after completion of training. After which they can again join the military force.

frequently Asked question

  • What is the difference between NSG and Para vs Para SF commandos?
    The NSG designed to provide greater security to the commandos. While Pera SF commando deployed for intelligence investigation on the border.
  • What is the full form of NSG?
    NSG means National Security Guards who are selected for the security of the nation.
  • How long is the training of NSG commandos?
    Answer:- NSG commandos have a training period of 14 months.
  • What required to become a Para vs Para SF?
    To become a Para vs Para SF, you must first work in the rank of a jawan in any department of the army.
  • Do both Para vs Para SF and NSG commandos protect the head of the country?
    NSG commandos deployed to protect the head of the country.
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