Benefits of NCC Certificate for SSB Interview

Benefits of NCC Certificate

It is the Military Cadet Corps of India. Under this, legal training imparted to students and girl students. The headquarters of NCC is located in New Delhi. The aim of NCC is to awaken and energize the youth of the country and it also motivates the youth to participate in the army. NCC started in our country in 1948 whereas – The initiative of NCC was first undertaken by Germany.

Benefits of NCC Certificate

What is Benefits of NCC Certificate :-

NCC training helps students who want to join the army, and want to contribute to the army. After completion of training, student or student can join any part of the Indian Army. To join the army, it is also necessary to have the desire of students. NCC does not compel the students, who do not get admitted to the army after NCC training. 

After completion of NCC training, After fulfilling their criteria like attendance, discipline, etc., the candidate gets a certificate from NCC after doing NCC Certification Course. NCC offers three types of certificates based on the duration of training. Which is as follows-

  1. “A” Certificate
  2. “B” Certificate
  3. “C” Certificate

Now below, we will give you information about the benefits of Certificates A, B and C.

Benefits of NCC Certificate for SSB Interview:-

  1. There is direct recruitment in defence if you have an NCC certificate, you can directly go for the SSB Interview if you have the C certificate of NCC.
  2. If you appear SSB through the NDA, CDS examination, you can avail yourself of some relaxation in the GTO round during the SSB interview.

Benefits of “A” Certificate:-

“A” Certificate is not so useful in government jobs like other NCC certificates. There are as many as “B” Certificate and “C” Certificate. But NCC “A” Certificate candidates have been given the benefit of certificates. This certificate gives you a glimpse of the Indian Army And gives you an opportunity to get the certificate “B” or “C”. The NCC certificates and candidates have the benefit of some marks in all the tests of all wings of the Indian Army. For the certificate, students trained in the junior wing for 1 to 2 years. After which you gave this certificate.
(Benefit of Joining NCC)

Benefits of “B” Certificate:-

When candidates spend 1 to 2 years in Junior Wing and register 75% attendance during the training period. Those candidates were awarded a “B” Certificate. If any candidate in Senior Wing has to get a “B” Certificate, then it is mandatory to get 75% attendance in NCC training. The benefits of the NCC “B” Certificate are given to those students. Those who want to join the Indian Army as soldiers. NCC “B” Certificate has more benefits, and you can apply for NCC “C” Certificate on the basis of this certificate. Which is very useful. After getting the “B” Certificate of NCC, candidates also get extra marks in the Department of Telecommunications and some other public sectors.
(Benefit of Joining NCC)

Benefits of “C” Certificate:-

Candidates receiving a “C” Certificate must obtain a “B” Certificate. Additionally, it is mandatory for the candidate to register at least 75% attendance in the training parade. For the “C” Certificate it is mandatory to give the candidate attendance in the third year. Candidates must have participated in at least 2 national programs in NCC training. A “C” certificate is very important for candidates. When the candidates go for the selection process in the Armed Forces, they gave the benefit of being NCC “C” Certificate.

Benefits of “C” Certificate in Indian Army: –

  • In every regular course of Indian Military Academy, 32 vacancies reserved for certified “C” candidates of NCC. But to join the Indian Military Academy, it is mandatory for all candidates to be declared eligible by the Services Selection Board.
  • Candidates with a “C” Certificate given exemption in the CDS exam by Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPSC). In addition to this “C” Certificate, the candidate should have an “A” Certificate and a “B” Certificate.
  • NCC “C” Certificate holders are entitled to 10 to 15 bonus points in the recruitment of paramilitary forces ie BSF, CISF, SSB, CRPF, etc.
  • Candidates who have a “C” Certificate. They do not have to take any written test for the post of Soldier GD.

Benefits of “C” Certificate in Indian Navy: –

  • NCC certified candidates in the Indian Navy are given an additional 6 points for the job of a sailor. While candidates get 15 marks for the post of Artificer.
  • 9 vacancies in the Navy are reserved for NCC “C” Certificate certified candidates. To apply for these vacancies, candidates must be graduated in physics, mathematics. BE graduate candidates can also apply for these vacancies.
  • The age of the candidate should between 19 to 24 years and they also exempted in the CDS examination of UPSC by UPSC.
Benefits of NCC Certificate

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