Tips to crack Navy AA/SSR Exam

Tips to crack Navy AA/SSR Exam:- Friends, when we are equipped to do some work, then we do the weak link of the work first. So that the work can be completed more easily. Similarly, if we prepare for an examination, then we prepare the weak subject of the examination first. Today we will share you information about some easy ways to track AA SSR exam in Indian Navy. Before that, we get information about the topics asked under the exam. In AA/SSR exam, questions are asked according to the syllabus of class 10th and 12th. In which candidates have to prepare questions related to English, Mathematics, Science and General Awareness. Below we are giving you information about the tips and tips for preparing the best for each subject. So do read this article till the end.

Navy AA / SSR Exam Pattern

Generally, to pass any exam, it is necessary to have knowledge about their pattern. If you have knowledge of exam pattern and not just the number of four questions, then we can easily prepare. Below we are sharing the information about the pattern of the AA / SSR exam.

  • Questions related to Mathematics, English, General Awareness, and Science asked in the exam.
  • The questions asked in the exam are in both Hindi and English.
  • The total number of questions in the question paper is 100 marks.
  • The duration of this examination is 1 hour.
  • 0.25 marks of the wrong answer deducted in the exam.
  • All the questions asked in the exam are objective type.
subjectTotal QuestionsTime duration
General awareness25
Total1001 hours
negative marking0.25 for each wrong questions
Tips to crack Navy AA/SSR Exam

Pattern of Physical fitness test (PFT)

As a physical fitness test in the AA /SSR examination, the candidates are given the task to complete the given task in a certain time. Candidates cleared for the medical test by clearing the below-given task. The following are the tasks of a physical fitness test to be taken for the AA SSR exam in the Indian Navy.

Running1.6 km7 minutes
Squat ups20
Push ups10
Tips to crack Navy AA/SSR Exam

Tips to crack Navy AA/SSR Exam

Friends, as mentioned above, questions of English, Science, Mathematics and General Awareness are asked in the examination of AA SSR. Below we will share with you information on how to properly prepare for each subject and how to crack the Navy AA SSR exam.

Tips to crack Navy AA/SSR Exam (English)

  • In the AA / SSR exam, questions of generalizability 10th and 12th are asked.
  • To prepare subjects like English, candidates need to have detailed information about Active Passive Voice, Direct in Direct.
  • The exam consists of questions based on synonyms, antonyms and vocabulary.
  • To solve questions like letter writing and fill in the blanks, it is necessary to emphasize the grammar of most English.
  • Knowledge of each form of verbs is necessary to solve questions like correction of sentences and use of verbs to be asked in the exam.
  • Everyday candidate is required to study English newspaper for preparing a subject like English.
  • A note should be prepared by marking the new English word published in English newspapers.
  • To solve questions like Active Passive Voice and Direct in Direct, candidates should keep solving question papers daily.
  • For the improvement of vocabulary, many types of English words should be used and pronounced continuously every day.

Tips to crack Navy AA/SSR Exam (Mathematics)

  • To complete difficult and big syllabus like Mathematics, candidates should first make notes of useful formulas of Mathematics.
  • By regulating the formulas to be applied in mathematics, the formulas are memorized.
  • There is only 1 hour to solve the question paper in Navy AA SSR exam.In which you have to solve about 25 questions of Mathematics.
  • In this short time, the candidate should use the method of using mathematics formulas in a shortcut manner.
  • For other parts of Mathematics, candidates should set different times and give the same time to each topic.
  • Give more time to solve questions like vector, trigonometry, quadratic equation etc. in the exam
  • Use the formulas and keep solving previous years’ question papers and sample papers continuously to solve the questions in a short time.

Tips to crack Navy AA/SSR Exam (Science)

  • For the preparation of science subject, candidates should follow the complete syllabus of class 10th and 12th.
  • Questions related to maximum theory asked in the exam.
  • For preparation of theory, the candidates must make notes of all the topics of science subject.
  • For preparing Physics topic in Science, candidates should prepare notes of different topics daily in their simple language.
  • Assess the prepared topics according to the sample paper daily.
  • For the preparation of Chemistry part of the science, the candidates must remember the simple formulas of the compounds asked in chemistry.
  • Make a note to remember the simple formulas of compounds and their daily use. And follow that notes daily.
  • Questions related to general nutrition, health and diseases asked from biology
  • For the preparation of this part, the candidates should prepare a table and remember the types of nutritional elements and various diseases caused by them.
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Tips to crack Navy AA/SSR Exam (general awareness)

  • In general awareness, candidates are required to solve the questions related to reasoning.
  • Candidates can use the books of General Knowledge present in the market for preparing the questions asked on the basis of General Knowledge.
  • In the general awareness section, questions asked related to history geography. Therefore, follow the syllabus taught in class X.
  • For the preparation of current affairs in general awareness, the candidates must read the current affairs of the last six months
  • For the preparation of the current affair, the candidates can also get information from the news broadcast in the daily newspaper, television.
  • Make a note of these information, follow them

frequently asked question (FAQs)

  • How many questions asked from each subject in Navy AA SSR exam?
    Answer: In the examination, 25 – 25 questions asked from Science, Mathematics, English and General Awareness respectively.
  • How to prepare for Navy AA SSR exam?
    Answer: To prepare for this exam, do prepare through the article written by us. Read the entire article for more information.
  • What is the syllabus of Navy AA SSR exam?
    Answer:- For syllabus of Navy AA SSR exam, use the link I present.
  • Can higher officers in the army work through the Navy AA SSR exam?
    Answer:- No, through this application, work can be done only on posts covered under multitasking in Navy.
  • How to prepare for each subject of Navy AA SSR exam?
    Answer: For the preparation of every subject asked in the Navy, we must read this article written by us till the end.
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