Which is best, Defence or Engineering after the 12th?

In this article, I will discuss Which is best, Defence or Engineering after the 12th? You will learn which is the best Defence or Engineering in this section. Check out the full article below for more information on this comparison. I have provided all of the details and have done my best to provide you with a clear picture of this topic so you can choose the best one that suits your personality. To learn more about which is better, read the full article below.

Defence or Engineering after the 12th?

It is hard to say which is best because students doing the best in both sectors. It completely depends on your mentality and which one you like most. Here I will tell you about Defence or Engineering and give you complete information about this and at last, I will tell you my point of view that Defence or Engineering.

A candidate who wishes to become an officer in the Indian Armed Forces takes the defence Examination. The lifestyle of Indian Armed Forces officers is comparable to that of any high-class individual. They have one of the best lives. These things may not be available in engineering. An Indian Army officer’s salary and allowances are simply exorbitant.

A candidate who wishes to become an engineer takes the IIT Examinations. To begin with, the IIT Exam is one of the most difficult in India. To pass this exam, one must work extremely hard. After passing IIT, you will complete your engineering degree by paying lakhs of dollars, and there is also a job guarantee after the degree. There is nothing in the NDA. If you pass the examination and all of the selection phases, you will be commissioned in the service and the government will pay your expenses during the training period.

Eligibility Criteria for NDA and IIT Exam:

A candidate can appear for both these exams after the 12th. A candidate must be from the science side. here are the eligibility criteria for the NDA (National Defence Academy) Exam and IIT (Indian Institute of Technology):

NDA Exam Eligibility:

  • All the candidates who have passed class 12th. They are eligible to apply for this exam.
  • A candidate must have taken physics and Mathematics at 10+2 level.
  • A candidate who is appearing in the final year is also eligible to apply for NDA.
  • The age of the candidate must be between 16.5 years to 19 years old.

These are the eligibility criteria that are required to appear for this National Defence Academy Entrance Examination. Now let’s see the Eligibility Criteria for IIT Exam.

IIT Exam Eligibility:

  • All the candidates who have passed class 12th. They are eligible to apply for this.
  • A candidate must be from a science background to appear for this exam.
  • To get to IIT College, A candidate will have to clear the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced Examination.
  • There is no age limit required to appear for this. But you can only appear two times the first time when you are in class 12th and the second is after the 12th.

These are the eligibility criteria that are required to appear for IIT. In order to get the IIT College. One will have to clear two exams which are JEE Mains and JEE Advance etc. These exams are the toughest exams in India. One will need to prepare so well to get into IIT Colleges.

Now let’s see which is best NDA or IIT and after this, I hope that you will get an idea regarding the difference between these two.

Which is best, Defence or Engineering?

Here, I am sharing with you my views. As per my knowledge, The defence is better than engineering. Because you get a good life through the defence and get financially independent at a very young age even right after 12th. Joining the armed forces as an officer is just awesome, many people die to get this.

NDA Cadets Uniform for Army, Air Force and Navy

The IITs are also better, but for this, you will have to study too much. There is also no job Guarantee that you get an excellent job after Graduation. You will have to spend lakhs of money in college. There is nothing like this in defence, all your expenses will be borne by the Government, and even you will get a stipend while you will be in training. Life at defence is very secure and respectful.

NDA Cadets lifestyle, Salary During the Training.

Rest, It is all about your dreams and passion. You can not survive in the Armed forces if you are just there for money and allowances. You must have that level of dedication and passion for your nation. Your mindset is everything. Always listen to your heart and do what you actually want to do.

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