Preparation Tips for Air Force Agniveer Vayu Written Test

Preparation Tips for Air Force Agniveer:- The majority of young people want to join the Indian Air Force because it provides a challenging job, job security, and an attractive salary. Candidates must pass both the written exam and Physical in order to join the Indian Air Force as Agniveer Vayu. Agnipath Scheme recruitment 2022 provides candidates with excellent opportunities to enter this field by passing the exam and physical. Here, we present important Preparation Tips for Air Force Agniveer Vayu that will help students pass the exam on the first try.

Preparation Tips for Air Force Agniveer Vayu:-

1. Make a Study Plan: You’ve probably heard the adage, “If you don’t plan, you plan to fail.” This is especially true for Air Force exam preparation. Half of your preparation is determined by how you organize your studies. Before beginning their preparation, candidates should establish a schedule based on the topics to be studied and their available time. Applicants must also stick to the plan on a regular basis in order to pass the exam.

2. Go through the Syllabus to ensure you are not missing anything: Candidates should review the comprehensive list of topics and ensure that they have covered all of them before the date of the Indian Air Force exam. This will allow you to better understand what you need to study and prepare for the exam.

Exam pattern of Agnipath Scheme 2022:-

For Science:-

Subject Time
English 60 Min

For Non-Science:-

Subjects Time
English 45 Min
Reasoning & General Awareness (RAGA)

For Science Subjects & Other Than Science Subjects

Subjects Time
English 85 Min
Reasoning & General Awareness (RAGA)

3. Learn Time Management: Time management is essential for success in any type of competitive exam because they are all designed to test speed. Aspiring candidates should be able to manage their time effectively and prepare accordingly.

4. Practice proper time utilization: Proper time management is required not only during the exam but also during the preparation period. Candidates have a limited amount of time to study. As a result, they must manage their time effectively in order to pass the exam. To save time during the exam and attempt the maximum number of questions within the allotted time, try to practice some indigenous methods and solve questions faster.

5. Practice previous year’s question papers for preparation for the Air Force exam: To improve their speed and understanding of the pattern, applicants must solve previous years’ Air Force X Group Model Papers. Make it a habit to complete a question paper in a single day and within the time allotted. This will improve your speed and make you a better thinker and problem solver.

6. Don’t lose confidence during the exam: Last but not least, candidates taking the IAF Group X Y exams should never lose confidence because their success is dependent on their ability to maintain confidentiality throughout the exam. The key to developing confidence is to maintain a positive attitude and keep the goal in mind.

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Advantages of joining the Airforce as Agniveer Vayu:-

The candidates who are inducted as AGNIVEER VAYU in the Indian Airforce under the Agnipath scheme will get several advantages.

  • When an Agniveer Vayu completes his entire service in a better way, then he is given a total of 11 lakh 71 thousand rupees.
  • The salary of the candidates will continuously increase every year during the 4 years.
  • If a candidate joins the Indian Armed Forces after class XII, he/she will get a graduation degree after 4 years.
  • After 4 years of service, the candidate will also be taught skills to become self-reliant by the Indian Armed Forces.
  • After serving in the Airforce as Agniveer Vayu, candidates will be given a separate quota of 10% in various departments of the Indian Armed Forces.
  • By joining the Indian Airforce as Agniveer Vayu, candidates will get a chance to serve the nation for 4 years.
  • During the service, the candidate will also be provided with all the facilities available to the Indian soldiers like canteen facility, allowance, traveling allowance, etc.
  • More than 25% of the candidates who have completed 4 years of service will be inducted into the Indian Airforce as permanent.
  • No candidate can leave Indian parties without completing 4 years of service.
  • If a candidate becomes Agniveer Vayu after the 10th class, then after 4 years he will also get a 12th class certificate.
  • 30 days leave every year as well as medical leave and other necessary leave available to the candidates joining the Indian Airforce as Agniveer Vayu.
  • Insurance of Rs 45 lakh will also be given to the jawans working as Agniveer Vayu.


What is Agnipath Scheme 2022?

It is for the recruitment of Airforce Agniveer Vayu instead of X and Y group recruitment in the Airforce.

What is the salary of Agniveer?

An Agniveer Vayu will get 30000 in the first year and his salary will increase over the year during his 4 years of service.

Age limit of Agniveer in Airforce

The age limit is 17.5 years to 23 years and after 2022 it will be reduced to 21 year for upper age limit

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