Para SF Commando Training Procedure

Indian Para Special Force Training

Para SF Commando Training Procedure: It is tough to join the Indian Armed forces nowadays. The competition is too much and youths are very passionate about this. Many persons join the forces and left in the mid of the training or at the starting of the training etc. Here in this article, I will share with you the complete details about the Training procedure of Para Special Force Commando, etc. To get complete details about this, check the complete article below. I have given all the details about the Training process and duration of Para SF Commandos etc. Check the complete article to get the complete details about this.

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Para SF Commando Training Procedure:

The special forces in India are trained so well and they are capable of dealing with any kind of situation. All the candidate who wants to join the Indian Armed forces as a Commando or want to join the Para Special Forces etc. They must know the complete training procedure etc.

The training for para special forces is completely different from the regular training procedures of the Army. At the initial days of the training, it would be completely normal.  The trainer will teach you to boost up your stamina and how to tackle tough situations etc. Once you clear this basic training you may go for the Basic Military Training.

Basic Military Training:

Basic Military Training will be done under the guidance of the best trainer. You will get to learn here about the weapons and you will be taught about the Weapons used in the war and how to use those weapons etc. you will be trained so hard in this so that you can prepare for the next training. Basic Military Training is just basic training about the defense rules and regulations etc.  All the candidates who would clear this training they will appear for the  Advance Military Training,  the duration of these training are not too much and duration depends on the Performance of the candidates.

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Advance Military Training:

Advance Military training is the complete military training and this training is given to all the Indian Army Soldiers. It can be a bit tough but remember you are with the best trainers. They will take you to different locations like Jungle, mountain, etc where a normal person cannot survive, you will be trained hard to survive in that situation.there you would have less water, less food, no medical kits you will be taught to survive in that situation. In this all you will learn teamwork. How to work with the team, how to move along with the team, never leave your partner behind, etc.

The Advance military training is given to all the officers and Soldiers who join the Indian Armed forces. They are trained in they also get trained in their particular filed like front line soldiers are trained in different manner and Snipers, Tanker, Bombers, etc.  Now let’s see the Training Process of Special forces and who gets more training after the advance level of training.

How to Become Para SF Commando in Indian Army

Special Training in Indian Armed forces:

After the Advance Military Training, A candidate can join the Armed forces as a soldier or as an Officer. But A candidate who wants to become Para Special Forces or want to be the part of commandos team. They get special training. Special is training is extremely tough and it is very hard to clear this. Most of the soldiers or cadets left the training in the mid.  Now let’s see the complete training procedure of Para SF Commandos. 

Training Procedure of Para SF Commandos:

Training Process of Special forces:  Special forces are known for their bravery and their classic training. The Training of Para SF Commandos is the toughest Military Training. In the training of Para Special forces. They train you to be a ghost for the enemy. Special forces are trained in manner to face any kind of situation.

You can find many videos related to the Para Special Forces training youtube. You must check those videos to understand better. They are usually kept hungry and thirsty in order to train them so that they can fight even without water and food.  While on the training they do not get enough time to sleep. They just get 4 hours every day for the sleep.  The training is extremely tough. the special forces learn all the skills like Pro in Swimming, Pro in shooting, Pro in Jumping, Pro in Climbing and pro in fighting.  They get the best training and they become hope when nations lose the hope the Special Forces come to rescue. Where there is no way to win. The special Para Commandos will win that for the nation.

It is very tough to be a warrior. Those who are there, They are the real hero of the nation.

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