What is PC and SSC in Permanent commission,Short Service Commission

What is PC and SSC in Armed Forces Permanent commission, Short Service Commission? In the defence services in India, there are two types of commission is available in the Indian Armed forces. Here in this article, We will discuss the details regarding the Permanent commission and short service commission, we will discuss these things as What is Permanent commission, what is short Service Commission, Way to join as Permanent Commission, Permanent Commission for women etc.

What is PC and SSC in Armed Forces Permanent commission, Short Service Commission:-

There are two types of the commission are available in the Indian Armed force like Indian Air force, India navy and Indian army, candidates can join the service as Permanent Commission PC or Short Service Commission SSC. these both are the two different types of commission and here in this article, we will discuss the complete details of these both commissions.

Permanent commission:-

The permanent commission PC in Indian Armed forces, where you can work for the nation till the retirement, and you have to serve 60 years of age, as a soldiers or as an officer, In the permanent commission, you will be promoted well and can become army general one day but all the allowances and perks are same as SSC no change in that. at the time of joining the candidates have to choose the types of commission and whatever you will choose you will be granted.

What is Short Service Commission:-

The SSC Short Service Commission in the Indian Armed forces is for the just certain period of times, this is just 8 to 14 years of service, In this service, you cannot take retirement and before the 8 years of service, you cannot work more than 14 years. but all the perks and allowances are the same as PC Permanent Commission. only the difference would be in the Promotion, you will not be promoted quickly, but if you do any extraordinary work, definitely you will be promoted.

Way to join as PC:-

In order to join the Permanent commission for men, they have to select the Types of commission while filling the joining form, you can also do that further also, after the joining you can change your commission and can get Permanent commission. For the men, all the ways are open to join the service as a permanent commission or short service commission. It can but difficult for the Women to join it as permanent commission. For men, they can join the service through:-

  • NDA (National Defence Academy)
  • CDS (Combined Defence Service)
  • AFCAT (Air force Common Admission test)
  • INET (Indian Navy Entrance test)
  • TES Entry
  • NCC special entry etc.

These are the ways to join the service and get permanent commission.

Permanent Commission for women:-

The earlier permanent commission was not open for the women in Army, women can join the service as Short Service commission only, but according to the recent news, now the women can also join the Army as Permanent Commission from the April 2020.
The Army adjutant general said that the women will be inducted as permanent commission in those 10 streams which are selected for the women. After the 2-3 years of service, She will have to choose the stream for the permanent commission whichever she chooses she would be given training for this. Earlier women were given Permanent Commission for Judges Advocate general and Army education corps only and the other 8 branches are:-

  • Signals
  • Engineering
  • Army air defence
  • Army aviation
  • Electronics and mechanical engineering
  • Army service corps
  • Army ordnance corps
  • Intelligence department

But now these all department are an open permanent commission for women from April 2020.

Permanent commission for Women in Indian Army to be opened From April-2020

How to join Indian Army as PC for women.

There are many ways for men to join the Indian Army as an officer or as a soldier like NDA, CDS, TES, NCC special entry etc. but only a few selected ways are there for women to join the service.

  • CDS-OTA (Combined defence service – Officers Training Academy)
  • NCC special entry
  • Judge Advocate General
  • SSC technical entry
  • AFCAT (Air force Common Admission test)
  • INET (Indian Navy entrance Test)
  • MNS (Military Nursing Service)etc.

Permanent Commission Special List (PC SL) Entry Indian Army

For this, all the exam you have to attend SSB is mandatory, in order to become an officer.

Apart from the above mainstream entries, there are few other entries like Army Medical Corps, Army Education Corps and Military Nursing Service which inducts women on a direct entry basis depending on the availability and requirement. There is no discrimination in Indian Army regarding gender. All are the same, its all depend on the calibre and capability of the candidates. There is no relaxation in training for men or women.

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