Indian Navy Day 2019 and the Images of Nausena Diwas

Indian Navy was formed by the British Indian Navy when we were under the British government rules. Indian navy was formed by them and after Independence, it was made highly equipped with recent technology. Here In this article, we will discuss the complete Indian Navy Day 2019, History of the Indian Navy, Indian Navy Celebration Day, Navsena Diwas celebration and Images of Navy day celebration 2019, etc.

Indian Navy Day 2019 and the Images of Nausena Diwas:-

Indian Navy celebrates the Indian Navy day every year on the 4th of December, this celebration is about their achievement and work for the Nation. when we got independence from the Britishers, the Indian Navy was not capable of the security of the nation. Indian Navy has worked a lot on their services and made them able to fight or service in any situation. This day is all about the Indian Navy Achievement Day.

History of the Indian Navy:-

History of the Indian Navy- Indian Navy was formed by the Britisher for their own cause, but later after the independence, The Indian Navy and the Navy personnel have worked a lot to make Navy able to protect the Nation in any situation. During the India- Pakistan war 1971, the Indian Navy sank the four Pakistani vessels and have killed more than a hundred Pakistani navy personnel. Right after this Indian Navy celebrates this every year. Indian Navy Also comes in the world’s top 5 Navy.

Indian Navy is very advanced and equipped with highly advanced weapons, they have the best guns and fighter jets which is specially designed for the Navy.  Indian Navy is responsible for any kind of situation that happens in the Indian Oceans. they are doing their duty very well and doing all the possible ways to try to make the Indian Navy better. Indian Navy has a separate department for each branch. Navy has its own architecture department for designing the new ships and all the parts related to this are designed here. For the training of the cadets of the Indian Navy, there is Indian Naval academy and they make their cadets boy to men over in this academy. There are so many activities which happen every day but we are aware of this, Indian Navy drills and practice goes on every day. There is no any particular situation for the drill. they always try to be the best of bests.

Indian Navy Day 2019:-

Indian Navy celebrates the Navy day every day on the 4th of December. this day is all about the achievements of the Indian navy and their soldier’s hard work for the Nation, this day is celebrated at a very high level, where all the officer and sailor celebrates this day with full of joy and happiness. This shows the passion and dedication toward their work for the Nation. This is celebrated every year and this year the defense Minister has also joined the celebration of Indian Navy, this is a very proud moment for all of us, we all should wish the Indian Navy personnel about this day, this day is all about their achievements and hard work.

Indian Navy Celebration Day:-

In the celebration, the navy personnel performs the activity and stunts and in front of their seniors and sometimes juniors also. this is a celebration is like the Annual day of school. This is one of the best things which happens in the Indian Air force and Indian Army also. Soldiers also perform some funny activities and some serious stunts also in order to show their talent to the nation. Indian navy gives equal chances to all the personnel to fulfill your passion.

Navsena Diwas celebration:-

Navsena Diwas celebration-This is just a Hindi name of Indian Navy Day celebration, this shows about the culture of our country and most of the politician always uses this Hindi words instead of English. Now at the bottom, I will share some images of 2019 celebration images.

Images of Navy day celebration 2019:

Image result for indian navy celebration day 2019this

this picture is while drilling early in the morning. this is navy personnel who would perform in the parade.

Image result for indian navy celebration day 2019

This is the image when the Navy officer was checking the drills of the soldiers or sailors.

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