Tips to Qualify CDS Exam 2020 and Preparation Guide

The CDS exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission twice in a year for the Selection of candidates into the Indian Armed forces. The Preparation for this Exam can be done in different manners. Some students prepare for this by the self Study and some join the coaching for this. Here in this article, I will share with you the Tips to qualify CDS Exam 2020  and I will also share with you the How to prepare for CDS Exam, CDs Exam Preparation, etc. I will share this all and I hope that these tricks will for you.

Tips to Qualify CDS Exam 2020:

The CDS Exam is not tough to clear if the candidate has prepared well. Every student has different mindsets of preparation. Some prepare the syllabus within 3 months and some take more than that and some legends take even years to prepare. that completely depends on the Student’s capability and his way of learning.

If you are good at studies, it may not take more than 3 -4 months to prepare well for that. In these four months, you have to prepare for the entire syllabus and also have to solve some sample questions also. let’s see the paper pattern of the CDS Exam and then we will discuss accordingly:

Paper pattern of CDS Exam 2020 | Marking Scheme in CDS Exam:

SECTION No.of questions Marks
1.   English         100 100
2.   General Knowledge         100 100
3.   Elementary Mathematics         100 100
Total marks 300

The English are one of the Easiest portions in the Exam, a candidate can score better in this Section. let’s see the English syllabus which you have to prepare for this:

  • Sentence Improvement
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • One Word Substitution
  • Para-Jumble
  • Sentence-Jumble
  • Spot the Error
  • Cloze Test

To Prepare the English:

  1.  Create a habit of reading and improve your vocabulary. You can do it by reading English newspapers, English articles, etc.
  2. Set proper time management for the grammar portion.
  3. Solve mock test paper and previous year question paper.
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General Knowledge and Awareness:

Prepare these topics at best to get maximum marks in the exam:

  • Latest Current Affairs
  • Indian Constitution
  • Indian History
  • Indian Economy
  • Indian Geography
  • Indian Politics
  • Indian Navy & Military
  • Religions
  • Books & Authors
  • Sports, Awards, etc

To prepare the General Knowledge:

  1. There is no perfect trick to prepare for this. Just collect information regarding news, international news, defense-related news, etc.
  2. And for the History, civil and geography prepare with the CDS books. Or books of  Major Kalshi Classes.

Last 6 month Current Affairs for Defense Examination

Elementary Mathematics:

To prepare this in a better manner, you need to cover these following topics:

  • Aritmatoics
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Mensuration
  • Statistics
  • Probability etc.

You have prepared this syllabus to get scored well in the examination. You cannot skip any of this portion.

How to prepare for CDS 2020:

As we discussed the complete syllabus and we have got a brief idea about the Syllabus and preparation tips. the very first thing which the candidate has to do is:

  • Marks a good study plan.
  • Set Proper plans and give equal time to each subject.
  • Try to solve maximum sample question papers of each subject
  • Prepare your English portion first, This is the easiest one and you can score better in that.
  • Read proper new papers and current affairs books
  • Solve previous year question papers.
  • Appear for the mock tests online.
  • Make proper notes while studying so that, you can revise at last.

These are some tips to prepare for this, it can very helpful to you if you could do some hard works by using these tricks.  Try to attend maximum questions in the exam, that would make you chance little bit high to get selected. Prepare well for your exam, it’s about your career, you do not have your whole life for this, you have only 2-3 years and maximum 4-5 attempts. The exam is easy but the competition is tough.


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