Entries for Girls in Indian Armed Forces | Female Entries in Indian Army, Navy & Air Force

You must have heard about Gunjan Saxena, Swati Rathore, Tanya Shergill, these are some special names who have registered their names in the glorious history of Indian Armed Forces. Today the daughters of the country are making their dream of serving the country come true through Army, Navy and Airforce. But still there are many girls aspirants who are not aware of all female entries in Indian Armed Forces. Many girls aspirants are aware of one or two entries but there are a huge number of girls who still don’t know ” Ways to Join Indian Armed Forces ” . In this blog , we shall know in detail about Indian Armed Forces and Entries for Girls in Indian Armed Forces .

Indian Armed Forces – The Army , Navy & Air Force

The Indian Armed Forces stand as a formidable shield, protecting the nation’s sovereignty and security with unwavering valor and commitment. Comprising the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force, this triumvirate of strength plays a pivotal role in maintaining peace and ensuring national integrity. In this article, we delve into the multifaceted roles of the Indian Armed Forces, their historical significance, modernization efforts, and the unyielding dedication of the brave men and women who serve within their ranks.

Women in Indian Armed Forces :-

In recent years, the Indian Armed Forces have witnessed a growing participation of women in their ranks. Breaking traditional barriers, these women exhibit the same dedication and courage as their male counterparts, contributing to every facet of the forces. Let’s us know about Female Entries in Indian Armed Forces :-

Recruitment in the army is done on two ranks, 1. Commissioned Rank Officer 2. Agniveer Rank
For commissioned ranks, female aspirants get a chance to join the armed forces through entries like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, CAPF, ICG (AC), MNS, TA, JAG, SSC-TECH, NCC Special Entry. Now Let’s look for each Entry Specifically :-

NDA – National Defence Academy

NDA For Girls : UPSC conducts NDA exam twice a year. Training of girls will start in NDA from the year 2022. The age to apply for NDA is 15.5 years to 18.5 years only and the joining age is 16 1/2 years to 19 1/2 years. Education qualification to fill the NDA form is 12th pass. Training in NDA is for three years. After qualifying the written examination of NDA, female aspirants have to clear SSB and medical. Currently there are 35 seats allotted to female candidates in the Prestigious National Defence Academy . Do you want to Join Best NDA Coaching in India – Join Now .

NDA Female Cadets Seats & Important Details

CDS – Combined Defence Services

UPSC conducts CDS exam twice a year. Girls can only apply for Officers Training Academy (OTA) and it is a Short Service Commission Entry .Girls through CDS join Indian Army and their training is done at OTA Chennai and after training they join Indian Army as a lieutenant. Education qualification for CDS should be graduation pass and percentage is not required. The applying age for CDS is from 18 years to 24 years. For CDS, the height of the girls candidate should be 152 cm.

AFCAT – Air Force Common Admission Test

AFCAT exam is also held twice a year. Through AFCAT girls can join Indian Airforce in Flying Branch, Ground Duty Technical, Ground Duty Non-Technical. For Flying Branch, the required age is 19 to 23 years and for Ground Duty Technical, Non-Technical, the required age is 19 to 25 years.
Education Qualification for Flying Branch – Graduation with any stream with 60% marks. Must have scored 60% each in Physics & Maths in 12th.
Education Qualification for Ground Duty Technical / Non Technical – Graduation with 60 % marks in aggregate.

Required Height -: Flying Branch- 162.5 cm & Ground Duty Technical/Non Technical – 152 cm.

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CAPF – Central Armed Police Force

UPSC conducts CAPF exam only once in a year. Through CAPF Candidates Join Para Military Forces. To apply in this, the age of girls should be 20 to 25 years and the required height is 157 cm. Required Educational Qualification is Graduation Pass .

ICG(AC) – Indian Coast Guard (Assistant Commandant )

This is a direct entry, there is no written examination, but girls candidates get directly a chance to give SSB interview. Education Qualification – Graduation with any stream with 60% marks. Must have scored 60% Aggregate in Physics & Maths in 12th. LLB qualified candidates can also apply in Law Branch of ICG (AC).

MNS – Military Nursing Services

Military Nursing Service is the best option for NEET qualified candidates to join the army. For MNS entry, the required age should be 16 to 24 years and the required height should be 148 cm. Once in a year this vacancy is released over 240 seats and only unmarried girls can apply for it.

Territorial Army (TA)

Many girls aspirants do not know about this entry. The age to apply for TA should be from 18 to 42 years and its candidates must have passed graduation. You must be an employed candidate to apply for TA.

NCC Special Entry

Indian Army takes releases form of NCC entry twice a year, it is a direct entry in which direct SSB interview has to be given.

Education Qualification  – Graduate from any stream with 60 % marks in aggregate .

Candidate must have NCC ‘C’ Certificate with A or B Grade .

Required Age – 19 to 25 years .

Like the Indian Army, NCC candidates get entry in the Indian Air Force and still there is a direct entry. Under this, you can join the flying branch of the Indian Air Force.

Education Qualification  – Graduate from any stream with 60 % marks in aggregate & Must have scored 60% in each Maths & Physics in 12th . Required Age – 19 to 23  years . It is necessary for the candidates that they should have NCC Air Wing Senior Division ‘C’ certificate.

JAG – Judge Advocate General

It is a golden opportunity for the female LLB candidates to join the Indian Army as Judge Advocate General. Education Qualification – 5 Years LLB After 12th ; 3 Years LLB After Graduation & must have scored 55% marks aggregate in graduation .

This is also a direct entry for which candidates have to appear directly for SSB interview. Required Age  – 21 – 27 Years  .

SSC – Tech Entry

SSC TECH is a golden opportunity for Girls Engineers to join Indian Army. Its form is also published twice a year by the Indian Army. For this, the required age should be 20 to 27 years and since it is a technical entry, therefore candidates must have passed engineering from any stream, final year candidates are also eligible to apply.

So these were all the entries of Officer Rank in Indian Armed Forces for Girls Candidates. Now let us see about Agniveer Recruitment in Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Airforce.

Females as Agniveer in Indian Armed Forces :-

Female candidates get entry in Airforce, Army and Navy under Agniveer Recruitment. Female candidates can only join the posts of Agniveer GD / Clerk / Technical / TRADESMAN in the Indian Army. The required height of female candidates in Agniveer Recruitment should be 152 cm. Join Major kalshi Classes – Best Agniveer Coaching in India .

Female Entries in Paramilitary Force :-

Apart from this, some other entries are also for girls aspirants. Like – SSC GD, Corps of Military Police, BSF / CISF Head Constable.

Role of Women in Indian Armed Forces :

Women have emerged as a dynamic and integral part of the Indian Armed Forces, defying traditional gender roles and making significant contributions to the nation’s security. With each passing day, their presence becomes more pronounced and their impact more profound. The inclusion of women in the Indian Armed Forces was met with skepticism initially, but over the years, their exceptional performance shattered preconceived notions. The armed forces recognized the potential of women in various roles and opened up avenues for them to serve across branches.

Challenges and Triumphs

Balancing Dual Roles

Many women in the armed forces juggle their professional commitments with family responsibilities. Striking a balance between duty and family requires resilience and support systems.

Navigating a Male-Dominated Space

Working in a predominantly male environment comes with its challenges. However, the determination of these women has gradually transformed the mindset within the forces.

Paving the Way: Inspiring Future Generations

The achievements of women in the Indian Armed Forces have opened doors for the generations that follow. Young girls now have role models who exemplify courage, leadership, and breaking barriers.

Recognizing Excellence: Awards and Accolades

The Indian Armed Forces have recognized and honored the contributions of women officers through awards and accolades. These commendations not only celebrate individual achievements but also underscore the collective impact of women in uniform.

The Path Ahead: More to Accomplish

While women have made remarkable strides, there’s still much ground to cover. Efforts to increase the recruitment of women and expand their roles in various branches continue.

The involvement of women in the Indian Armed Forces is not just about gender equality; it’s about strengthening the nation’s defenses with diverse skills and perspectives. As they continue to shatter stereotypes and rise above challenges, women in uniform embody the spirit of empowerment and dedication. This was all about Female Entries in Indian Armed Forces . I Hope, by this blog your all doubts has been cleared .

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Frequently Asked Questions :-

1. Can Women join Combat roles in Indian Armed Forces ? Yes, in recent years, the Indian Armed Forces have opened up combat roles for women, allowing them to serve on the frontlines.

2. How does the Indian Navy contribute to national security? The Indian Navy secures the nation’s maritime interests, protects sea lanes, and ensures the safety of coastal regions.

3. Why is Siachen Glacier so Important for Indian Army and what is its importance ? The Siachen Glacier is known as the world’s highest battlefield, where Indian and Pakistani forces are stationed due to territorial disputes.

4. How does the Indian Air Force contribute to disaster management? The Indian Air Force plays a crucial role in disaster relief operations, providing airlifts, medical aid, and rescue missions during emergencies.

5. What is the Rashtriya Rifles in the Indian Army? The Rashtriya Rifles is a counter-insurgency force within the Indian Army, specialized in dealing with internal security threats.

6. Earlier how women join Indian Armed Forces ? Earlier , Women only use to join Non-Combat roles in the Armed forces such as Medical and administrative positions .

7. What is the significance of women fighter pilots in the Indian Air Force? Women fighter pilots have broken gender barriers, demonstrating that combat roles are not exclusive to men and inspiring others to follow suit.

8. How are women contributing to the Corps of Military Police in the Indian Army? Women in the Corps of Military Police handle sensitive matters, maintain discipline, and contribute to the overall functioning of the Indian Army.

9. What is the impact of women’s inclusion on the armed forces? The inclusion of women brings diverse skills and perspectives, enhancing the overall operational effectiveness of the armed forces.

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