I, on behalf of the Major Kalshi Classes would like to congratulate Saharsh Entry on his recommendation and sharing his SUCCESS STORY

I feel proud to share the success story of Saharsh Chaudhary. He was a part of the 14 days SSB training session in MKC. I am sure Saharsh’s father would be proud too.

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Saharsh is recommended from JAG entry.
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He aims to be a part of the Indian Para Military forces. Thereby, he is now to join the Indian Army after being trained in the National Defence Academy.

As per Saharsh “I came to know about Major Kalshi Classes via brochure. The training sessions I attended in Major Kalshi Classes proved to be really helpful.

Whatever I learned in MKC was helpful right from the screening test to the conference. I’m thankful to director sir for organizing such training sessions on a full-time basis to help students like me to get recommendation and fulfil our dream of being a part of the defence forces.”

If you too want to fulfil your dream of being an officer in the Indian Armed Forces, what are you waiting for? Come and join the 14 days special sessions of training for your SSB interview.

Major Kalshi Classes provides you with a suitable environment for your group discussion, PPDT as well training of your group test series.
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You are to be trained by experienced and retired army personnel. Enrol yourself today and get the chance to be trained by these experts and ensure your recommendation

JAG aspirants who are looking forward to the upcoming JAG1 2022 and JAG2 2022 examinations can check the age limits for JAG2022 here. The age limit factor is very important to decide if you will be eligible for the upcoming JAG exam or not.

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