Success Story: Ankit Maurya on clearing Air Force X&Y Group

In present times where a significant well off youngsters cash their precious time in self-indulgence, there is an existing underprivileged group of students who with their iron willpower are breaking all stereotypes to reach golden heights in their career.

Major Kalshi Classes is proud to present Ankit Maurya who cleared the Air Force X and Y 01/2018 written examination with an exceptionally impressive score. He even cleared the Physical and Medical (Phase II) exam.

Ankit Maurya scored 44 marks in X group and a whooping 43 in Y group. He gave his Phase II exam in Patna.

Selection Process at Phase II –
Physical Test-

The first and foremost thing that I want to say is to bring all the documents related to the Phase II examination, like the copies of different mark sheets and other important topics because I’ve seen so many promising student failing their Phase II just because they didn’t bring their proper documents. It also shows their lack of interest in Phase II to their respective officers.” 

“I reached the place at 5am because the reporting time was 5.30am.” 

“The first test conducted at our centre was running at 7am. We were given 6.5 minutes to complete the run. Our group had 90-100 candidates. All that matters is passing the run within time, it doesn’t matter if you are at the back or front. Just don’t give up.” 

“47 candidates completed the race within time from our batch. My trick was to start very fast and to make my own space because the road is very narrow and also because I don’t feel under pressure. Remember, the competition is with you only.”


After our Physical Test, the first Adaptability test was SRT. In a Hall, we were given an SRT booklet with an OMR sheet which had 45 questions with their four respective answers. We were told that no option is wrong; it all depends on our psychology and perception on things and situation. 10-15 Reasoning questions were also there on the SRT tests.

 “The SRT results were announced on the PFT ground within an hour. 10-15 students were evicted. The rest of the candidates had gotten to the further documentation process.”

 “After that, we’ve been told to change our clothes because some of us were still wearing our track pants from the first running exercise held at early morning. Also, at a Group Discussion, candidates can also wear formals, if they want to. My opinion is to wear formals because it will have an effective impression on Officers.
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But, it was mandatory to wear your chest number every time on the campus. My Chest Number was 144.”

 “A group of 15 students were formed and every group of students was given a different booklet which contained the topic of GD. My Topic was “Yoga”. Candidates can easily pass their GD if they read the topic and some details which was given to them while conversing to other batch mates. It matters the speaking ability only with a proper way to acknowledge others.”

 “We first gave our brief Introductions in a minute and started giving opinions on our topic after that.” The trick is to not be too lengthy while giving your intros because no one will ask you to stop; you need to be quick and precise will giving your own intro.”

 “I gave my entire GD in English and I strongly prefer to only use English as your language to speak to others during an ongoing GD. Officers can allow you to speak but don’t fall for that.”

 “I initiated the GD and allowed my fellow batch mates to give their own opinions and later as they spoke, I agreed to their points and later appreciated them.”

 “Assessors were very supportive of us and encouraged those who were unable to speak. Participation is very important in a GD. It does not matter if your English is not strong. Grammatical mistakes are common while speaking but it generally does not mean that should not speak anything. It took 20-25 minutes to finish our GD.”

 “Just like SRT, GD results that came around 3pm which was pretty early also had an eviction of 10-15 students from a total of 100 students.”

 “After that, the selected students were given the appointment letter for the Medical exam.”

Medical Exam –

My centre was in Gorakhpur. A total of 30 students were present during the 2 day long Medical test.”

 “Diabetes, Sugar Test, Blood Test, Urine Test, CT scan were taken on the first day. Those candidates who were not apt to qualify were asked to appear again tomorrow. Green Card was issued on the 2nd day of our Medical test”.

 Ankit also gave a Navy SSR exam last year but after successfully passing the Physical test. He was declared medically unfit just because of a simple reason which was the presence of wax in his ears.

It was very unfortunate for me as I was completely ready in getting my Green Card“. He said in a disheartened voice.

Ankit written performance uplifted him apart from all the mistakes and mishaps he undertook last year and was very confident way before the announcements of the results of the written exam.

Preparation at Major Kalsi Classes –

“The Notes that I made during the classes helped me a great deal during the examination time. I did not touch a single topic that was out of the syllabus and tried to be focused and determined to my studies. The healthy and competitive environment at MKC campus helped me a lot.” 

“After every class, I cleared my doubts at the doubts counter. Not asking means that we do not understand the topic because doubt only comes to those who are reading very vehemently. The books provided by the MKC publication had enough material for me to study very deeply.” 

Before the exam, I also took the Online Test Series which I was very obliged to give as it helped me to compensate during the online Air Force exam.

Advice to other aspirants –

What I want to say is that never get disheartened if you were not able to achieve your dream of joining the forces. The enthusiasm that you put into preparing for SSBs and the OLQs that you have developed, use them to serve the country, because there is always a way. Otherwise, prepare hard and think like this is the only thing which can help you in your life”

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