Success Story of Aniket Yadav on clearing both the Phases of the Air Force Examination

In today’s world of thriving candidacy, every aspirant who is preparing for competitive exams, do it with an objective to clear that particular exam and to get inducted in the government sector in order to achieve a stable and anchored life ahead.

To get into the Indian Armed Forces, numerous exams are conducted from which aspirants can easily choose their respective careers for them. But not all of them are able to accomplish as these exams are not easy and usually contains a series of multiple tests that assesses a candidate’s skill, dexterity and most of all Officer Like Qualities (OLQs).

We at Major Kalshi Classes are proud to present the Success Story of Aniket Yadav. He is one of the many selected candidates that have cleared both the Phases of the Air Force exam mainly because of his strong will power and guidance given by us to achieve his target.

 In a brief conversation with him, he told us the preparation strategy, his tips and tricks and his experience at the Physical and Medical Exam at Bhopal. This story is absolutely important for all the aspiring candidates applying for the upcoming AFN exam in future as it can help you to prepare in a similar way and get success.

Aniket Yadav comes from a small town of Katni, Madhya Pradesh. He prepared for the Air Force Exam from MKC. Not just he cleared Air Force written examination and Physical, he also cleared Navy (AA) written examination and now he’s currently waiting for the merit list.

Preparation of the Air Force written exam –

Time Management is the most crucial element to clear any exam. I mainly focused on strategizing my time to complete my overall studies. In the Air Force Exam, For Mathematics and Physics there are 50 questions and the time given is 40 minutes and for English there are 20 questions that have to be solved in 20 minutes which means 1 question per minute. My target was to attempt almost all the questions. There are many topics that can come in the Mathematics paper and no matter how much you study; there always will be some questions that will come in the examination which one can’t solve. To resolve this issue, I analyzed the trend analysis from previous year’s question papers and ignored only those topics that are time-consuming and come with only one or two questions in the official paper of Air Force. To prepare for English, I started reading books and newspapers which easily strengthened my vocabulary and grammar. I knew that the Science Portion will contain conceptually based questions so I read tons of study material prescribed by the Publication of Major Kalshi Classes to deeply delve into the depth of all Physical concepts regarding Air Force.

 Aniket scored 46 marks in the Air Force Group X Examination. He scored 17 marks in Mathematics, 15 in Physics, 14 in English; Each Subject cut off was 10 marks due to which he was called for Phase II Examination.

Physical Exam –

“My Phase II was in Bhopal. on 4th June 2018. Reporting time was 5:30 am. After checking our documents, we were seated according to our Chest-Size (Increasing to Decreasing). The First test in Phase II was running which started around at 6am. Batches were formed around 100 students. I was a bit tensed because it was my first time like this but I eventually outgrew this feeling and tried to give my best there. After completing every exercise like Push Ups, Sit Ups, Squats etc. There were a total of 290 candidates present that day, out of which around 160 aspirants cleared the Physical.” 

“Candidates should practice their running time way before the written result date and should at least achieve a time of covering 1600 meters less than 6 minutes.” He added.

GD / SRT –

“The SRT test was started from 10:30 am. Every MCQ question in the test was compulsory. 35 questions were from SRT and 10 questions from Reasoning. I completed the test with 2 or 3 minutes remaining. I knew that I have to attempt every single question without any nervousness because SRT is all about checking your Psychology. The result came out in half an hour. Around 15 students were disqualified after the SRT test.”

“We were given a one hour time before the GD test because of the continuities of the constant documentation process which was ongoing throughout the entire test. The Batches were formed of 15-20 students for the Group Discussions. My Batch had 17 students and our topic which was given to us was Advantages and Disadvantages of using Mobile Phones and Gadgets.”

 “Introducing yourself is the main element of starting a proper GD. A proper introduction should have a lasting effect on the Officers present before you. Introduction is the only thing that is certain and aspirants can prepare their Intros way before the Phase II test which I had done in about 30 seconds. 11 students cleared the GD test in my batch.” 

“We were freed around 8:30pm after the completion of the documentation process.”

During the Medical Process, around 28 students were given Green Card and the rest of them applied for the re-medical test process.

Aniket also scored 45.5 marks in the Navy Written Exam out of 100. He primarily wanted to be an Air Force officer but applied for the Navy exam only as a backup.

Counseling and Direction aided by MKC –

“The duration of my Course was 6 months in MKC. In these 6 months, each and every topic was taught with new questions every day. This helped me to easily finish my syllabus before time and to revise abundantly.
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My fellow batch-mates also cleared the exam with me. The Doubt Counters present in the ground floor of the campus majorly helped me to clear my problems if I was unable to understand them in class. Every Sunday, MKC conducted Physical Exercises on Madan Mohan Malviya Stadium, Allahabad on which we rigorously practiced. Overall, my dream was to wear the blue uniform in Indian Air Force and Major Kalshi Classes easily helped me to do so.”

Advice to other aspirants –

“I would like to advise the future aspirants that never get demoralized even if you get a failure. With the help of persistence and hard work, you are always going to crack the exam. Moreover, Luck is another name of hard work done in past.”

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