Personal Interview Etiquettes SSB Aspirants Should Know

SSB Interview 2024: To Become Officer in Indian Armed Forces One have to face SSB Interview. In the Five -day testing process of SSB Interview , Personal Interview is conducted on Day 3 or Day 4. In this blog , we shall know about Some Personal Interview Etiquettes Every SSB Aspirant should know.


The SSB Personal Interview is one of three techniques designed to assess a candidate’s abilities. In the context of the SSB, this interview evaluates an aspirant’s “Vachana.” During this process, the interviewing officer determines selection based on discussions about the candidate’s past and present experiences and achievements. In addition to communication skills, experience, and OLQs, candidates should adhere to basic interview etiquettes to leave a positive impression on the IO. Here are some guidelines every SSB aspirant should follow.

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7 Interview Etiquettes SSB Aspirant Should know

1. Good Entry – Starting off on the right foot is really important, especially when preparing for the SSB interview. A positive entry, along with being humble, helps create a good impression. Speaking politely and entering the interview room calmly sets a good tone.

2. Eye Contact – During the interview, it’s essential to maintain eye contact with the interviewer. This shows that you’re attentive and confident. Avoiding eye contact while speaking or thinking can make a negative impression.

3. Posture – Your posture matters a lot throughout the interview process. How you sit when you enter the room, how you stand when leaving, and how you sit during the interview all reflect on you. Avoid habits like shaking your legs or biting your nails, as they suggest a lack of focus or interest. Sitting up straight shows that you’re paying attention and respect the interviewer.

4. Hand Movements – It’s important to keep hand movements to a minimum during the interview. Try to keep your hands resting on your lap or bound with your legs. This shows attention and discipline, which can impress the interviewing officer. When you do use hand movements while speaking, make sure they’re controlled.

5. Talking Style – It’s important to speak in a friendly manner during questioning and answering. Speaking too loudly or lazily, fumbling, speaking confusingly, or constantly correcting yourself can decrease your chances of being selected.

6. Mild Smile – Answering with a mild smile on your face can have a positive impact. Even though personal interviews cover various topics, maintaining a smile is crucial. However, laughing excessively may give the impression that you’re not serious about your future or work.  Officers need to remain composed in all situations. An unstable mindset can create problems for the entire team.

7. Total Attention – Giving your complete attention to the interviewing officer demonstrates your attentiveness, which is a crucial quality for an officer. It’s essential to listen carefully to the questions, understand what the IO wants to ask, observe their expressions, and respond accordingly. Answering questions irrelevantly or straying off-topic can decrease the IO’s interest in you. Keep the conversation focused, clear, and concise.

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