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In this blog, we shall know about UPSC CAPF AC Training & Promotion Criteria. UPSC has released notification for UPSC CAPF AC Exam 2024 and candidates have started applying the form.


Assistant Commandant is a title often given to the second-in-command of a military, uniformed service, training establishment or academy.

For its exclusivity and unique hierarchical association with Indian Paramilitary Forces of India, Assistant Commandant, for comparative understanding, is equivalent to the ranks of assistant commissioner of police (ACP)/deputy superintendent of police (DSP), and Captain in the Indian Army. This rank is the highest entry level rank in the Central Armed Police Forces of India.

UPSC CAPF AC Exam 2024 Overview

Exam Conducting BodyUnion Public Service Commission
Exam NameCentral Armed Police Forces (Assistant Commandant )
Exam LanguageEnglish and Hindi
Application Start Date24 April 2024
Application End Date14 May 2024
Exam Date04 August 2024
Selection ProcessWritten Exam
Physical Test/Medical Test
Personal Interview
Final Merit List

UPSC CAPF AC 2024 Vacancy

The tentative Examination number of vacancies to be filled on the results of the
examination is as follows:

                          UPSC CAPF AC VACANCIES 2024
Paramilitary ForcesNo. of Vacancies
Border Security Force (BSF)186
Central Reserve Police Forces (CRPF )120
Central Industrial Security Forces ( CISF )100
Indo- Tibetan Border Police (ITBP )58
Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB )42

The number of vacancies mentioned above is liable to alteration.
Reservation will be given effect to as per policy of the Govt. 10% of the vacancies are earmarked for ex-servicemen.

UPSC CAPF AC 2024 Training Period

CRPF – Central Armed Police ForceCentral Reserve Police Force Academy, Kadarpur Gurugram-Haryana52 Weeks
BSF – Border Security ForcesBSF Academy, Tekanpur, Gwalior52 Weeks
CISF – Central Industrial Security Forces National Industrial Security Academy (NISA)  Hyderabad12 Months
ITBP – Indo-Tibetan Border PoliceITBP Academy Mussoorie44 Weeks
SSB – Sashastra Seema BalSSB Academy Srinagar, Garhwal (Uttarakhand)24 Months

UPSC CAPF AC 2024 Facilities

Apart from the precious uniform , Several facilities are also entitled to CAPF AC Officers .

You will be entitled a Four Wheeler Vehicle for the official works.

You will also get a Assistant which will look after all your daily needs. 

You will be entitled with a 3 BHK Government Accommodation.

You will also get Railway Tier-2 tickets & Economy class tickets for flights.

Apart from all these you will also be benefitted with Medical Facilities & Police Canteen facilities.

As an Assistant Commandant, you will receive additional allowances such as DA (Dearness Allowance), MA (Medical Allowance), HRA (House Rent Allowance), SDA (Special Duty Allowance), MD (Medical Expenses), TA (Transport Allowance), among others.

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UPSC CAPF AC Salary Structure 2024

The salary structure in CAPF depends on the rank of the officer, starting from the Assistant Commandant with the lowest rank to the Director-General with the highest rank. The salary details for each rank are provided in the table below:

UPSC CAPF RankCAPF SalaryPay Band
Assistant CommandantRs. 56,100 – Rs. 1,77,500Pay Band – 3
Deputy CommandantRs. 67,700 – Rs. 2,08,700Pay Band – 3
CommandantRs. 78,800 – Rs. 2,09,200Pay Band – 3
Sr. CommandantRs. 1,23,000 – Rs.2,15,900Pay Band – 4
Deputy Inspector GeneralRs. 1,31,000 – Rs. 2,16,600Pay Band – 4
Inspector GeneralRs. 1,44,000 – Rs. 2,18,000Pay Band – 4
Additional Director GeneralRs. 1,82,200 – Rs. 2,24,100HAG
Director-GeneralRs. 2,25,000Apex Fixed

UPSC CAPF AC 2024 Promotion Criteria

RankQualifying service for promotion
Deputy Commandant5 years as Assistant Commandant
Second-In-Command5 years as Deputy Commandant (with total 10 years Group ‘A’ service)
Commandant5 years as Second-In-Command (with 15 years Group ‘A’ service)
DIGP3 years as Commandant (with 20 years Group ‘A’ service)
IGP3 years as DIG (24 years Group ‘A’ service)
ADG30 years of Group ‘A’ service.

UPSC CAPF AC 2024 Work Profile

ForceJob Profile
CRPFAssistant Commandants are responsible for handling riots, crowd control, operations against militant groups, negotiations with left-wing extremists, protection of VIPs and critical installations, and combating aggression in times of war.
CISFEnsuring the safety of various institutions, public works projects, and industrial sites across India
ITBPIt is the job of ITBP to keep the Indo-China borders secure and raise the level of security among locals in border areas. The group also prevents transnational crimes, smuggling, unlawful entry into or exit from Indian territory, and other illicit activities.
BSFStop smuggling, prohibit unauthorized people from entering or exiting the Indian Territory, and put an end to any other transnational crimes.
SSBMonitoring the borders between India and Nepal and Bhutan and enforcing any illegal activity.

UPSC CAPF AC 2024 Rank Structure

The Assistant Commandant of the UPSC CAPF will have ample opportunities for advancement in their career. The promotions are listed in ascending order for better clarity. It’s important to note that as one progresses in rank, the salary also increases. Promotions depend on factors such as experience, years of service, availability of vacancies, and more.

CAPFs ranksArmy ranksNavy ranksAir Force ranks
Director General (Apex Scale)Lieutenant general (Commander’s Scale)Vice admiral (Commander’s Scale)Air marshal (Commander’s Scale)
Additional director general (ADG)Lieutenant general (HAG)Vice admiral (HAG)Air marshal (HAG)
Inspector general (IG)Major generalRear admiralAir vice marshal
Deputy inspector general (DIG)BrigadierCommodoreAir commodore
CommandantColonelCaptainGroup captain
Second-in-CommandLieutenant colonelCommanderWing commander
Deputy CommandantMajorLieutenant commanderSquadron leader
Assistant CommandantCaptainLieutenantFlight lieutenant
Assistant commandant (Officer Trainee)LieutenantSub-lieutenantFlying officer

FAQs on UPSC CAPF AC Training & Job Profile:-

  1. What is the training process for UPSC CAPF ACs?
  • UPSC CAPF ACs undergo rigorous training at premier training institutions like the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) Academy. The training covers various aspects such as physical fitness, weapon handling, field tactics, legal procedures, and leadership skills over a period of several months.
  1. What is the job profile of a UPSC CAPF AC?
  • UPSC CAPF ACs are responsible for maintaining law and order, counter-terrorism operations, border security, disaster management, and other security-related duties. They may lead a contingent of personnel, conduct intelligence operations, and ensure peace and security in their assigned areas.

3. How are promotions structured for UPSC CAPF ACs?

  • Promotions for UPSC CAPF ACs are based on a combination of factors including performance evaluations, seniority, and completion of required training courses. They can be promoted to higher ranks such as Deputy Commandant, Commandant, Deputy Inspector General (DIG), and beyond, based on their performance and experience.

4. What is the salary progression for UPSC CAPF ACs?

  • UPSC CAPF ACs start with a basic pay of Rs. 56,100 per month and are entitled to various allowances. As they gain experience and get promoted to higher ranks, their salary increases accordingly. Additionally, they receive periodic revisions in pay scales as per government regulations.

5. What are the other benefits available to UPSC CAPF ACs apart from salary?

  • Apart from salary, UPSC CAPF ACs receive benefits such as subsidized accommodation or government quarters, medical facilities for themselves and their dependents, insurance coverage, pension after retirement, educational facilities for their children, and opportunities for professional development through training programs and promotions.
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