NDA Cadets Scholarship Program offered by Various States of India

Scholarship grants for NDA Cadets

Here is Good news for the candidates who are already selected in the National Defense Academy or who wants to join the National Defense Academy in the Future.  Here in this article, I will share with you the latest news regarding the scholarship programs that are specially for the candidates who are selected in the NDA. NDA Cadet Scholarship Program offered by the Varies States of India. State-wise Scholarship for NDA,   Let’s discuss the complete details about this and I will try my best to give you complete details regarding this. To get complete information regarding this Scholarship Program,  Check the complete article below:

NDA Cadets Uniform for Army, Air Force, and Navy

NDA Cadet Scholarship Program offered by the Varies States of India:

The state governments of India have decided to give the scholarship to the candidates who get selected in the National Defense academy. The selection process of the National Defense Academy is like this:

  • Written exam
  • SSB Interview
  • Medical tests

These are the steps to join the National Defense Academy. Any male candidate who has done his 10+2 with physics and Mathematics can appear for this NDA Entrance examination.

All the state governments of India have now decided to give the scholarship to the candidates who got selected in the National defense academy. Every State Government has its own criteria of giving scholarship and every government has its own Amount. Today here We will discuss these things details and will give you the complete information regarding this Scholarship program.

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Before starting let’s see the NDA Cadete fix Stipend that they get while they are on training. We will also see a little bit of their training procedure etc. Then we will see the list of State Governments and their paying amounts etc.

What is the Job Profile of NDA Cadets and Salary?

NDA Cadet’s salary while Training:

All the expenses of the cadets are born by the Central Government while they are on training and even pocket money is also given to them by the government etc. While on the training the Cadets do not get any money in form salary. they get a bit much of money but which they get as a Stipend.  The pay, as well as benefits to the candidates selected by way of the NDA Exam, starts during the period of training itself. Cadets do not get any salary Cadets are eligible for a sum of Rs. 21,000 per month as stipend during the training period.

They get this stipends till they are on training, Right after their training, they get posted as an officer in their respected wings and they get salary per month over there.

The state governments also contribute to the stipend of the BDA cadets and the list of State governments and their paying amounts we will discuss below.

Training of Cadets at NDA:

The training at the academy is intense and hardcore and the cadet gets a chance to develop a disciplined lifestyle that helps in his personal and professional life. Every other day at the academy offers a different challenge to toughen up the next crop of servicemen. The transformation from boys to men ushers in a strong breed of Indian military personnel equipped to defend the country in the best way possible.

NDA never let its cadets feel bored as numbers of events are being held at regular intervals including quizzes, debates, x-country, boxing, athletics, etc. Despite having strict schedule cadets can get to watch the latest English and Hindi movies etc.

NDA Cadet’s lifestyle, Salary During the Training.

Now let’s see the List of State governments and their paying amount to the Cadets:


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Scholarship offered to the NDA Cadets by the State Governments:

State-wise Scholarship for NDA- We will see the complete list of State governments and paying amount to the NDA Cadets. Every state has their own amount to pay. You can check the list of it,  I have given complete details in the Given Column below:

  1. Parashuram Bhau Patwardhan Scholarship: This is given to the candidates only once right after the passing out parade, They get around 5000/- Rupees.
  2. Colonel Kendal Frank Memorial Scholarship:  This scholarship is awarded to the Maratha Cadets only. they get around 4800/- per annum.
  3. Kaur Singh Memorial  Scholarship: They pay 37/- rupees per month to the cadets till the Training Duration.
  4. Assam Government  Scholarship: They pay the 30 rupees per month to the NDA cadets until the entire training duration.
  5.  Uttar Pradesh Government Scholarship:  the Uttar Pradesh also pays the 30 rupees to every candidate per month and pays 400 rupees to the candidates who scored better from the Uttar Pradesh.
  6. Kerala Government  Scholarship: They pay around 480/- per annum
  7. Bihari Lal Mandakini Prize:  This is Cash Prize of Rs. 500/- per month.
  8. Orissa Government Scholarship: They pay 80/- rupees per month.
  9. Himachal Pradesh Scholarship:  They pay between 30 rupees to 48 rupees per month.
  10. Tamil Nadu Government Scholarship: They pay between the 30 rupees to 400 rupees per month.
  11. Karnataka Government Scholarship:  They pay 1000/- per month to all the cadets.
  12. Albert Ekka Scholarship:  650 rupees per month to every cadet
  13. FG Officer DV Pintoo Memorial Scholarship: 125/- per month
  14. Financial Assistance to awards of EX-servicemen– They give the amount of 50000/- one time after the completion of the training. this is given to the cadets from State Maharashtra.
  15. Award of Financial Assistant to the candidates of Haryana Domicile Under Training at NDA: they pay around 1 lakhs to every cadet who belongs to the state Haryana.
  16. Incentive Grant to Cadets Domicile of UT, Chandigarh Under training at NDA:  NDA cadets get paid 1 lakhs rupees only one time who belongs to the Uttara Khand.

There are also some state Governments that pay only One time. you can check that, I have given a complete list of those state below:

Governments Amount
West Bengal 5000/-
Goa 18000/-
Nagaland 100000/- to his state’s candidate only
Gujarat 6000/- per month
Punjab 100000/- to his state’s candidate only
State Govt of Sikkim 1.5 lakhs to his state’s candidate only


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