What is President’s Colour Award? Know all about It

President’s Colour Award is honoured by the President of India from time to time in recognition of the commendable work done by the Indian Armed Forces and State Police. Recently, Himachal Police has been honoured with the President’s Color Award 2021. Himachal Pradesh has become the eighth state police in India to get the Presidential mark. The President’s Color Award will now be seen on the uniform of Himachal Police.

President’s Colour Award 2021:-

This award is given for the outstanding work done by the police department of Himachal Pradesh on 2 December 2021. On the occasion of this great achievement, a grand ceremony of President’s Color Award ceremony was organized at the historic Ridge Maidan in the capital Shimla on Wednesday. Himachal Pradesh Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Alekar was present on the occasion as chief guest and state Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur as special guest. On this occasion, the Governor honoured the State Police with the President’s Color Award.

Director-General of Police Sanjay Kundu received this award on behalf of Himachal Pradesh Police. Let us know why the President’s Color Award is given for the outstanding work of the police and army forces.

What is the President’s Color Award

The highest person of any country is that of the President. And any honour bestowed by the President is supreme. The President’s Color Award is given to a military unit in recognition of meritorious and outstanding service to the nation. It is the highest honour given by the President to the police and military force of any state.

The President’s Color Award is an ensign given to the best performing military unit. The colour of this flag can be different. In the centre of this flag, the national flag is embroidered with a golden thread. In the President’s Color Award, the length and width of the ensigns given to different armed forces are 48 inches and 36 inches respectively. But in addition to the national flag, some other symbols are also present in the President’s Color Award given to all the armed forces. As in the President’s Color Award given to the Navy, the elephant symbolizing strength is placed diagonally on either side of the national flag.

The colour of the flag is the sky in the President’s Color Award given to the Indian Air Force. The flag carries the standard of the Air Force’s combat and combat support structures, so it also carries squadron helicopters and heraldic weapons. The color of the flag of the President’s Color Award, given to an Indian Army unit, is golden. In the center of the flag are the heraldic bag and the distinctive unit insignia surrounded by a wreath. Apart from this, the symbols of weapons are also inscribed in the flag given in the President’s Color Award, honoring the war weapons of the Indian Army.

The President’s Color Award given to an army unit is decorated with infantry colours the size of the Armored Corps of the Indian Army. Such a flag is surrounded by a golden fringe and has the unit Batch symbol in the centre. This President’s Award is given in recognition of the meritorious work done by the Armored and Cavalry forces of the Indian Army.

History of President’s Colour Award

In return for the commendable work done by his soldiers by any king/maharaja, he was presented with a flag as a mark of respect. The main purpose of giving this flag was that the supremacy of the king has been accepted by the chief of the army. And if a king’s army captures this flag of the enemy king’s army. So he was honoured after the war. The same tradition has been followed in the British Army and Commonwealth Games for many centuries. For the first time on 27 May 1951, the Army was honoured by the senior-most person in the three branches of the Armed Forces of the Navy. The tradition of giving the President’s Color Award is given in both situations i.e. in war and in peace.

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