List of Military Tanks Used by Indian Army. Know specification and Capabilities

Here we are listing the Military Tanks which is used by the Indian Army to strengthen its power. For the last several years, India is making arms deals with the abroad to strengthen its capabilities. With this arms deal, India is increasing the strength of its armed force. In today’s episode, we will give you information about the best tanks of India, due to which the Indian Army has become equal to the world’s high-level army.

So let us know about the best and state-of-the-art tanks with the Indian Army at present, due to which India has emerged as the third-largest army in the world today. As you all know that after the Pulwama attack, the Indian Army was constantly trying to strengthen its weapons.

The Arjun Main Battle Tank (MK-1A) has been handed over to the Army by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the second anniversary of the Pulwama attack. With the arrival of this main battle tank in the Indian Army, where the army has been strengthened, they have also got great Army Military Tanks for the security of the soldiers. Let us know about the major tanks present with India so far and what are their features. Since then, the Indian Army has had many tanks, but at present, there are three such excellent tanks, based on which the Indian Army helps destroy any enemy army. All versions of P72, T90, and Arjun tanks are present in these three major banks. So let’s start with the features and capabilities of these three major tanks of India.

List of Military Tanks Used by Indian Army

T-72 Military Tanks: – If seen, this tank was made by Soviet Union Russia in 1971.Leonid Kartsev and Valery Venediktov is the designers of this tank.The second version of this time came in 1979, which was known as the T-72A tank. After this, another technology was developed in it and its third generation was brought in 2010 and this Army Military Tanks was known as T-72 B3.

Features of T72 Tank: – This is a tank whose weight is less than other tanks. The weight of this tank is about 41 tonnes and it easily passes through rivers with a depth of 5 meters. If for some reason it turns off underwater, it can be restarted again in 6 seconds. Nuclear, biochemical, and biological security systems have been provided in this tank. At present, India has about 2400 T-72 tanks.

Types of T-72 Tanks: – The other versions of the T-72 tanks received by the Indian Defense Ministry are manufactured in India. These include Ajay MK-1, Ajay MK2, and Combat Improvement Ajeya Indian version. These Army Military Tanks are designed in such a way that they can easily carry any reactive weapon. It can easily play any attack of the enemy tank and the driver sitting in it will not be hurt in any way.

Combat Improve Ajay Tank is considered to be the most modern tank ever. For some time the Indian Army did not focus much on this tank. Because India has always been ready to use only its indigenous tanks. The Arjun tank made in India was not yet made, due to which the Indian Army decided to include the Combat Improved Ajeya Tank in its military force.

T90 Indian Army Military Tanks: – T90 tank is also a foreign tank. This is a tank made by Russia. In Russia or used as a third-generation battle tank. The T90 tank is a state-of-the-art version of the T-72 and T-80U made in Russia. Initially, this bank was known as T-72bu but later its name was changed to T90. At present, the T-90 present with India is present in the Depsong areas of Ladakh. This area is adjacent to the tense region of China.

Features of T-90: – The weight of this tank is about 46 tons and it is made of a diesel engine. The maximum distance it can be covered is by pouring a maximum of 1600 litres of diesel into the tank. The speed of this tank is 60 kilometres per hour on normal roads. Whereas on rough roads, its maximum speed is close to 50 kilometres per hour. A 125 mm thick smoothbore song has been installed in this bank. With the help of which many types of shells and missiles can be fired in the war. A maximum of 7 missiles can be fired from this tank at a time. All the technology has been kept automatic for loading the missiles. The option of an anti-tank guided missile has also been kept in this tank. With the help of which helicopters flying at a range of up to 2 km can also be shot down.

T90 Bhishma Tank:- The T-90 tank was first dealt with by the Indian Army in the year 2001 from Russia. India had ordered to get T90 from Russia. Out of which Russia has so far made 124 tanks to India. Whereas after this the rest of the tanks have been assembled in India itself. Tanks assembled in India are known as Bhishma tanks. The modern technology used in the tank is derived from Russia and France.

Features of T90 Bhishma Military Tanks: – Exploring Reactive Arm has been used in this tank to avoid the enemy. This tank can easily shoot down a helicopter coming at a range of up to 2 km. Missiles and shells can be fired from the gun present in the T90 Army Military Tanks. The Indian Army Military Tanks has a thermal imager. Based on this, the presence of any enemy present at a distance of 6 kilometres can be recognized.

Arjun Tank: – Arjun Tank is completely made in the country of India. It has been developed by DRDO and Combat Vehicle Research and Development Establishment. Talking about the speciality of this tank, it can run at a speed of 70 km per hour on normal roads and 40 km per hour on rough roads. The total weight of this tank is 58.5 tonnes and features of state-of-the-art technology have been given to it. Night vision, digital ballistic computer, anti-aircraft machine gun and high-performance engine have been used in this tank along with thermal imaging. The tank can fire 6 to 8 rounds per minute. Till now India has about 370 tanks including all the models of the Arjun tank. Initially, many parties were brought in from outside to make the Arjun tank and gradually assemble it. But now this demand has reduced.

Arjun MBT MK-1 tank: – Recently it has been announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that an improved version of the Arjun tank should be given to the army. This tank has been developed by DRDO and CVRDE. The version of the new Arjun MBT MK-1 made is very modern. There have been 14 major updates in the bank. This tank is now provided with better firepower, manoeuvrability and excellent protection. This tank is considered to be the best tank in terms of safety.

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