Life of Soldiers at border

We have always heard that the life of soldiers is always very tough. Here in this article, I am sharing with you the complete details about the Life of Indian Army Soldier at the border. To get complete details about this, check the complete article below. I have shared all the details of their lifestyle, Salary and allowances that they while they are on duty as well as off duty. Check the complete article to get complete details.

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Life of Soldiers at the Border:

The life of the stories is completely different as compared to the officers of the Indian Armed forces. The soldiers are the front line security and they are guided by the officers. Officers always move with them and encourage them to do better. The life at the border is always is very dangerous but they are habitual of handing that kind of situations.  The soldiers of the Indian Army are trained in a very good manner and they are always aware of their next day schedule. They are trained in such a manner to tackle any situation.

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When the soldiers are posted in any dangerous zone Areas. They get very less sleep and very less time to manage their own things. The best part of being a soldier is you get to learn teamwork and there is nothing more than teamwork.  The work profile of the soldiers always depends on the type of training they have taken. The best things what everybody likes about Indian Army is “Buddy”. Nobody goes out anywhere alone. They will always go with their buddy. The soldiers are the real heroes of the nation and they are known for their courageous efforts to protecting nation.

Salary of Indian Army Soldiers

The lifestyle of soldiers at the border also depends on the work profile. The work of soldiers are trained to fire cannons, missiles and other machines etc. Most of the time the front line soldiers are on duty and the rest of the soldiers are at rest. The Soldiers in the service also get paid so well for their job and duty and try also get some extra benefits and allowances for working at the border.

Front Line Soldiers life at the Border:

The life of front line soldiers may be hectic because they always have to look front and they always for the enemy. they are ready to fire the bullets, they just need a command “fire”.  from their senior officer. There are many other troops also works at the border but they are known as the back troops and they assist the front line soldiers in terms of technical, providing arms and ammunitions and also take charge in any tough situation.

There are also Sinpers at the stand by mode and they target the enemy from long ways and hit the target in one order. The front line soldiers are trained in a very high manner and their duty timing at the border is just 4 hours in a day in the normal days. There is no fix timing at the border in the War Zone situation. This is about the life of Army soldiers at the border and Now let’s talk about the salary and allowances that front line soldiers get in the service.

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Salary and Allowances of Soldiers at the Border:

The Basic salary of the Indian Army soldiers are almost the same. The front line soldiers get some extra pays for working at the border. The Salary of soldiers in the Indian Army can be between 22,000/- per month to 60,000/- per month. That depends upon the rank and responsibility in the Service.

There are some extra pays that are given to the soldiers who are at the border like High-Risk allowances and some other pays for their discomfort etc. The life of Indian Army Soldiers at the Border may be tough for us but for them it just normal day. we should always respect the. They are the reason for our happiness.

The Soldiers at the Indian Army are trained in a very hard manner. To watch their training videos, you can check the Youtube. There are many videos available regarding the training and it would be more interesting to watch then, reading my words. I do not have any idea about any youtube channel. Go and search randomly. Hope you will find the best.

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