Indian Navy got first Women Pilot Sub- Lieutenant Shivangi Singh

It is very hard to become a Fighter Pilot or transport Pilot in Indian Armed forces because of the competition. Each and every citizen of Indian once had or still have a dream to fly the fighter aircraft or become a fighter pilot in the Indian Air force or Indian Navy. we have men dominated society, earlier girls do not even think of joining the Indian armed forces as a Pilot. here In this article, I will tell you the beautiful journey of Ms. Shivangi Singh who is the first women pilot in the Indian Navy. First women Sub-Lieutenant, 1st Women Naval Pilot, Indian Navy First women Pilot, whatever we say but she is proud of Nation.

Indian Navy got first Women Pilot Sub- Lieutenant Shivangi Singh:-

Recently A woman has completed her training in the Indian Naval Academy Chennai and joined the Indian Navy as a Pilot. this happened the very first time A woman joined the Indian Navy as a pilot.

First women Sub-Lieutenant Shivangi belongs to Muzaffarpur, Bihar. she is very hardworking since her childhood. she had the aim of becoming Pilot. she was passionate and dedicated to her dreams. Last Year she qualified the Indian Navy Test and Joined the Indian Naval Academy and choose Flying Branch after the initial stage of her training, she joined the Naval flying operation and now she is in the Kochi Naval Base for the operational training. she is going to be the First (1st) Women Naval Pilot.

In the recent interview of her, when the interviewer asked her about her feeling? she replied there is no limit to my happiness, this is the day what actually I was waiting for, my parents are feeling very proud of me and they are very happy. when the interviewer asks her about you are the first women pilot in Navy how’s your feeling? She said I might be the Indian Navy First women Pilot but women are always in the Indian Navy, many women are working for the Nation as an observer or ATC, etc. no one has reached the cockpit yet. she replied this very gently. She also said that she will create an opportunity for the other women to join the Indian Navy. maybe they will become fighter pilots also if they will be capable.

It is very hard to be Pilot especially for girls in India because of less opportunity, some of the Indian Parents don’t allow their girls to do the job or any preparation. which is very wrong in our country, All the People in India should have equal rights. those girls who get chances they join the Indian Navy. this is a very proud moment for all of us, that girl from small-town is now part of the 5th largest Navy in the world.

A few years back, Avani Chaturvedi becomes First Women Fighter Pilot In India, she is currently flying MIG-21 bison, she created the history because this has never happened before, Never women have joined The Indian Air force as Fighter pilot, with the Avani Chaturvedi two other women also joined the service as a Fighter Pilot. they are the first women fighter pilot In India.

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This was about the recently joined First women Sub-Lieutenant (Flying branch),  she becomes First women to join the Indian Navy as a Pilot. it is very Inspiring for the upcoming women, who are willing to join the Indian Armed forces.

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