Indian Army Commando Training School | Army Commando Training Procedure

When the Going Gets Tough ,The Tough Gets Going. This famous line of the Indian Army proves the truth of the commandos of the Indian Army and their training. There is a lot of curiosity about commando training in the mind of every defense aspirant of the country, you all have to know everything that happens in the process of becoming a commando. This blog is the answer to your same question. In this blog, we will tell you some very interesting things about Indian Army’s Commando Training Center and their training. If you want to Join Indian Armed Forces , Join Major kalshi classes for Best Written Exam Preparation – Join Now .

Indian Army Commando School , Belgaum

In the realm of elite military training, the Indian Army Commando Training School stands as a testament to dedication, valor, and unwavering commitment. This institution, nestled amidst challenges and built on fortitude, trains individuals to transform into extraordinary commandos.

Commando School Belgaum is one of the premier training institutes of the Indian Army. The school provides commando training to young soldiers and officers of the Indian Army. The officers and soldiers who graduate from this school join the death platoon of their units. Commando School is located in Karnataka. The Maratha Light Infantry Regimental Center and Junior Leaders Wing are also located along with the Commando School. Commando training lasts for 35 days and nights and is considered one of the toughest training in the world, requiring immense physical and mental strength.

How to Become Indian Army Commando ?

The first step toward becoming an exceptional commando begins within the mind. Mental fortitude and acumen are paramount in the intense training regimen. Recruits are subjected to rigorous psychological training that hones their decision-making, adaptability, and focus under the most stressful circumstances. The commandos are forged to be unyielding pillars of strength mentally, enabling them to conquer any challenge.

Commandos are synonymous with peak physical prowess, and the training school leaves no stone unturned in sculpting these formidable individuals. The training drills encompass endurance, strength, agility, and tactical fitness. From grueling obstacle courses to demanding combat simulations, every task is meticulously designed to test and enhance their physical capabilities.

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Indian Army Commando Training Routine :-

The training of commandos starts with PT session at 2 am. In the Battle Obstacle Course, commandos have to complete 22 tasks in 18 and a half minutes and it becomes more difficult with a load of three to four kilos on their back, which is also called “Chhota Paplu” in the language of commandos, along with their rifle and that He himself is equipped in full combat dress. Every weekend commandos are also made to run 20 to 40 kilometer marathon but this time the load on their back is 17.5 kilos.

Along with all this, they are also taught and made Unarmed Combat, Explosives Handling, Special Operations, Survival Training and Confidence Exercise. Of all these, the most difficult and courage-breaking exercise is – Confidence Exercise. Because of this exercise, most of the candidates go out of the commando course as well.

Lido Jump – Most Difficult Task in Commando Training

The most daring and dangerous task of confidence training is “Lido Jump”. Lido Jump is conducted in a huge pool shaped square water tank called ‘Lido Tank‘. Lido is a Spanish word which means a large water pool and the objective behind this task is to remove the fear of heights from the minds of the trainees. This task is divided into two parts. The first part is “Commando Slide”. In this slide, the commandos have to slide from a 50 feet high platform into the water tank and during that time their body should be in a stiff L shape. The second part is made up of three parts – The first part is the Confidence Walk. In this, the trainee has to walk on a wooden platform 50 feet above the lido tank, the width of the platform is only 1 foot. The second part is Monkey Crawl. In this, the trainee has to go 55 feet above the lido tank while monkey crawling on the rope.

This is made more difficult because the trainee’s hands are greasy from swimming in the water. The third and last part of the task is “Lido Jump”. The trainee who has monkey crawled has to reach the middle of the rope and hang himself like an arrow, take permission to jump and jump into the tank on hearing the sound of a rifle shot. The less water splashes will fly on jumping into the tank, the better the jump will be considered and the more points you will get. The purpose of this task is to remove the fear of height from the mind of the trainee and to instill confidence in them. If a trainee fails in this task, then he has to do the entire course again.

What does a Commando learn while training ?

Tactical Brilliance: The Art of Strategy

In the realm of commando operations, strategic brilliance can be the thin line between success and failure. Trainees are immersed in the art of strategizing their moves, analyzing situations swiftly, and making precise decisions. The curriculum covers a diverse array of tactical scenarios, nurturing their ability to think critically and act effectively in dynamic environments.

Combat Proficiency: From Amateur to Ace

A commando’s proficiency in combat is the cornerstone of their role. The training school employs cutting-edge simulation technologies, combined with live exercises, to train these individuals in various combat techniques. From hand-to-hand combat to marksmanship, the commandos graduate as masters in the spectrum of combat skills.

Survival Instincts: Navigating Adversity

Survival skills form an integral part of the commando training program. Trainees are taught to thrive in the harshest terrains and adverse conditions. Wilderness survival, medical training, and resourceful thinking are inculcated to ensure that these commandos can thrive independently when cut off from external support.

Transitioning into Triumph: Graduation and Beyond

Upon successfully completing the arduous training regimen, these individuals don the mantle of a commando. Their journey, however, doesn’t conclude here; it transforms into a lifelong commitment. The alumni of the Indian Army Commando Training School form an esteemed fraternity, consistently contributing to safeguarding the nation and executing critical missions.

The Indian Army Commando Training School epitomizes the indomitable spirit of those who choose to traverse the path of valor and honor. It is more than an institution; it is a crucible that refines individuals into extraordinary commandos. Through unwavering dedication, relentless training, and the forging of unbreakable bonds, this training school continues to produce individuals who stand as a shield, protecting the nation with unyielding courage.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) :-

1. What is the Indian Army Commando Training School?

The Indian Army Commando Training School is a premier institution dedicated to training individuals to become elite commandos. Situated amidst challenges, this school is renowned for its rigorous training regimen that molds ordinary individuals into exceptional warriors.

2. What is the significance of commando training?

Commando training holds immense significance as it prepares individuals for specialized military operations that demand exceptional physical and mental prowess. These operations can range from counter-terrorism missions to deep reconnaissance in hostile territories.

3. How is the mental aspect addressed during training?

Mental strength is a cornerstone of commando training. The school focuses on enhancing decision-making, adaptability, and focus under extreme stress. This mental fortitude enables commandos to maintain clarity and composure during high-pressure situations.

4. What kind of physical training do commandos undergo?

Physical training is comprehensive and intense. It includes endurance-building exercises, strength training, agility drills, and tactical fitness routines. Commandos are honed to be at the peak of physical fitness to excel in demanding operational scenarios.

5. How are combat skills imparted?

Combat skills are imparted through a combination of cutting-edge simulations and live exercises. Trainees undergo training in various combat techniques, from hand-to-hand combat to marksmanship, ensuring they are proficient in a range of combat scenarios.

6. What happens after graduation from the training school?

After graduation, commandos embark on a lifelong journey of service. They become part of an esteemed fraternity dedicated to safeguarding the nation. These individuals continue to contribute to critical missions and national security.

7. What is the legacy of the Indian Army Commandos?

The legacy of Indian Army Commandos is one of honor, valor, and dedication. They are the embodiment of unwavering courage and selflessness, standing as a shield against threats to the nation’s security.

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