Important biology topics for MNS Exam 2021.

Important biology topics for MNS Exam 2021:- Friends, the Indian army gives many opportunities to join the Indian Army for the candidate. Out of which, women take advantage of some opportunities and serve in officer positions in the army and pass in some examinations and work in other departmental posts. But when it comes to a nurse, the female candidate has to fill the Military Nursing Service (MNS) applications to work as a nurse in the army. Notification of the application form for the MNS examination will available on the official website of the Indian Army soon.

But before that, in today’s article, we will give you information about biology, the important subject to asked in the MNS exam in the Indian Army. As all of you have seen, the work of any nurse spent in treating patients. Therefore, women candidates must have knowledge about biology. Through today’s article, we will give you information about important topics of Biology topics asked in MNS.

Information about MNS exam 2021

Information about the notification of MNS exam 2021 for the post of the nurse in the army will be available soon on the official website. Female candidates selected by MNS are appointed as nurses in hospitals functioning under the authority of the Army. For appearing in the MNS examination, the female candidate is required to have knowledge of biology, physics, chemistry, general intelligence, and general English in 12th and graduation. Candidates studying in 12th standard can also fill this application form. So let us give you information about the important topics asked in the subject of biology.

Important biology topics for MNS Exam 2021.

Friends, biology is the largest academic course. Under which the candidates have to study diseases and health of animals, in addition to organisms, plants, and microorganisms. There are many important topics in biology which are very important from the examination perspective. In today’s article, we will give them some information about important topics which is essentially required for the MNS exam 2021.

To understand biology, we first divide it into two parts. In which you have to study the parts of Zoology and Botany. In the MNS exam 2021, questions related to botany are not asked more, but questions related to zoology are asked more and more in the MNS exam 2021.

Important Topics of biology

Whoever the candidates are going to appear in the written examination of MNS of the year 2021 and want to get information related to the subject of Biology. In today’s article for them, we are giving information about important topics related to animal science. With the help of which MNS candidates can earn more marks in the examination and can prepare for the examination properly.

  • Human health and disease
    • In the topics related to human health and disease, the examination of MNS is the most common type of disease and by which microorganisms in humans. Candidates preparing for MNS must know the symptoms of major diseases like tuberculosis, AIDS, filariasis, dengue, etc., and the names of the bacteria that spread them.
  • Microbes in human welfare
    • The function of microbes in human life is as harmful as it is beneficial. But, It is used properly then many such drugs can be made by microbes which is very important in today’s time. Remember the names of microbes used in antibiotics such as penicillin, streptomycin, etc. obtained from microbes.
  • Biotechnology and its applications (Important biology topics for MNS)
    • Be sure to know about the best bio-tools made by biotechnology and their applications. Be aware of the application of DNA structure, DNA fingerprinting, etc. prepared by Biotechnology.
  • Organism and population
    • Be sure to know the information related to controlling the population growing by the organisms in the environment and the names of other important institutions run by the government.
  • Ecosystem (Important biology topics for MNS)
    • Microorganisms are responsible for affecting any ecosystem. As well as abiotic and biotic factors also affect the ecosystem. Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand the biotic and abiotic factors and their effect in order to prepare an ecosystem topic.
  • Evolution
    • What experiments were done to find out how the origin of micro-organism and organism on earth was? Be sure to know all these important topics.
  • Breathing and exchange of gases
    • Be sure to know in detail, how the oxygen gas and carbon dioxide gas, that’s present in the atmosphere exchanged by the plants and humans through the lungs and leaves.
  • Biodiversity and conservation
    • In this topic, the candidates required to know in detail about the types of pollution and the factors that cause them.
  • Living world
    • It is important to identify all the living and non-living animals present on the Earth and to identify their symptoms.
  • Biological classification
    • It is necessary to enrol the organisms and plants separately on the basis of symptoms and study them.
  • Plant and animal kingdom
    • It is necessary to study animals and plants in different Kingdom depending on their size and tendency and take care of their symptoms.
  • Morphology and anatomy of flowering plant
    • It is necessary to recognize the morphological and physical characteristics of the flowering plants and to do special studies about them.
  • Cell, cell division, and cell cycle
    • Be sure to know about the nature of all the cells present in the body of animals, cell division (meiosis, mitosis), and cell division cycle.
  • Transportation in plant and animals
    • Be sure to know how the food transported in trees, plants, and animals and which organs participate in this transport.
  • Human digestion system
    • Be sure to keep an eye on the food items consumed by humans and the nature of the working organs, producing acids and digestive disorders.
  • Nutrients and nutrition
    • It is necessary to know the nutritional potential of food items, the names of nutrients, and where they are obtained for humans.

So friends, in today’s article we gave you information about important topics of biology to asked in the MNS exam 2021. To buy important books related to the MNS exam 2021, visit the official website of Major Kalshi Classes today. You will get all the books and other information related to the MNS exam on the official website of MKC. If you want to prepare for the MNS exam 2021, then you can prepare for your future by enrolling in Major Kalshi Classes today.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. When will the MNS 2021 examination be held?
    MNS 2021 examination can conduct in April-May 2021.
  2. What subjects are asks in the MNS exam 2021?
    MNS exam asks subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, general knowledge, and general English.
  3. Where to buy books related to the MNS exam?
    Books related to the MNS exam can be purchased online from the MKC website.
  4. What are the important topics of biology in the MNS exam 2021?
    Important articles related to biology in the MNS exam 2021 given in the article above.
  5. What is the educational qualification required to apply to MNS?
    For joining the MNS exam 2021, the educational qualification of the candidates must be biology in class XII or graduation.
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