JAI HIND. indian defence forces have three uniformed services. These are the Indian Army, Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force. All the three services being prestigious is the dream goal of a large number of defence aspirants.

GHATAK COMMANDO Infantry is the prime arm of Indian Army. The Army is configured in war as well as in peace with infantry at the core.


I shall here talk of the Ghatak Platoon ,which is reconnaissance platoon .This platoon is capable of special operations and is present in every infantry battalion in the Indian Army.

Th word Ghatak derives it’s name from the Sanskrit language meaning “killer” or “lethal”.The name Ghatak was given to them by General Bipin Chandra Joshi.Their purpose is to be heavily armed superheads in case of an operation.

To be a part of the Ghatak platoon or to be a Ghatak commando is not a easy task.They are to be the most physically fit soldiers in an infantry battalion.They are trained in such a manner that they can confront their enemies and attack them from the rear without the need of any kind of support from the rest of the battalion.

Apart from the training they attain in weapons they are also trained in hand-to-hand combat and also in martial arts.

Ghatak commandos can attempt direct strikes on adversary cannons positions, landing strips, supply dumps and base camp and can likewise coordinate gunnery and air assaults while behind the foe lines. They are additionally prepared in heliborne attack, mountain fighting, rock ascending , tear-downs, close quarter fights , and furthermore in authoritative and calculated jobs.

A Ghatak Platoon is typically 20-men strong, comprising of an instructing Captain, 2 non-commissioned officials and some exceptional groups like marksman and spotter sets, light heavy weapons specialists, doctor and radio administrator.


The most physically fit and motivated soldiers of all arms and services of the Indian Army either volunteer or are selected to be a part of the Ghatak platoon. Personnel attend training at the Commando Training Course in BelgaumKarnataka. As a part of the training, the soldiers are evaluated through speed marches in battle gear ranging from 20 to 60 km, carrying their rifles and 20 kg of weight in their rucksacks. Depending on their role and parent unit, the successful individuals often undergo specialized training in demolition, close quarter battle, navigation, rock climbing and heliborne assault. Some operators are sent to the High Altitude Warfare School and the Counterinsurgency and Jungle Warfare School as well. However, most of them are not parachute qualified. It is mandatory for all infantry officers to pass the Commando Training Course.


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