A lot of defence aspirants are eager to be a part of the Indian Air Force as an Airmen. It is a great opportunity for the young swords to show their calibre. Also, to be a part of the defence forces at such a young age is itself an honour. A chance to serve the nation in some or the other way is something you should never miss to grab. We are providing the details of TRADES AND DUTIES of x Group Airmen


The selection of an Airmen is handled by CASB ( Central Airmen Selection Board). This board was first formed at AFND (AIR FORCE STATION NEW DELHI). The establishment dates back to the year 1980 in the month of May. This was under the direct control of AIR HQs.

The year 1996 saw the shift in location of the board. From air force station new Delhi to Brar square in Naraina. The command of the selection board is in the hands of an AIR COMMODORE who is designated as president CASB.

After discussing about the selection board, now I shall state the TRADES AND DUTIES of Central Airmen Selection Board. They are:

  1. Testing and enrolling Airmen and non-combatants for Indian Air Force.
  2. Preparing and standardising selection procedures.
  3. Organizing public drives.
  4. Preparing question papers.
  5. Conducting scheduled tests.
  6. Conducting recruitment rallies across the country.
  7. Preparing all India selected list.
  8. Enrolling candidates.

Based on the presentation and performance of candidates in the Joint Basic Phase Training (JBPT) at Basic Training Institute, Belgaum explicit trades are assigned to the fruitful up-and-comers. Combatant training is bestowed to every one of the volunteers, which incorporates fundamental discipline and habits, instructive training, weapon training and so forth. After successful completion of basic training, you will be trained in explicit trades. PT, Parade and games are integral part of the training and service life.


Automobile fitter:

In this trade you are responsible for repairing and maintenance of all types of light and heavy duty mechanical vehicles, cranes and loading gadgets, etc.

Electronics fitter:

  • As a fitter you are supposed to operate and maintain RADAR, voice and data transmission and reception equipment. These equipments are mounted on the latest Airborne Weapon Delivery Systems and Ground Based Air Defence Systems.

You will be trained in digital electronics, instrument measurements, radar technology, latest electronic devices and related trade fundamentals.

Electrical fitter:

You willbe required to maintain power supply system of different types of aircraft, airborne missiles and the associated ground systems.Also, you will maintain photo equipment mounted on air borne weapon systems. Apart from this ground-based photo systems are also to be managed by you. You will be trained in electrical trade, operation as well as maintenance of digital devices and electronic devices, etc.

Mechanical system fitter:

You will have to repair and maintain mechanically operating equipments. These include hydraulic and pneumatic

Systems of airborne missiles, engines, along with aircraft fuelling-equipment.Complete aircraft ground support equipment are an add on.

You will also be provided with training in handling and preparing bombs explosives.

Structure fitter:

  • As for the structure fitter you will maintain and look after the servicing of airframes and the associated accessories along with the components and controls of aircraft.

You are also supposed to go for regular checks of the entire hydraulic and pneumatic system to ensure proper functioning and also check for leakage.

Marshalling, picketing, ground handling and parking of aircraft are also a part of your duty.

Propulsion fitter:


As a propulsion fitter you will have to prepare, repair and maintain the propulsion system of aircraft and other air borne weapon delivery systems.

Workshop fitter(smith):

You will be responsible for major structural repairing of all the aircrafts. Plus, you will be trained in the workshop trade for welding, heat treatment, smithy, material treatment and other basic machine tools

Workshop fitter(mechanical) :

You will be assigned repair and maintenance work that is mechanical in nature. You will also be trained in workshop trades and practices.

Weapon fitter:

  • As a weapon fitter, you will have to prepare as well as maintain and service ammunitions, armaments and the safety equipment of aircraft, missiles and other weapon delivery systems. Thereby you will also operate and maintain small arms and bombs.

Training will be provided to you so that you handle bombs, explosives and arms along with their installation on weapon delivery platforms


Education instructor: As an instructor you are required to run training programmes at institutional schools. Being an education instructor, you have the responsibility to improve the level of education of air force personnel.

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