Facilities Given to Officers of Indian Army, Know Salary, Perks, and Other Facilities.

Facilities Given to Officers of the Indian Army:-It is the dream of almost every youth to make a career in the Indian Armed Forces. Youngsters prepare to serve as soldiers in the Indian Army, while some prepare to become officers in the army. But do you know what facilities are available to the officers working in the officer rank in the Indian Army? Most people would know that the employees working in the rank of officer get all the facilities and benefits of the army as well as perks. In today’s article, we are going to give you information about the allowances and facilities available to the officers of the Indian Army. This information is being provided on the basis of recent changes in the Indian Army.

Facilities Given to Officers of Indian Army

When you are serving the country by joining the Indian Army, then many types of facilities are made available to the officers. Some of the facilities for higher posts are as follows:-

  • The officers appointed to the highest rank of officer are provided by the Indian Army for accommodation, vehicles, etc.
  • Apart from all these facilities, they also have the concession to buy goods from the Indian Army canteen by paying a small amount.
  • These officers get excellent salary.

Salary of Indian Army Officers:-

RankPay Bands/ scalesGrade payMSP
LieutenantPB- 3/ 15600-3910054006000
CaptainPB- 3/15600-3910061006000
MajorPB- 3/15600-3910066006000
Lt. ColonelPB-4 374000-6700080006000
ColonelPB-4 374000-6700087006000
BrigadierPB-4 374000-670008900Nil
Major GeneralPB-4 374000-6700010000Nil
Lt. General / HAG Scale67000/- +3% Annual IncrementNilsNil
HAG75000/- 3% Annual IncrementNilNil
V COAS/ Army cdr/Lt Gen (NFSG)80000 (Fixed)NilNil
COAS90000 (Fixed)NilNil


  • Cadets selected for officer ranks when they go to complete their training at Indian Military Academy, Officers Training Academy. Then,They obtained ₹ 21000 per month as stipend.
  • After completion of training, when appointed to the post of officer, these cadets start getting salary equal to that of an officer. In which they also get a salary of up to ₹ 70000 per month in the initial period.

Other allowances, which are as follows:-

  • While serving, officers get allowances like group insurance.
  • Officers get free medical facilities for themselves and their families.
  • Free food and all facilities of canteen are provided.
  • Officers get good houses in the best location from the Government of India.
  • Mess or Club or Sport facility 60 days leave and 20 days casual leave in a year.
  • The officers also get pension.

Even after retirement, these officers get the following facilities:

  • 50% of the final salary is given as pension.
  • Received Death cum retirement gratuity.
  • All the facilities of the canteen are available as before.
  • Insurance benefits.
  • Free medical treatment for self and families.
  • Rehabilitation opportunities are available.
  • Facility of MBA like program for army retirees.

Perks of Indian Army Officer:-

Officers get the following allowances while serving in the army:-

  • Education Scholarship (from 1 to Professional Institute) for up to two children to study.
    1. In the form of this allowance, they are given ₹ 4000 from class 1 to class 8, ₹ 5000 from class 9 to 12, ₹ 10000 for graduation and ₹ 15000 for post-graduation. (In per month)
    2. Apart from this, if children do professional courses, they are given tuition fees plus ₹ 5000, so in total they get ₹ 25000 per month.
  • ₹ 30000 is received for the marriage of daughters and widows.
  • Apart from this, Dearness Allowance (DA), Traveling Allowance (TA), Allowance for officers living in areas, allowance for mobility equipment, etc.

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