What is the ABHYAS Program of DRDO?

The ABHYAS was successfully test-fired from the Balasore range by the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), an organization that manufactures military weapons for India. Under the “ABHYAS” Program, the Indian Research and Development Organization has to test missiles like High-Speed ​​Expandable Aerial Target (HEAT). During this trial, two demonstration vehicles have been successfully tested. Let us know what is done in this “ABHYAS” Program run by DRDO and what is “ABHYAS” Program of DRDO?

ABHYAS Program:-

The exercise program has been in the news because it is related to the context of military weapons made from Indian resources. Some of the important points regarding the exercise program are as follows.

  • It is a drone that acts as a vehicle. It is used as a target for the evaluation of various types of missile systems.It can also be used as a decoy aircraft if required. Decoy aircraft are designed primarily to protect combat aircraft by moving observation weapons away from the aircraft.
  • The ABHYAS created under this program has been developed and designed by the Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE).It is capable of launching the air vehicle using twin under-slung boosters.
  • It works by being fitted with a small gas turbine engine. A Micro electro-mechanical system has been deployed to strengthen the navigation system along with the computer to guide and control the aircraft.This system is based on an (INS) Inertial Navigation System.
  • As part of the exercise program, work is being done to make the vehicle a fully automatic flight.All air vehicles connected to this program are tested using a laptop-based ground control station.

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DRDO’s Contribution in the army:-

To strengthen the Indian Armed Force, DRDO has made equipment and weapons equipped with better technology from time to time. Let us know what is DRDO and how it works?

  • DRDO functions as a research and development wing under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India. It manufactures the finest equipment and weapons using state-of-the-art Defence technology and systems to empower the Indian Armed Forces.
  • In this episode of India becoming self-reliant, DRDO works hard and tries to supply weapons in the army completely indigenously. So far, DRDO has developed missiles like Agni, Prithvi and light combat aircraft like Tejas, Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher: Pinaka, etc.
  • Apart from this, Akash has been able to develop better technology for connecting the radar system to the combat system to further improve the Air Defence system. By developing all these equipment and products, DRDO has contributed to further strengthening India’s military forces.
  • DRDO was establish in 1958 by the Technical Development Establishment of the Indian Army. The Directorate of Technology Development and Production of the Defence Department organization also contributed to this formation.
  • At present, DRDO has more than 50 laboratories present. Each laboratory is engaged in manufacturing different types of Defence technology. Such as aeronautical, electronics, armament, combat vehicle, engineering systems, advanced computing and simulation, naval systems, training and information systems, etc.

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