Why English is important language in SSB?

Importance of English in SSB – No doubt, English plays an important role in any field, especially in the Defence. Having good command over English can add value to your personality and help you clear the SSB interview round in an effective manner. Everyone knows that English is the most spoken language across the world and considered to be a language of elites.
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If candidates have good command over English, it will increase their chances to get selected and crack the SSB interview without any hassle. To understand the importance of English in SSB interview, candidates are suggested to read the below written blog.

Before understanding the importance of English in SSB, let’s discuss the role of officers in the Defence. Look, the primary role of the officers is to command a number of people. Hence, it is highly important to have knowledge of the common language that can be understood by everyone in the group. That is why English is an important language in SSB.

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According to a research, it has been found that English is the most spoken language in India after Hindi. The majority of people in India use this language in order to communicate at their workplace and even in their homes. Thus, it is important for officers to speak English in order to communicate with their team members and command their juniors. In short, the importance of English in SSB cannot be ignored.

Importance of English in SSB

English is a universal language. If you go around the world, you’ll notice that English is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese. India is a versatile country where you will find cultural diversity, religious diversity and linguistic diversity. In order to communicate with each other, exchange thoughts and understand each other, SSB has chosen a common language – English. The importance of English in SSB is pretty high in the defence academy and it is mandatory for every candidate to have an idea about how to speak English fluently.

So, if you are planning to enter in the defence, but your English is quite weak, it is the right time to work on it. There are plenty of options available to improve your English. Reading Newspapers, novels, and books could help you in a better way. You can also take help of any specialist or tutor in order to improve your fluency and increase your chances to crack the interview.

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