What is screening in SSB Interview

What is screening in SSB Interview?

SSB interview includes two stages in which first one is known as a screening test, whereas the second one is known as GTO test and personal interview. Students who got screened out many times have shared their experience that screening is the most difficult round to crack. Yes, it is quite challenging to clear this round because of the competition level. In order to help you pass SSB screening round in the SSB interview, we bring helpful tips and tricks here.

How To Pass SSB Screening Round?

Day 1 in SSB screening includes Intelligent Test (O.I.R) and Picture Perception & Discussion Test (P.P.D.T). OIR test includes verbal and non-verbal questions that are not difficult to crack. Try to attempt all the questions because there is no negative marking in this test.

On the other hand, PPDT is a very important test because the selection of candidates for Phase-II is completely depends on it. PPDT has two parts, including Picture Perception and Discussion Test.

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Tips To Pass SSB Screening in SSB Interview:
  • Narrate your story confidently with a clear voice in order to create the first impression. Here, you will get 1 min and no one will stop you for this 1 minute expect assessors if required.
  • Never look at the officers while narrating your story or engaging in the discussion.
  • Listen to the speaker but do not look anyway.
  • Maintain proper body language to show your confidence.
  • Give your ideas or views but do not argue with others.
  • Listen to others with patience.
  • Be cool and maintain good body language.
  • Help others if needed.
  • In the end, keep smiling and make a confident walk.

Hope, the above written blog helps you understand the basics of Day 1 SSB screening test and how to clear the SSB screening test successfully. If you want to move to the next round which includes Psychology test, Group Testing Officers (GTO) test as well as personal interview, it is important to pass stage I. Prepare yourself accordingly and clear the test. Good Luck!

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