Differences between Navy SSR and Navy AA – Which One are best as a Career?

Every year Indian Navy releases the application form for Sailor posts twice. Through this application, candidates fill out the application form for two categories in the Indian Navy. Candidates who fill out this application form are called sailors after qualifying for the exam and getting a commission To become a sailor in the Indian Navy, the candidate has to fill out the application form of AA and SSR of the Navy The selection process of both the posts is same so candidates usually get confused between both the application forms. Whereas both the categories of this application form issued by the Navy are different from each other. In today’s article, we will try to tell you which application form you will fill in both the naval sailor posts i.e. SSR and AA. Through this article, you will be made clear of the difference between AA and SSR.

Differences between Navy SSR and AA

Work Profile of AA :-

The role of the sailors working within the Navy through the Artificer Apprentice is different. The candidates after selection are sent to the Indian Naval Training Station Chilka to provide basic training for 9 weeks. After successful completion of training, vocational training is imparted in various Naval Training Establishments as per the prescribed trade. When you complete your training, you are posted in the Indian Navy in different branches depending on the requirements of the service. As an artificial, you have to perform a variety of responsibilities as a sailor of the Indian Navy. The responsibilities assigned to you are also assigned based on your training. To work for the post of Artificer Apprentice (AA), the candidates are assigned the technical task of operating and maintaining some complex structures and advanced equipment along with human management. Let us know, what are the tasks you have to do as an Artificer Apprentice?

  • Controlling guided missiles and other automatic weapons
  • Using diesel and gas turbines
  • Maintaining the smooth running of electrical power systems
  • Overseeing sensor avionic equipment
  • Maintaining steam-powered machinery
  • Operating computers and state-of-the-art advanced radios.

The above-given tasks are given to a sailor working in the rank of an Artificer Apprentice. If necessary, you can also be hired for another job for other tasks.

Work Profile SSR:-

Along with the written examination in the initial phase, the process of basic training is also the same for both posts. When a candidate is selected for SSR, he is sent to INS Chilka for 22 weeks to complete basic training. Here you are given vocational training according to the prescribed trade in the training establishments of the Indian Navy. If needed, you are also given information about different branches during the training.

When you have completed your training, you are appointed as a member of a highly professional organization as a sailor. During this time you need to serve on state-of-the-art ships. Here you are divided into different types of teams to do your work. After being commissioned on a powerful and state-of-the-art ship, you have to use and protect the following equipment.

  • Aircraft Carriers
  • Guided Missile Destroyers and Frigates
  • Replenishment Ships
  • Highly technical works
  • Fascinating submarines and aircraft
  • Radars
  • Sonars or communications
  • The firing of weapons such as missiles, guns or rockets, etc.

Candidates who are recruited in the Indian Navy through Senior Secondary Recruit or Artificer Apprentice will be appointed for the above-mentioned work. Changes can also be made to your job profile if required these candidates have to work only on huge and powerful ships. In case of emergency, they can be posted in any other part of the ship according to the task. However, during the job, they have to work according to the profile mentioned above.

Working Atmosphere for Navy SSR & AA

Working Atmosphere of AA:-

These candidates would have to work on steam-powered machinery, Avionic equipment, other automatically operated weapons, diesel and gas turbines, computer operating, radio and electrical power systems on state-of-the-art, During the training, these candidates have to do the following tasks.

Work Environment of SSR:-

The work of the candidates who are appointed by the SSR is divided into different teams. The work of these teams varies. They are given the task of using sonar, radar, communication equipment, use of missiles and guns, operating rockets, and other weapons.

Educational Opportunities:-

For AA: –To work as Artificer Apprentice, Sailors are trained in different types of technicalities depending on the requirements of the service. During this, Navy sailors are recognized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development with Artificial Apprenticeship Diploma.

For SSR: –Sailors recruited for Senior Secondary Recruit are taught a variety of technicalities during their training to meet the requirements of their service. After successful completion of these courses, certificates of equivalent qualification are awarded from various universities. After completing 15 years of service in the Indian Navy, the SSR applicant receives a graduate equivalent certificate.

Promotion of Navy SSR and AA Sailors: –

Working as Artificer Apprentice in the Indian Navy, do not have to wait much for promotion whereas SSR candidates take much time for promotion. If you are working as a sailor in the Indian Navy through Artificer Apprentice then within the next 10 years you can get a promotion to Chief Petty Officer. Whereas the same promotion is available for SSR sailors after 15 years.

In the table below you are mentioned the order of promotion of Navy AA and SSR respectively. The lowest rank for the post of Artificer Apprentice is that of Apprentice and they reach the CPO level within 10 years. Whereas SSR sailors are appointed as the lowest rank seamen and they get appointed to the post of CPO after 15 years.

Promotion of Navy AA Sailors

RankLevelPay in pay band (Rs.)
Artificer V425500-81100
Artificer IV529200-92300
Artificer III-I5A33300-105800
MCPO II744900-142400
MCPO I847600-151100

Promotion of Navy SSR

RankLevelPay in pay band (Rs.)
Seaman II321700-69100
Seaman I325500-81100
Leading Seaman429200-92300
Petty Officer533300-105800
Chief Petty Officer635400-112400
MCPO II744900-142400
MCPO I847600-151100

Period of receiving pension:-

If you want to be entitled to a pension while serving as Artificer Apprentice in the Navy then at least you have to serve for 20 years in the Indian Navy. Whereas if you are working as an SSR and want to be entitled to get a pension for life then at least you have to serve for 15 years.

Salary difference of Indian Navy AA and SSR:-

Artificer apprentices and sailors of senior secondary recruits are provided good salaries to work in the Indian Navy. During training, they are given a stipend of ₹ 14800, while after successful completion of training; they get a salary according to the third matrix as per the defence rules and instructions.

After the completion of training, the sailors who are appointed for both posts are initially paid from 21800 to ₹ 61300 per month. These payments are made based on training and job status. In addition to the normal salary, these sailors also get an additional compensation of ₹ 6200 per month as military service pay. It is provided to the sailors after the salary. Along with this, Dearness Allowance, Traveling Allowance, and Grade Pay are also made available from time to time.

Which is better for both the services?

Let us now give you information about which service is better in Navy SSR and AA service.

  • Scope of work: – Sailors working in both posts have to do different types of work. But both do the same thing when needed.
  • Promotion: – Artificer Apprentice is a better option in the form of promotion. Because this promotion is received within 10 years.
  • Post & Rank: – The lowest post of Artificer Apprentice is Apprentice whereas that of SSR is Seaman.
  • According to the post can be considered a better option. All other information and facilities are the same for both posts. So you can choose Navy SSR or Navy AA as per your wish by looking at the above comparison.

Hope you can easily compare between Navy SSR and AA as per the above-given information by us if you have any other questions or want to get information related to Indian Navy preparation, then you can visit the official website given below or get information by calling on the contact number.

Frequently Asked Question:-

Is the application form of Navy AA and SSR released in one go?

Indian Navy Artificer Apprentice and Senior Secondary Recruitment application forms are filled out twice a year.

Is the written exam the same for both posts?

The written exam and syllabus of the Indian Navy Artificer Apprentice and SSR are almost the same.

Which service is better between Artificer Apprentice and SSR?

Artificer apprentice can be a better option for promotion and work. But if we see from the point of view of working period and pension, then this time there is a better option.

Do Navy SSR and AA have the same duration of training during training?

There is a training period of 22 weeks for Navy SSR and 9 weeks for working in the post of Artificer Apprentice.

How to prepare for Navy SSR and AA?

To do all kinds of preparation related to the Indian Navy, you can prepare by enrolling yourself for the coaching campus by visiting the MKC Learning Application or the official website of MKC.

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