20 Tips You Should Follow If You Are Preparing For AFCAT Exam

AFCAT Tips 2022:-The application forms for AFCAT 2022 exam have been filled out. At this time the candidates need to prepare for the written exam and follow some specific strategies and some general tips to prepare better in less time. In today’s article, we will give you information about 20 tips to prepare for the AFCAT exam. With the help of which you can prepare for your exam as soon as possible sitting at home with a great strategy. Let us know, what are those 20 tips you should follow if you are preparing for the AFCAT exam?. These are very important to prepare for your exam.

Information about exam pattern: – While preparing for the AFCAT exam, you also need to be aware of the exam pattern. How many question papers are there in this exam, how many marks are there, and whether it is necessary for this exam, all the information about it helps you during the preparation. You can get the complete pattern of the AFCAT exam in the table below. You can click on the link given below to buy the books as per the exam pattern. AFCAT Tips 2022.

AFCAT Exam Pattern
Exam NameAFCAT Exam
Mode of ExamOnline CBT Mode
Number of Questions100
Maximum Marks300
Number per Questions3 marks
Time for Exam2 hours
Negative Marks1 Mark per the wrong Question
Subject I PapersGeneral Awareness Verbal Ability Numerical Ability Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test

If you want to appear in the exam of Engineering Knowledge Test also then you must know EKT the Exam Pattern. You can get the information about the EKT exam pattern in the table given below.

AFCAT and EKT Exam Pattern
Exam NameEKT (For technical)
Mode of ExamOnline CBT Mode
Number of Questions50
Maximum Marks150
Number per Questions3 marks
Time for Exam45 minutes
Negative Marks1 Mark per the wrong Question
Subject I PapersComputer Science Mechanical Engineering Electrical and Electronics
  • Exam Syllabus Information

Probably all of you must have submitted the application form for AFCAT.To score more marks in the exam and prepare for the exam, you must have a detailed idea about the syllabus of the exam. By knowing the syllabus, you can easily cover all the topics of the exam which are important for the AFCAT exam. You can get the information about the exam syllabus in the table below. AFCAT Tips 2022.

AFCAT Syllabus
General AwarenessEnglishNumerical AbilityReasoning
·         Sports ·         Politics ·         History ·         Geography ·         Environment ·         Defence ·         Current Affairs ·         Civics ·         Basic Science ·         Art and Culture·         Testing of English Vocabulary ·         Tenses ·         Sentence completion ·         Fill in the blanks with a correct and suitable word ·         Detect Error in English Word and sentence ·         Basic Grammar ·         Antonyms and Synonyms·         Average ·         Compounds and simple interest ·         Distance and Time-related to Boat/Train and stream ·         Fraction and decimal ·         Loss and Profit ·         Percentage ·         Proportion and Ratio ·         Work and time-related to man wages ·          ·         Venn Diagram ·         Spotting the Embedded Figures ·         Sequencing ·         Pattern Completion ·         Odd One Out ·         Missing Figures ·         Figure Classification ·         Dot Situation Analysis ·         Coding and Decoding ·         Blood Relation ·         Analogy

If you want to apply for the AFCAT exam through the engineering exam then you can follow the engineering knowledge test syllabus in the table given below.

EKT Syllabus
Fundamental EngineeringAllied EngineeringComputer ScienceMechanical
·         Engineering in Physics ·         Engineering in Mathematics ·         Engineering in Drawing  ·         Control Engineering ·         Electrical Engineering ·         Instrumentation and Antenna ·         Microwave Engineering ·         Radar Theory ·         Telecommunication Systems ·         Wave Propagation  ·         Switching Theory ·         Network Theory ·         Information Technology ·         Electronic Devices ·         Design Analog, and Digital Electronics, ·         Computer Networks,  ·         Thermodynamics ·         Materials Science ·         Manufacturing Science ·         Machine Drawing ·         Fluid Mechanics/Hydraulic Machines ·         Engineering Mechanics  
Electrical & Electronics·         Analog and Digital Electronics ·         Control Engineering ·         Electrical Engineering ·         Electronic Devices ·         Microwave Engineering ·         Microwave Engineering ·         Telecommunication Systems

Tips for AFCAT 2022:-

  1. Make a Learning Schedule and Follow this:- To prepare for the exam, prepare a list of topics to be studied every day and start your learning according to that list.Every day you should set aside a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum of 8 hours to prepare with a proper schedule.
  2. Make Proper Notes:- To prepare for the exam, it is most important to prepare short notes on the topics related to the exam.So every day you keep preparing short notes of each subject, with the help of which you can complete your exam preparation through short notes at the last minute of the exam.
  3. More Practice for Some Papers: – For Numerical Ability in AFCAT Exam, you should keep practicing question papers continuously.By doing this you can solve problems related to Numerical Ability in less time and spend maximum time on other questions.To buy Numerical Ability books, you can click on the link given below.
  4. Select the best coaching institute: – For proper preparation of studies, you should select the best coaching institute in your area.Where you can get all types of information and sample papers related to the AFCAT exam.If you want to prepare for your exam online then you can start your exam preparation by joining the online learning platform of MKC.
  5. Solve Previous Papers Scheduled Time: – You should try to solve all the previous year’s question papers within the stipulated time.By doing this you can put in the practice of solving the question paper within the stipulated time.You can click on the link given below to download the previous year’s question paper.
  6. Make daily GK questions from the note:- To crack the AFCAT exam, candidates must also prepare for topics related to current affairs and general awareness.Many questions are asked in the question paper related to GK and current affairs.So every day you keep writing at least 10 to 20 GK and current affairs questions in the notes.
  7. Pay more attention to English subject: – To crack the AFCAT exam, candidates need to focus on their English subject as well.For this, you continued to study English subject newspapers and English subject books every day.You can also enroll yourself in the Swiss school of MKC to bring in English subject improvement.
  8. Use Study Materials and Mock Tests: – To make last-minute exam preparation better, you must make use of online mock tests and study materials.Using MKC’s official website and mobile learning application, you can continue your AFCAT preparation with study materials and mock tests.
  9. Give equal time to each subject:- While preparing, all the subjects to be prepared by you can be prepared properly, so prepare all the subjects in the stipulated time and keep equal time for all the subjects.In this way, you can read and prepare for all the topics of the exam in a proper way.
  10. Give short time rest during studies: – When you are preparing for any subject you need to take commas.It is necessary to take a break of 5 to 10 minutes before starting any other subject.This does not reduce your concentration and you can read the next topic better.
  11. Memorize the arithmetic formulas: – You kept revising the formulas of maths from simple and complex to complex.Keep solving the Arithmetic questions present in the previous year’s question paper and memorize the formulas related to them continuously by writing them in your notes.
  12. Read daily newspaper: – To prepare for general knowledge and current affairs properly, you keep watching the daily newspaper or news published on television.By reading or seeing the necessary information, keep writing that information in your notes.Consistent practice helps you to speak and command in AFCAT SSB interviews.
  13. Use excellent books related to the exam: – So that you can prepare for the exam in a better way, do not use any kind of general books present in the market.Study only those books related to the exam in which you have been given detailed information about all the topics according to the exam syllabus.To buy books related to the written examination of AFCAT and books related to SSB interviews, you can order books sitting at home by visiting the official website of MKC Publication.
  14. Keep revising continuously:- You must take some time for revision for all the subjects you have studied.By doing this, all the topics prepared by you get revised at the last minute and your preparation also gets better.Only the short notes made by you for revision can improve your revision.

The continuous study can also lead to various types of deformities in your body. Like while studying, lack of eyesight, stress, fatigue in the body, weakness of the body, etc., types of weaknesses and diseases can trouble you. So while preparing for the exam, you should follow the following tips to prepare for your health as well.

  1. Do Daily Exercise: – To increase concentration and keep the body healthy, you need to exercise every morning in morning.By doing this your mind remains fresh and you can be more focused on your studies.
  2. Stay Hydrated:- Lack of water in the human body is a common disease due to studying for a long time.Due to this, we feel tired and lethargic and your studies also suffer.Therefore, while studying, you should continuously consume water in a short time.
  3. Do physical and mental exercises:- To keep the body healthy, you should exercise both physically and mentally.For physical exercise, you must do running, jogging daily.You can also use chaise indoors at home to stay mentally healthy.
  4. Use normal glasses while studying: – You can use normal glasses while studying to avoid eye problems.

Frequently Asked Question for AFCAT Tips 2022. :-

What is the main subject in the AFCAT exam?

All the subjects asked in the AFCAT exam are the main subjects. But English and Mathematics are the main subjects for AFCAT.

Can I prepare for the AFCAT exam online?

Yes, you can prepare for AFCAT exam by joining online classes sitting at home.

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