Joining Instructions for Agniveer Navy SSR/MR (02/2023) Batch | Documents to carry while Joining at INS Chilka

INS Chilka Joining Instructions : Jai Hind Agniveer’s . Stage II for Induction of Agniveer Navy SSR/MR (02/2023) Batch at INS Chilka has been completed . Indian Navy has officially released PSL I list of Navy SSR/MR (02/2023) batch . PSL II of 02/2023 batch & PSL I of 01/2024 Batch will be get released soon. In this blog , we shall know about Joining Instructions for Agniveer Navy SSR/MR Candidates at INS Chilka.

Joining Dates of Agniveer at INS Chilka

Indian Navy has allotted several dates to candidates for reporting at INS Chilka for Agniveer Navy SSR/MR (02/2023) . But the very first date for Reporting is 17th November 2023 . Merit In Candidates can now join INS Chilka for their training from this date onwards.

Indian Navy Agniveer Joining Instructions

  1. The following guidelines are intended for candidates who have applied for recruitment in the Agniveer (SSR/ MR) – 02/23 batch and have received provisional selection for induction at Chilka, followed by training. Please be aware that this provisional selection is subject to verification of documents, medical fitness, Police Verification certificate, and other necessary checks. The final selection will depend on the successful completion of these requirements.
  2. INS Chilka is situated in the coastal state of Odisha, amidst the picturesque surroundings near Chilka Lake. This establishment serves as a top-notch training center for the initial development of sailors in the Indian Navy, providing rigorous and all-encompassing training for recruits. Upon your arrival at INS Chilka, you will step into a highly disciplined environment that differs significantly from civilian life. This transition may bring about initial challenges and adjustments, which are considered a normal part of the settling-in process. The training you will undergo covers various aspects, including education, physical fitness, mental preparedness, moral values, and character development. These training programs are meticulously designed to ensure that you meet certain minimum standards essential for your comprehensive growth and development.

How to Reach INS Chilka ?

INS Chilka is conveniently located approximately 100 kilometers away from Bhubaneswar and 68 kilometers from Berhampur, accessible by road. You can find buses and taxis readily available in both Berhampur and Bhubaneswar for transportation to Chilka. South Eastern Railways’ Howrah – Chennai route includes a stop at Chilka. It’s essential to note that Chilka is a small railway station where only passenger trains make halts. Balugaon serves as the nearest railway station, situated just 9 kilometers from INS Chilka. For major railway stations, you can reach Khurda Road and Berhampur on either side of Chilka, where trains of all kinds make stops.

In terms of air travel, the nearest airport is located in Bhubaneswar, offering regular flights connecting to airports in Delhi, Vizag, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

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Accommodation & Clothing

Upon induction and the commencement of training, you will receive entitled accommodation and food. However, please note that any incidental expenses and food charges incurred before this period will be the responsibility of the individuals. At the completion of the induction process at INS Chilka, you will be issued a complete set of clothing items, including bedrolls and a suitcase. Additionally, you are advised to bring the following personal items:

Sr. No.Items for Male & Female CandidatesQTY.
1.Good pair of Sports Shoes01
2.Sports Socks (Plain White)03
3.White Vest (Plain White) (for Male Candidates)03
4.Underwear (Cotton)06
5.Swimming Goggles01
6.Swimming Head Cap01
7.White face mask06
8.Black face mask06
9.Lock (35MM)01
10.Nail Cutter01
11.Handkerchief (Plain White)05
12.House Wife Kit01
13.Toiletry Pouch01
14.Pen (Ball Point)03
15.Scissors (Small)01
17.Clips for Drying Clothes01
19.Bathing Soap05
20.Washing Soap05
21.Tooth Brush02
22.Tooth Paste02
23.Tongue Cleaner02
24.Shaving Cream (for Male Candidates)01
25.Shaving Brush (for Male Candidates)01
26.Hair Oil01
27.Anti-Fungal Powder01
28.Razor/ Shaving Blade (for Male Candidates)10
29.Hard Copy of Train/ Air/ Bus ticket01
30.Cash Rs. 2500/- 
Women Trainees are to Carry the following Items: –
31.White Inner (Plain White)04
32.Bra (Plain White)06
33.Sports bra05
34.Night Suit02
35.Inner Wear Cotton (Upper and Lower)03
36.Inner Wear Woollen (Upper)02
38.Personal Hygiene Items and Toiletry as required 

Haircut Pattern for Agniveer

Upon completing the induction formalities, trainees will be required to get a haircut following the pattern explained below:

Sr. No.AgniveerPattern
 MenZero Cut
 WomenSides – Zero Cut Top Hair – 2 to 3 Inches

Documents & Items to Bring :-

You are required to bring the following documents (in original) and items for enrollment. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your selection.

Here is a list of documents and items you need to bring for enrollment. Ensure you have the original documents and the specified number of photocopies:

  • (a) Matric and 10+2 Certificates & Mark sheets, and Domicile Certificate in Original, along with six photocopies of each.
  • (b) Pre-Enrolment police verification certificate, duly completed by the Police Authority (format provided in Appendix ‘A’), and six copies of the same. Police Verification Certificate can also be applied online, following the procedure in place in the respective States/Districts.
  • (c) Character pre-verification certificate, duly completed, bearing the office seal, and signed by a Gazetted Officer/Panchayat Officer/Sarpanch/Headmaster of your college/school (format provided in Appendix ‘B’).
  • (d) Affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper (Rs. 10) (format provided in Appendix ‘C’).
  • (e) Parental consent form, duly completed and signed by your parent/guardian and a witness (format provided in Appendix ‘D’).
  • (f) No Objection Certificate from your employer (if employed).
  • (g) Aadhar Card (Mandatory), along with six photocopies of your Aadhar card.
  • (h) Mobile Phone with Aadhar-linked SIM Card (unauthorized mobile apps are to be uninstalled).
  • (j) NCC ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ certificates in Original (if held), along with five photocopies of each.
  • (k) PAN card or the acknowledgement receipt of the PAN card (Mandatory), along with six photocopies of each.
  • (l) Bank Account details and a Cheque Leaflet.
  • (m) The latest joint photograph (passport-size) of your parents.
  • (n) Sixteen (16) copies of your recent passport-size color photograph {Formal attire (shirt & tie) with a white background, with the candidate’s face covering 70%}.
  • (p) You are advised to carry your Voter card (if applicable). Additionally, be in possession of Aadhaar Card details of your parents (six photocopies).
  • (q) For prospective Agniveers opting for the Merchant Navy post completion of Agniveer tenure, you are advised to have a valid Passport for obtaining INDoS number.

Please ensure you have all these documents and items ready for your enrollment.

Re-Imbursement of Travel Expenses

You must carry a printed copy of your tickets or the original tickets for the reimbursement of travel expenses by INS Chilka. Failure to provide printed or original tickets will result in a NIL refund.


No leave will be granted during the training period.

Prohibited Items

You are not allowed to bring any of the following items:

(a) Laptop, Transistor, Walkman, or any other electronic audio or video devices. (b) Wine, spirit, liquor, drugs, intoxicants, cigarettes, or other smoking materials. (c) Articles of value or jewelry. (d) Food items of any kind. (e) Cash exceeding 5000/-.

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