Daily Current Affairs-11/06/2021

Global House Price Index 2021

Knight Frank published a report on Global House Price Index for Q1 2021. In this index India’s position is 55. And on Q1 2020 it was 43, i.e India has moved by 12 spots. Turkey has topped in this index & followed by New Zealand, Luxembourg. In Q1 2021 Spain emerged as weakest-performing states.

House Price Index (HPI)

HPI measures price changes of residential housing with respect to percentage change from some specific start date.

India wind energy market outlook

Recently Global Wind Energy Council ha slouched India Wind energy market outlook report. According to the report India has now 10.3 GW pipeline markets including centre as well as states.

It is expected that it will be installed by 2023. Report has said that India will generate the capacity of 20 GW by 2021-25. The wind power energy has declined by 5.4 GW since 2018 to 2020. The cost of wind energy has declined fastly and capacity has increased in recent days. Global Wind Energy Council established in 2005.

UNICEF and ILO report on child labour

UNICEF and ILO released a report on child labour. According to a report there has been a significant rise in child labour in the world in a two decades. In first quarter of 2020 child labour no. was 160 million which is now increasing rapidly. And if due to pandemic poverty figure will continue then 9 million extra child labours will add in this series. Globally 1 out of 10 child is involve in child labour in which sub-Sahara region is most affected by it.

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