Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019, Full detail about Bill

Citizenship amendment bill 2019, this is the burning topic in India and all the political parties are fighting with each other few are saying that this is good for the nation and humanity and few parties this is discrimination between religions. Here in this article we will discuss this as a responsible citizen of India, let’s see what we find the detail of the citizenship amendment bill, government logic behind amendment bill, Bill of Citizenship Amendment 2019, etc.

Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019, Full detail about Bill:-

The home minister of India has introduced this bill to the Lok Sabha on 9 Dec 2019  and this bill is passed in the Lok sabha. As per the constitution, this bill violates Article 14. Here we will see all the things related to the CAB.  Political parties and political leaders are saying this is an insult to the Indian constitution. Our country is known for Secularism to understand this all, let’s understand what is the Citizenship Amendment bill?

Final Verdict on Ayodhya Dispute by Hon’ble Supreme Court

What is the Citizenship Amendment bill?

This Bill is all about those people of India who live in India but they are not from India, they are living here illegally as Refugees without any documentation, the government has decided to give to them citizenship of India. The people from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afganistan, who come between 26 January 1950 to 10 December 1992.

Why some parties and people are against this Bill?

The Government has decided to give Indian citizenship to those people who are living in India for the last 7 years or more than that. This is a good decision of the government but the government is giving citizenship to the non-muslim peoples only. This is clear discrimination. that’ why the parties and people are against this bill.


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What is the government logic behind this bill?

Government logic behind amendment bill- The ruling government said that the Muslims who have come in India from the Afganistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan after the Independence and living in India as a refugee, they are from the Majority Nations. However, that logic is not consistent. The bill does not protect all religious minorities. The Ahmedia Muslims and Shia face discrimination in Pakistan. Rohingya Hindu and Muslim both face persecution in-country Burma and Hindu and Christian Tamils in Srilanka.

The current ruling party of India is Violating article 14 through this bill. Most of the political parties and political leaders are against this but too, this bill passed by the Lok Sabha and now moved to the Rajya Sabha. Now its time for the Rajya sabha result. There is no such rule in India for discrimination. Indian Constitution gives equal rights and freedom to every religion and community of this country.

Types of Bills Introduced and the Procedure of Passing them in the Indian Parliament

Prop and Cons of Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019:-

  • This bill is good for those people who are living in India as a refugee without any Identity and after this bill, they all will be considered as citizens of India.
  • But the major problem in this bill is discrimination.
  • This bill violates the law Article 14 and NRC.
  • This bill also shows the discrimination of the ruling party, which is not good for the nation’s future.

Being a responsible citizen of India, It’s our duty to raise the flag of secularism and love every religion and community. The political parties of India still following the rules of the Britishers “Divide and rule” due to the lack of education in India, most of our Brother cannot get this fool’s technique of the parties. Now we have to wait for the Rajya Sabha result, The hearing of the Rajya sabha will be on Wednesday. Now, this all depends on the Rajya sabha.

I have collected all the information through the news channels, newspapers and some Articles, None of these lines or any paragraphs are my personal.

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