Final Verdict on Ayodhya Dispute by Hon’ble Supreme Court

This is one of the oldest dispute in India which was between the two community Hindu and Muslim. We all know little bit about the disputes but in this article we will tell you complete verdicts and hearing of Hon’ble Supreme Court. What is the final decision of the Supreme court on Ayodhya?  The final verdict on Ayodhya Dispute by Hon’ble Supreme Court. The final decision on Ram Mandir. Ayodhya disputes decision Etc.

Final Verdict on Ayodhya Dispute by Hon’ble Supreme Court

This dispute was started in 1856, in Ayodhya where the Babri Masjid was built. People from the Hindu community started demanding that the place of  Babri Masjid was a Ram Janm-Bhumi and King Babur destroyed the Mandir of Ram and build Masjid over the Ram Janm-Bhumi. and  since then this disputes is going on. Allahabad High Court had directed the Hindu community not to enter the Masjid until these disputes clear. From the 1857 Muslim people started performing Friday prayer till 1949. In 1949 few people entered the Babri Masjid and placed a Murti of Shree Ram inside the Masjid and demanded that this Murti is found under the Masjid (this information is given by news channel) After that riots started in the cities between the community. High court Again directed the Both community not to enter into Majid or Mandir until this dispute clears.

But on the 6th of December 1992 people from the Hindu Community  (Car Sevak) went against the Law and illegally destroyed the Babri Masjid. Still, this case was in the Allahabad High court and Later in 2010, this case moved to Hon’ble Supreme court of India.

Ayodhya Dispute decision of  Supreme court

And after the 40 days of hearing by the Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and comprised Justice S.K Bobde,  Justice Ashok Bhushan, Justice DY Chandrachurn and Justice S Abdul Nazeer in the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

Final Decision on Ram Mandir:-

The court has given the decision on the Ayodhya verdict on 9th of November 2019  The court has said that the demolishing of Babri Masjid was National dishonor because it was against the Indian Constitution  and court has also accepted that this was a place of Ram Mandir as per the report of ASI and it should be built there. So the court has allotted all disputed land to the Hindu community in order to make Ram Mandir over the land.

The hon’ble supreme court has ordered the State government/Central government to give 5-acre land using article 142 of the Indian constitution to the Muslim community in order to make Masjid. Sunni Waqf Board also agreed by the decision.

What we Should do after Ayodhya Dispute decision?:-

There are still few political parties are commenting over the decision of the Hon’ble Supreme court. These parties are just for the entertainment. Do not take them seriously, they just want your vote and nothing else. we should live peacefully together either we are Muslim, Hindu or any other caste or religion, we should not create discrimination between us. We are just human beings and the son of The GOD.

We should stand together for the welfare of the nation. We are the only reason why these things are happening in our nation. Our GDP is decreasing, our environment is getting polluted, and poverty & unemployment is increasing day by day. We have to stand together for these things, not for Mandir and Masjid.


These all the information regarding the  Supreme Court Decision on Ayodhya, I have collected from the Newspapers, news channels, etc. none of these lines are my personals. Thank You. Jai Hind

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