OTA Gaya will be Closed Soon and to be Merged in IMA

OTA Gaya will be closed Soon and to be merged in IMA. Officer Training Academy is one of the best Academy for Indian Army women’s training. The Cadets get the selection in the Officer’s Training Academy through the CDS exam which is conducted by the UPSC twice in a year. But according to the recent news the Officer’s Training Academy is about to be closed soon. Here we will discuss this news OTA Gaya will be closed Soon, Reason behind OTA closing, OTA will be closed soon and When OTA will be closed etc.

OTA Gaya will be closed Soon and merge in IMA:-

According to the recent news of defence, The Officers Training Academy is about to be closed soon and the reason behind this closing of OTA is not good for the nation. Now the candidates who are having their training in OTA they will be shifted to the Indian Military Academy for their further training. The cadets of the OTA will now have their training In the IMA, Dehradun. Let’s know the reason behind this.


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The Reason Behind OTA Closing:-

The Officer’s training academy is known for giving Army officers to the nation and this is only Army Training academy where girls and boys cadets are getting Trained together but due to the lack cadets in this academy, the OTA is no longer able to survive.  The Officer’s training academy has the capacity of training around 750 cadets every year. But this year only 250 cadets are there for the training including the foreign cadets. This is not the case of this year only. Every year the OTA has suffered lack of cadets. So this is the main reason behind the OTA closing. The Army is also suffering a lack of officers in the service, the Indian Army is unable to attract the youngsters. Now the rest of the cadets of OTA will have their training in Indian Military Academy, Dehradoon.

OTA Passing Out Parade in Gaya 2019

OTA will be closed soon:-

The OTA is about to be Close soon the reason behind this closing I have already discussed above, the defence ministry has not given any particular date of closing of the Officer’s training academy. The OTA, Gaya was opened for the training with mindset that after the Kargil war the more people will join the Indian Army. the OTA was open in the year 2011. and now the Sikh Light Infantry Regiment will be shift there in OTA Gaya.


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The Indian Military academy is now in command for the Officer training. Even the Indian Military academy has a capacity of training 1650 cadets every year. but due to the lack of the Cadets, the IMA has only 1300 cadets this year. Indian Army is suffering a lack of officers in the Service. the army needs around 7000 officers to fulfil the demands. Indian youngster has a fear that the career in Indian Army is full of risk of life. Indian Army cannot lower their grades or exams to make them join the Service. Indian Army cannot hire such cadets who are not able to survive. Army believes in quality, not quantity.  This is also the main reason behind the closing of the OTA. during the world war II, around 7 Army training school had been opened for the purpose of the emergency commission training into the service but due to the lack of interest of the Indian youths these all the academies closed one by one. After the Indian armed forces decided to launched the SSC (Short Service Commission) which is duty period of 8 to 10 years, after that, you can take retirement from the service and will get all the allowance of Indian Armed forces for Lifetime.

The service in the Indian Amry is full of passion and love for the nation. everybody should try to join the Indian Armed forces. It’s all about your love and passion for the nation. Joining Indian Army and working for the nation is not job its lifestyle.

Jai hind, Jai Bharat

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