CDS Bipin Rawat: India’s Top General Dies in Mi-17V5 Helicopter Crash

Bipin Rawat, India’s top superior general dies in the Mi-17V5 helicopter crash. Gen Rawat, 63, was appointed India’s first-ever Chief of Defence Staff in January 2019. Apart from CDS General Bipin Rawat, 13 others have also lost their lives in this tragic accident on 8 December 2021. Before the helicopter crash, the Chief of Defence Staff was on his way to the Defence Staff College at CDS Wellington, Tamil Nadu with his trusted soldiers.

CDS General Bipin Rawat Died in Helicopter Crash

On 8 December 2021, the Chief of Defence Staff of India, General Bipin Rawat, was about to go for a lecture at CDS Staff College. During his journey, he along with his wife and 11 trusted soldiers went out to attend college ceremonies and lectures. On the way, the helicopter crashed in the Kulur area of ​​Tamil Nadu, due to which 11 people died on the spot. After the helicopter crash, a rescue operation was carried out in which CDS Bipin Rawat was evacuated in an injured condition and admitted to a nearby military hospital.

It was confirmed after around 5:00 pm that Army Chief General Bipin Rawat had died in this accident. Hearing this sad news, where all the armed forces of the country are mourning, all the ministers and other citizens of the country are also saddened by this incident. Condoling the tweet made by various personalities like PM Modi, Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, it has been said that today our country has suffered a great loss.

Official sources have revealed that when General Bipin Rawat was to attend the CDS Staff College, he was selected for the country’s most reliable helicopter, the MI-17 V5. This helicopter was about to reach the Staff College carrying a total of 14 passengers including the crew. But the helicopter crashed due to bad weather in the Kulur region of Tamil Nadu. After which thirteen soldiers present in the helicopter were martyred. One of which is also the Chief of the Indian Army, General Bipin Rawat along with his wife.

A Loss for India in the form of General Bipin Rawat:-

This is very sad news for all three sectors of the Indian Army Force. CDS General Bipin Rawat is no more with us today. Since General Bipin Rawat was appointed to the post of CDS, he did many things for the Indian Army. Recently, he transformed the Western and Northern Command into theatres of the Indian Army. CDS Bipin Rawat, in association with the Ministry of Defence, had also started a great program like Duty for the young countrymen. After the recent conflict between India and China, General Rawat firmly held the morale of the Indian Army and kept motivating the Indian Army to work in its place.

The shortage of this great and most capable general of the Indian Army can hardly be filled now. That is why perhaps in a tweet made by the Bharatiya Janata Party, it has been said that today we have not only lost 14 brave soldiers in this helicopter crash but have also lost one such capable officer. The reins of our country were well maintained. Today we have lost a great personality. To know more about the specific work done by CDS Bipin Rawat and to know the mention of the work done by him from time to time, you can get information by clicking on the link given below.

Chief Of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat his Contribution to The Nationis 

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