CDS 2 2020 SSB Date Selection Link Open. Select Your SSB Date and Venue.

CDS 2 2020 SSB Date Selection Link is open now for those candidates who pass the written exam of CDS 2/2020. Major Kalshi Classes congratulate for qualifying written and poured best wishes for the SSB Interview. We also advised that go to the army official website and choose the nearest SSB selection center ASAP.

CDS 2 2020 SSB Date Selection Link Open:-

SSB Interview plays a vital role in your final selection process. You should prepare well before going for the SSB Interview because SSB Interview is a five-day-long process and where you have to perform various tasks and interviews. You can use MKC online platform for the SSB Interview preparation with the same classroom experience. Just download the MKC Learning App and prepare at your home for this pandemic.

CDS 2 2020 SSB Interviews will be conducted at

  • SSB Allahabad
  • SSB Bhopal
  • SSB Bangalore
  • SSB Kapurthala

SSB Interview Procedure:-

CDS SSB Interview process is divided into two categories –

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2.

Stage-I of SSB:-

This Stage Involves Officer Intelligence Rating and Picture Perception & Description Test.

Stage-2 of SSB:-

Stage-II includes Interview, Group Testing Officer Task, Psychology Test and Conference as well. In addition to this, Stage 2 of this interview takes 4 days to complete.

The five steps procedure of the SSB Interview is given as follows:-

Day 0(Day of Reporting): The candidates have to report to the railway stations in the morning. From here SSB officials will escort them up. Hereby, candidates are required to show up all the requisite documents and furthermore for upcoming steps.

Day 1(Screening Tests): The first day starts here, hence with a series of tests to be held. The candidates have to give a verbal and a non-verbal intelligence test. Along with A picture perception test will also be conducted. Thereafter storytelling will be held. Those candidates who qualify for all these rounds are sent to another day.

Day 2(Psychology Test): To sum up as a whole, the candidates’ presence of mind is tested here. With the help of different sorts of examinations. Mainly the selectors test the reactions of the candidate in different situations.

Day 3 and Day 4( GTO Tasks): These are basically outdoor tasks assigned to each candidate. So as to test the physical abilities and the group performance capacity of the candidate. Most of the tasks given to the candidates are group tasks.

Next two tasks are usually called GTO test. This test has the following test:-

  • Group Discussion(GD)
  • Group Planning Exercise
  • Progressive Group Tasks(PGT)
  • Half Group Tasks(HGT)
  • Individual Obstacles
  • Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race(GOR)
  • Command Task(CT)
  • Lecturette
  • Final Group Task(FGT)

Day 5( Conference): In this final round, a personal interview is held for all the qualified candidates of the GTO round. After this, the selection personnel conducts a conference with the candidate.

Covid 19 Guidelines For SSB Interview 2021:-

Candidates will have the Aarogya Setu app installed on their phones prior to leaving the home station for the selection center. A screenshot of having green status on the said app will be taken prior to leaving home. The same will be checked at the time of reporting at the selection center.

2. Candidates will preferably not travel from any containment zones.

3. All the candidates will carry a Covid-19 negative certificate from an ICMR Approved lab, not more than two days old before leaving the home. Candidates will be in possession of Covid-19 free/negative certificates duly signed by a registered medical practitioner in case he is not in possession of an ICMR approved Covid-19 test report.

4. All candidates will carry and submit a Covid-19 ‘No Risk Certificate’ before coming for SSB. In the case of minors, the same is to be signed by their parents/Natural Guardians.

5. Candidates having any symptoms related to COVID-19 are advised not to move from his/her home station.

6. Candidate will be returned back if symptoms like fever, cold, cough & running nose are detected at the Rxn area and will not be allowed for stage-1 screening.

7. Wear a mask all the time and before putting on the mask, clean your hand with soap and water. Replace the mask with a new one as soon as it is damp and do not re-use single use mask.

8. Regularly and thoroughly clean your hand with soap and water during the verification of documents and prior to appearing for the tests.

9. Maintain at least one meter / three feet) the distance amongst each other. Also no congregation of more than three assessors/ staff under any circumstances.

10. Don’t touch your body parts on any surface unnecessarily.

11. Maintain good respiratory hygiene ie cover your mouth and nose with tissue paper when cough or sneeze. Then dispose of the used tissue immediately in the covered dustbin and wash your hand with soap and water.

12. Inform and seek immediate medical attention in case of fever, cough and difficulty in breathing.

13. Finally, be supportive, be careful, be alert and be safe.

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