Best SSB interview Books for NDA and CDS

Hello Readers! For daily updates and news about the exams you prepare for, join us(Major Kalshi Classes). You would get here all the required content, notifications etc at just this one place. Talking about the hot news for today. It is that Major Kalshi Publication has come up with a new set of best SSB interview Books for NDA and CDS. The books are of great use for those who have qualified the first round of the NDA and CDS examinations. Now, the participants who are preparing for NDA and CDS exams will have a lot of benefit by reading these books.

Best SSB interview Books for NDA and CDS

Joining the Three winged Indian Forces is not just a dream but an aspiration to be fulfilled. If you are serious for your dream job and wanna make the way clear about it. There’s a simple way suggested out it. Major Kalshi Classes is the best coaching for your SSB and CDS interviews. So joining us would solve half of your dilemmas.

Other than that you should also know that MKC publication provides you with the best in-hand content and the appropriate reading and study material so that you can improvise your preparations.

We enhance to develop the officers like quality inside person unlike other coaching institutes we mainly focus to show the real image of SSB reality, we don’t believe in fake processing so our best facilities are:

  1. First of all Screening test is started.
  2. Secondly, a psychological test is with the candidate.
  3. Experienced Personalities only are allowed to take the interview.
  4. Group discussion and lectures are performed daily.
  5. As a part of integral skills, you will also have to write stories.
  6. Ground task and physical exercise are performed on the ground.
  7. The practice of verbal and non-verbal reasoning.
  8. Hostel facility with food and lodging are available.
  9. Expert faculties of the respective subject are present under one roof.
  10. Every month current affairs magazine is available at the help desk.
  11. We also focus to build personality development.

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About the Books for Preparation of SSB interview:-

Actually, the Interview is based on Personality development and intelligence. Basically, Aptitude and General Awareness Kind of topics are only asked. For every exam, we advise you to study and prepare hard, while our books will provide you with the required information and all the related knowledge needed so as to qualify this SSB interview.

Every step regarding the interview is a crucial one as the Steps may lead you to any path. Basically, the candidates think that only one step is the deciding one. But it’s not true in the fate of SSB interviews. Each proforma of the candidate is noted down so that he can be marked accordingly.

Concise Pattern of the SSB Interview:-

Stage 1: This stage consists of the following parts:-

  • Officer Intelligence Rating
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Picture Perception and Description Test

Stage 2: It consists of following phases:-

  • Psychological Test
  • Group Task
  • Personal Interview
  • Conference

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Some Important Tips and Tricks to Crack SSB Interview:-

Hereby, we have provided you with a list of following tips and tricks which would help you cracking through the SSB interview Examination;

  • Be Natural.
  • Develop OLQS.
  • Read Current Affairs.
  • Read the Newspapers daily.
  • The books provided by MKC publication would help you a lot with your preparations.
  • Know the Techniques.
  • I.M.C Module of Impromptu Speaking.
  • Know about the Psychology Tests.
  • Stay Fit and Healthy.
  • Relax, Do Yoga
  • Have a competitive Attitude.
  • Practice in Front of a Mirror.
  • Don’t Worry About Others.

List of Books for SSB Interview:-

MKC publication provides you with a big list of books required for SSB interview. Study material required for all kinds of preparations for SSB interview is provided by Major Kalshi Classes for candidates. The preparation of different types of interviews related to defence-related examinations is prepared at our coaching institutes. Join us and be prepared with the most appropriate modules and study material for your SSB interviews.

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This is all about the Best SSB interview Books for NDA and CDS. If you guys want to serve for the nation and wanted to clear Defence examination, can join Major Kalshi Classes, Here we have experienced faculty for all the subjects. For more inquiry, you can call us at 9696220022 and 9696330033 or go to our official website Thank you. All the Best!

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